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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello, page 4.
12/Aug/12 2:29 PM
Good night people of the world.
12/Aug/12 2:29 PM
12/Aug/12 3:07 PM
Visited my workplace this afternoon.
12/Aug/12 3:07 PM
Got lots of hugs.
12/Aug/12 3:08 PM
Went there to take Mr P so he could take down an X-ray viewing lightbox for me to use for craft purposes.
12/Aug/12 3:09 PM
Our unit moves into our new hospital next week, so we are allowed to take home any wall adornments we want (pictures, mainly).

I keep telling people that's why I had surgery last week - so I didn't have to take part in moving house. Many said this was a bit of a drastic act.

BTW, I More...
12/Aug/12 3:13 PM
1:44, hi everyone. I'm back in Canberra after running the City2Surf race for the first time in Sydney this morning. I had a great time and will definitely back to try to improve my time. It seems like a long way to drive just to run then come back again but it was well worth it.
12/Aug/12 4:22 PM
I really should go to bed, but it's really peaceful when all the kids are asleep. I know when I wake up, they will.
12/Aug/12 4:38 PM

If you look carefully at the puzzle picture you can see Chris disappearing off into the distance behind the trees.
12/Aug/12 4:51 PM
I've been sprung!
12/Aug/12 4:55 PM
Actually, I almost make it to that point in my lunch time 10km runs.
12/Aug/12 4:57 PM

I knew that!
12/Aug/12 5:38 PM

Where's the new hospital going to be, CP?
12/Aug/12 5:40 PM
Hi all! I've been at home sick for the last 2 weeks and obviously I've missed lots on Sudoku.
I have seen a lot of the Olympic 'highlights' and I have to say that out tv coverage has been appalling. Even when they seem to have time to show a whole game we get a 5 minute session of the better parts.
12/Aug/12 6:24 PM

I gave up smoking many years ago (1981). I put on lots of weight and since then have struggled to keep it under control. It is very difficult........ I know what Keith is dealing with.

I just need to look at a piece of cheesecake and I put on a kilo.
12/Aug/12 6:26 PM

Victoria, may God forgive me for agreeing with a Queenslander, but the Olympic TV coverage has been abysmal. Often we have been kept waiting and there is no indication as to who is in a particular event. Being an Aussie I am particularly interested in what events we are involved in............rubbish, just rubbish!
12/Aug/12 6:32 PM

You're doing better than me Chris, I couldn't run out of sight on a dark night.
12/Aug/12 6:35 PM

BTW Victoria, hope you're feeling better. Didn't think people got sick in paradise!
12/Aug/12 6:37 PM

Think I'll start a segment on this siteand compete with HalT......The ramblings of Peter.... Just need Karen's writing talents.
12/Aug/12 6:41 PM

Ramble, ramble, ramble.....no one will talk to me, sniff!

'night all!
12/Aug/12 9:25 PM
I would have chatted with you but I was watching the Men's Marathon. Well done Uganda and Kenya!
12/Aug/12 10:13 PM
Frustrating to come here and have nobody around to play with.
12/Aug/12 11:20 PM
14/Aug/12 4:29 AM
19/Aug/12 6:30 AM
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