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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone. Has anyone heard from Mickey? Is the baby here?
André - don't start all that rubbish again.
Go Andre, love the TFTD!
I read it Beehive....just pulling your leg.
Concerning tftd- so true, I don't want to start working today either especially knowing it never ends. (weather report from Texas-HOT,DRY,and 100 today!!!),but must work so goodbye til tommorrow,parting is such sweet sorrow.
?:?? the most frustrating thing is starting a puzzle, rushing through it and completing it in what seems the best time ever - only to notice in the end that the timer wasn't started properly.
Beehive, I agree that censorship, in any open forum, is wrong. But the reality is that this isn't an open forum. Gath, therefore, has the right to establish any rules he deems necessary for the benefit of the majority, whether we agree or not. He could require us to complete the puzzles in the nude More...
Joe, I hate that too. When it happens to me, I just reset and start the whole thing over.
I was having the same issue, so I just decided to stop the timing altogether. The timer isn't really a valid test of ones ability, since the level of the puzzle is somewhat arbitrary. Some 'easy' puzzles are more difficult than others!
I read that you continue to read through the comments, so I hope you're feeling better these days. To quote my brother 'miss you dude!'
Just read about the terrorist acts in India. AP, I hope you and your family are okay! Prayers are with you and all the injured.
Where is Ian with his weather report?
Warren is this something you consider a lot nude surfing??? Having such a mental picture now it could ruin my day I may even have to sing to beehive!
Warren - The following is Gaths original email to me. He has a habit of using excerpts from posts which can sometimes change the context of the post, so I reserve the right to use excerpts from my reply - some of it I couldn't post anyway or wouldn't.

-----Original Message-----
From: More...
André - you can sing Otis to me anytime, so long as you provide the chocolate.
Now I suppose some turkey will report that one as well.
Warren - my reply to Gath.


This is a very serious subject and as such a serious reply is warranted.

You can be assured it WILL be considered. This is the first time you have censured me directly offsite, but as you have rebuked me previously on site and have used More...
Followed by Gath's reply.

Hi Greg,

Hopefully you have received both of my emails.

I would prefer not to have this discussion on site. I have commented on your constant use of obscenities on site, and you have made your replies on site. We have a difference of opinion on what More...
Nice off shore altocumulus. Can almost smell the sea.
Nothing to be proud of, Beehive. You should keep this to yourself.
Nice clouds in the photo. Good job, Gath, keeping the site clean. I like this site because the people are mostly nice and friendly.
Martha - we are always friendly here.
Why Lou, don't you think it is a topic worthy of sensible discussion? Anyway I will try to post my reply to Gath. Am having a lot of trouble doing so.
thank you very much for your concern Warren/philly,i live very far from the place of blast but i wonder if i live away from the blast itself for i dunno when they will strike our state..its highly unhuman and asmany as 140 ppl were killed and more than 260 ppl injured.it was serial blast which More...
Greg & ******* wrote:

Ok Gath here goes and this is off the top of my head so it may be a little disjointed.

1.First of all I, and I am very sure most people do not consider sh i t and pi s s as obscenities. The same applies to bastard, bum, a r s e, fanny, s e x, t i t s, c o c k, More...
Hot damn, finally went thru.
Apart from the last bit. Too long a post.

8.At the risk of repeating myself, this is a topic that should be discussed, (with or without your input), in a public forum and currently the best one just happens to be on the 'easy' comments page of your website.

Anyway, I do More...
ap - I am still up. MSN?????
ok, i have asked before, what does 'MAEN' mean? call me a hick, but i don't know what you guys are talking about when you say this...
I M H O, people who constantly (with the emphasis on 'constantly') need to pepper their language with off-colour references have either poor imagination or low self-esteem. Besides, if and when I hear or read speech filled with such litter, I can't help but mentally deduct 30 points from their potential I.Q. This included one of my sons....
3:14 - and a pier appears.
How about what Santa says...'Ho! Ho! Ho!'?
It can have a different meaning if there is only one! And do you remember when gay meant happy?

Our snow-damaged phone lines here in the California mountains have finally been repaired, and I am back on the Internet. Please forgive the number of posts to follow, as I have waded through the archives and am bursting to respond! Missed all of you ...
ROSEMARY AND HER ABLE ACCOMPLICES: Congratulations on the new posting record, and long may it stand! I am just disappointed that I cannot crack open the titillating late-day confessions -- they must have been amazing, but they seem to have been erased forever! Ca'mon ... what did I miss???

I'm a relative newcomer to the world of sudoku and I'm having problems solving some of the puzzles. On the site there is a solution entitled Naked SubS(?)et. Is this a typo? Anyway it suggests that one remove all candidates from other cells in the same row/column etc. My problem is More...
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