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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all! Have a great day!
13/Nov/07 12:04 AM
Good Morning, Chip! A Pet Squirrel?

A big Thank You to all the U.S. Vets today!
13/Nov/07 12:04 AM
13/Nov/07 12:06 AM
2:09 Good evening all.
Off the old block??
or 'n Dale?
13/Nov/07 12:07 AM
all - Yesterday was a beautiful day - no rain. Today will be different, so they say.

Hi Chip - don't bite my fingers. But, please get down from there.
13/Nov/07 12:09 AM
hello. i dont like vladimir putin.
13/Nov/07 12:10 AM
Good Maen
13/Nov/07 12:15 AM

A video entitled HEROS is now on my U-tube.

It's an American Video - other countires can relate. Who are Heros, where do they come from. They are our Brothers, Sisters, Neighbors, Friends, Co-workers - serving in the armed forces. People like Shosho's son.

While Veterans Day More...
13/Nov/07 12:23 AM
I like squirrles even when they play on my roof when I'm trying to take my nap.
13/Nov/07 12:24 AM
I'm on my firefox server and so I don't seem to have a web site. I do on the other one, and i'm on the list so I'm not new.
13/Nov/07 12:27 AM
busy day today - I have my do it list out and my pen ready to mark things off -tootles. Mary
13/Nov/07 12:30 AM
Hi all...a squirrel...I have one that frequents my dining hall. Was a bit stunned when I saw him trying to open the door of the cupboard!!
13/Nov/07 12:42 AM
DORTHEA, you may have to sign in to Sudoku.com.au on your firefox server. I know I have to when I change to firefox. maybe then you can find your page.
13/Nov/07 12:43 AM
no sign of the tftd girl..
so here is mine..
Be yourself,everyone else is already taken..
13/Nov/07 12:44 AM
I just spent some time trying to get 'my yahoo' back and it seemed to work. anyway....
13/Nov/07 12:47 AM
My idea of gardening..
The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes.And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig.
dont ya all like it??
13/Nov/07 12:47 AM
APPY, yes, that is my kind of gardening, for sure. Now who is volunteering to dig??
13/Nov/07 12:51 AM
and with that kinda attitude,how do you expect my plants to live? I have no plants in my house. They won't live for me. Some of them don't even wait to die, they commit suicide
13/Nov/07 12:51 AM
Appy, it does not matter who plants them, they live for the person who talks to them!
13/Nov/07 1:02 AM
oh, appy! I'm laughing so hard! I too can not keep plants alive. My mom gave me a plant one year for mother's day. Insisted that I could not possibly kill it. Yep, it died 2 weeks later.
13/Nov/07 1:03 AM
MizTricia, I must be speaking a different language then, lol. Probably managed to offend my plants somehow and they went on strike.
13/Nov/07 1:05 AM
2:36 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world. Don't go through life creaking.
13/Nov/07 1:08 AM
Gardens require lot of water-mostly in the form of perspiratrion..Thats out of hard work..sure hard work doesn't harm anyone,but I do not want to take any chances.
13/Nov/07 1:13 AM
and once read about the dangers of gardening,
so I quit reading for two weeks.
13/Nov/07 1:15 AM
Ahhh, Angie, you do not speak PLANT?
13/Nov/07 1:19 AM
Yup, gardening and laughing are two of the best things in life you can do to promote good health and a sense of well being..
and I tried my part tonite..hope you enjoyed it..
13/Nov/07 1:20 AM
Thanks Appy, Yes, I enjoyed the chuckles, and I miss the gardening already. My flowers are hibernating till spring, except for the pansies, I love the pansies. Here with hot summers and mild winters, pansies are fall, winter and early spring bloomers, they just need a southern exposure. Luckily More...
13/Nov/07 1:23 AM
13/Nov/07 1:24 AM
Appy - yes!
Squirrels are cheeky animals. We have them all around us here. Occasionally one comes to my basement living-room window; looks in; stands on its hind legs; then beats on the glass with both its fore-paws like a boxing kangaroo. Gives me the shock of my life.
13/Nov/07 1:33 AM
13/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Good Mean to you all this fine day.

Can't wait to get this one done...
13/Nov/07 1:37 AM
A little bit of grog helps the world go round too. Sometimes then the world can go round too fast but -
13/Nov/07 1:40 AM
sort of well oiled then Rayray...
13/Nov/07 1:45 AM
2:32 On another soggy day ...
13/Nov/07 2:02 AM
MizTricia, I think perhaps I only speak the "weed" language. That's the only thing that grows for me. My mom comes over frequently to care for the plants outside my house :)
13/Nov/07 2:05 AM
Busy site this morning. I wonder if Chip is looking for Dale? Around here he would just be seeking shelter from the rain.
Thanks to all who served or are serving in our military. Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough to say for all you have done (and are still doing) for us. I hope other appreciate it.
13/Nov/07 2:13 AM
Whose beautiful hand is this chippy!!!?
Nice time to everyone.
13/Nov/07 2:15 AM
Every time I try to kill weed with killer , they get bigger. It says weed killer on the bottle, but....
13/Nov/07 2:19 AM
MizTricia - the pansies always make me think of my childhood in Montana. They were planted around our house. AND my grandmother's name was Pansy. They have such a variety of colors, and they grow in so many different climates - as long as it isn't up to me. I also don't speak "plant".
13/Nov/07 2:20 AM
The chipmunk also reminded me of the mountains of New Mexico where we escape! Now I have to get back to my papers - grades are due tomorrow, and I probably have at least 8 or 10 hours of grading left to try and finish. Drat.
13/Nov/07 2:21 AM
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