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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page 2.
12/Mar/14 9:49 AM
How far do Great Whites wander? A long way, it seems.

http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/03/11/great-white-shark-tracked-across-atlantic-for-fi rst-time-researchers-say/?intcmp=features
12/Mar/14 9:51 AM
You could watch it online, tomorrow, sans commercials, Hal.
12/Mar/14 9:53 AM
High Hal & DevilOrAngel!
12/Mar/14 10:56 AM
Very interesting, DOA!!
(gap in first - fi rst)
12/Mar/14 11:00 AM
Just finished reading the page one comments.
You're on, Tom. But it seems I have Judy on my side, at least as it pertains to you.
I am so envious of Kathy and Jane's trip. I wish we had known about Sudoku back in 2002 when we were in Oz and NZ.
12/Mar/14 12:26 PM
I'm off to bed. I know, it's early, but I'm tired. Night all.
12/Mar/14 1:37 PM
Everybody. Ran errands today so i can stay home tomorrow. We might get 3 to 10 inches of snow depending on when the precipitation changes from rain to snow. I think it's actually the transition that I dislike the most.
12/Mar/14 1:41 PM
Hal, scrolling to the bottom of the Archive, you'll discover that apparently 15 May, 2005 was the day Sudoku.com.au came online for the first time. Though Sudoku already existed, I'm pretty sure I hadn't heard of it in 2002, but I don't trust my memory about much.
12/Mar/14 3:02 PM
As Keith said Sudoku jigsaws started on 15th May'05. The site was running before that - Greg had 13.5 pages by the time pages were dated and all the avatars & smilies started!
The jigsaw jigsaws started on 17th June'06 (from the archives) but there were no dates on with comments till Thursday 13th March'08, 4.31pm, Melbourne time aka Eastern Australian time!
12/Mar/14 3:29 PM
I started doing the jigsaw jigsaws in Dec'06 while recovering from a broken ankle. I signed on as a member in May'07! So HalT, you were too early for sudoku gatherings - you'll have to make another visit down here!!!!
12/Mar/14 3:36 PM
everybody! Jane & I are happy to be spending the day at a much more leisurely pace today. There was no need to set my alarm clock for a change ( ), & we have had more time for catching up on the internet. Jane gave up on working with the blog on wordpress, & is starting all More...
12/Mar/14 5:34 PM
Did anyone see the photo of Peter & Rose that I posted on my Page on Mar. 8? I never saw any comments on it. I know you can't make them on Flickr unless you have a Flickr account, so maybe you could post on Easy instead.
12/Mar/14 5:39 PM
Yes Kathy, I did see it and thought it was a delight, but as it did not have the usual 'box' for comments, I did not post one.
Must admit that I thought the knife DID look a bit 'worrying' but the pavlova looked just super, - and I bet it tasted great
12/Mar/14 11:15 PM
A new day nears.
12/Mar/14 11:58 PM
13/Mar/14 6:54 AM
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