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Easy Sudoku for 12/May/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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12/May/14 5:17 AM
Thank you Rayray!!!
Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
12/May/14 5:17 AM
If that red frog is you Shosho, I don't wonder no-one is around !!
OOh sorry!
12/May/14 5:18 AM
Ah that's better
12/May/14 5:19 AM
You were a frog - now a witch.
I suppose witches can change form in an instant.
I wish I could do that.
There a quite a few people living near here I would like to scare the living delights out of.
12/May/14 5:21 AM
I meant 'daylights' of course - although what that expression means I really don't know.
12/May/14 5:23 AM
G;day Ray, please look at -
12/May/14 5:47 AM
Good morning all. Happy birthday Gath. I'd like to add my thanks for your wonderful site.
12/May/14 6:52 AM
I donno know, Ray. I kinda like scaring the delights out of someone.
12/May/14 6:52 AM
Get better soon, Rayray!
12/May/14 6:52 AM
I agree HalT. I didn't read it as an autocorrect, but thought it made much more sense. The first autocorrect to achieve that methinks!
12/May/14 6:54 AM
The solar dryer doesn't work as well as before and it won't be fixed for at least 4 months. Some days it does half a job and other days none.
12/May/14 6:57 AM
A downside of winter methinks.
12/May/14 6:58 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
12/May/14 7:00 AM
1*C here this morning, but a balmy 17 forecast. Sunny and no wind. Perfect weather for gardening. Enjoy your day folks. CP and I'm off dog walking.
12/May/14 7:00 AM
Make that an interrupted CP. Good morning Chris. It's good to know I'm not alone.
12/May/14 7:01 AM
Sacky, I can relate to your comment. Perfect weather for gardening. I'm off dog walking. Procrastinator, are we?
12/May/14 7:10 AM
Aw Sacky, you're not alone. You've got lots of friends here.
12/May/14 7:10 AM
No it's only 25 past 7 here DoA. Walk soon, then housework withgardening when the frost lifts.
12/May/14 7:26 AM
Gosh Hal. You've no idea how great full I am.
12/May/14 7:27 AM
Morning all,a cute photo for the Mothers celebrating Mothers Day today.
I had a wonderful day yesterday with Mum being here for lunch and a visit from youngest daughter Marlene and dinner at eldest daughter Narrelle's last night.
12/May/14 7:51 AM
Gath, have a great day celebrating with your lovely family.
The best thing I ever did was finding this site, thank you.
12/May/14 7:54 AM
to Hether from Loomberah, OZ, Tricia from Queensland, Dani from northwest, Canada also ,have a great day.
12/May/14 7:55 AM

Happy Mother's Day to the topsiders. My mom is gone and I'm not a mother, but my brother and I had an excellent dinner together today. And then a couple of my neighbors joined us for dessert. Marinated London Broil (so thick cut steak if they don't call it that More...
12/May/14 9:23 AM
Gath and for this wonderful site. I know you met Jane and Kathy during their trip to Oz, but that was among their first stops. Without this site, they wouldn't have met nearly as many wonderful people as they did. And I've gotten to know some also and look forward to meeting them in person.
12/May/14 9:25 AM
Good evening Dottie.
Are you a football fan? More specifically, are you a Browns fan?
I'm looking forward to this fall's games with the Browns new quarterback.
12/May/14 9:44 AM
600 to go to my favorite number.
12/May/14 10:44 AM
Good grief!!! An hour between my last two posts??
12/May/14 10:46 AM
I could have turned the, no, I could have turned two pages in that time.
12/May/14 10:49 AM
Well I did get 69.
12/May/14 10:51 AM
CP will be proud...and envious.
12/May/14 10:53 AM
So... now what? Do I keep commenting until some brave soul (Peter) jumps in with a germane comment...
12/May/14 10:57 AM
Mayhaps I can tempt Mr Cee to join the conversation?
12/May/14 10:59 AM
Anne! Kate! Sacky! Someone help me.

Hell, even Judy.
12/May/14 11:02 AM
Hi, Hal. Are you still working toward changing the page or did you give up for awhile?
12/May/14 11:15 AM
Yes, I'm a die-hard Browns fan. So I am very well aware that you're referring to Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M that was drafted by the Browns Thursday evening. I just hope there's somebody decent for him to throw the football to! It appears as if Josh Gordon will likely be suspended for the More...
12/May/14 11:19 AM
I should have split up my football comments into lots of different entries to get us to the page turn. But I leave it for others instead!
12/May/14 11:20 AM
Good evening people of the world.
12/May/14 11:28 AM
I was getting really worried, the other HalTs were going to make an appearance.
12/May/14 11:29 AM
Bye-bye page two.
12/May/14 11:29 AM
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