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Easy Sudoku for 13/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:05 Pretty sunset. Good night all!
13/Feb/18 12:23 AM
Or sunrise. all.
13/Feb/18 1:15 AM
Everybody!! Or, to be more accurate, Anne (who's asleep!) and HalT.
Where is everyone?!
13/Feb/18 3:11 AM
I'm here, Denny, and in California as well! I just showered and dressed after my run. And now in less than 40 minutes will head out to volunteer at my school. Today, i'm testing all of the first graders in science. We'll see how good of a job I did.
13/Feb/18 3:24 AM
Sunny & melting!
Hope someone doesn't walk under our eaves... they'll get impaled by falling icicles!
13/Feb/18 3:26 AM
Good afternoon to all!
13/Feb/18 4:05 AM
Shosho, what does one teach first graders in science? I once went to a parent-teachers meeting and they were teaching the children E equals M C squared. I asked, 'Why don't you teach them something simple like the preservation of energy?' The teacher asked, 'You mean like you shouldn't waste gas and oil?' I said, 'No but you answered my question.'
13/Feb/18 4:11 AM
13/Feb/18 4:35 AM
Lovely sun rise photo. Kate.
13/Feb/18 5:24 AM
Good mAen, good people. I had my physical therapy evaluation this morning. I can't believe how weak my knee is. He strapped on an ankle weight and had me do 10 reps and my quads were burning after four! I thought to myself 'Wow, he must have put 10 pounds on my ankle. Or at least 5 pounds.' I got More...
13/Feb/18 6:02 AM
Hello all - have a good day; we are - only occasional snow flakes flitting by - that means none to shovel!
13/Feb/18 6:03 AM
Then when I think of how much I weigh and think about how much body weight I expect my legs to carry, I'm extra motivated to (1) get stronger asap and (2) lose weight!
13/Feb/18 6:11 AM
Hi, Joyce! We have sunny day today. Super nice. Warmer than it's been, too. The major roads are clear and there's water trickling around the ice fall coming out of my downspout.
13/Feb/18 6:15 AM
13/Feb/18 6:23 AM
Morning all, slept in this morning so missed the sunrise.
We now have misty rain.
13/Feb/18 7:53 AM
Plum, they used to chain weights to peoples ankles here in Tasmania.
13/Feb/18 7:58 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
13/Feb/18 8:22 AM
Peter - what was I thinking? I went out and paid for ankle weights to do my exercises at home. I could have gotten the government to give me an ankle weight for free? Snap.
13/Feb/18 8:47 AM
Hey! I just noticed that Anne treated herself to FPOTD on her BIRTHDAY!!!
Hope you're going to pack your special day chock full of accomplishments and delights.
13/Feb/18 8:55 AM
13/Feb/18 9:17 AM
Well.....Where's Keith?
13/Feb/18 9:20 AM
Amble, amble......
13/Feb/18 9:20 AM
Happy Birthday Anne. I'm sure you are going to set the West on fire. Have a great day!
13/Feb/18 9:21 AM
For those ECCO poozlers here's a preview of tomorrow's poozle. Too hard? Well tomorrow I'll give you some more clues....

This weeks ECCO has an Olympic theme.
Name the city where the Olympics were held.
Includes both summer and winter Olympic cities.

B-------- (9) – More...
13/Feb/18 9:23 AM
Off to the doc's again this morning. They are fitting me up with a heart monitor. Then tomorrow they will take it back. Next week see the cardiologist.
13/Feb/18 9:36 AM
13/Feb/18 9:53 AM
to gwyhel Barossa Valley
I love the Barossa, brings back fond memories. One being taking my to be wife there on the back of my motorbike. First we went to Hahndorf in SA to a three day organised Easter rally, accommodation arranged.
13/Feb/18 10:41 AM
On the Sunday I said lets go to the Barossa Valley for one night on the way home. Keep in mind that this was my girlfriend's first trip on motorbike and we were closer to pension years than teenage years. We had a great day checking out wineries and countryside but when we tried to find accommodation everything was booked out...
13/Feb/18 10:46 AM
We have nothing in saddle bags except clothes and toiletries. Next thing you know we are sitting in a pizza shop , my girlfriend's crying, I'm dredging the thought of riding at night in the Mallee. The waitress asked what was wrong, I explained, she said she would see what could be done.
13/Feb/18 10:57 AM
Believe it or not, she found us a hotel called the Bauhaus Hotel in Angaston that was closed for Easter but agreed to let us stay for the night. We had the pub to ourselves (they locked the bar). The owner let us in, locked my bike in the garage and came back in the morning to cook us breakfast. More...
13/Feb/18 11:13 AM
13/Feb/18 11:13 AM
Anne. Nice to get first post on your birthday. A good start.
13/Feb/18 11:42 AM
I'll take a Scrimshaw (local brew) please.
13/Feb/18 11:43 AM
Good afternoon.
13/Feb/18 12:27 PM
Happy Birthday, Anne.
13/Feb/18 12:28 PM
Off to the movies, see you later,
13/Feb/18 12:28 PM
13/Feb/18 12:38 PM
Re the ECCO poozle, my resident proof reader informs me that No 4 should be 1912 not 1956.

That's what you get when you're in a hurry.....mistakes.
13/Feb/18 12:56 PM
Happy Birthday, Anne
13/Feb/18 1:00 PM
1956, 1912... whatever.
13/Feb/18 1:06 PM
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