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Easy Sudoku for 13/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
13/Feb/20 12:00 AM
2:29. Hi Wolf, and everyone!
13/Feb/20 12:06 AM
everyone! I’m not usually here this early. As my father would say: I’m up before my breakfast! It promises to be a sunny warm day here & the birds are filling up at the feeders. Our youngest granddaughter and her school friend arrive in a week for their Reading Week. Can’t wait!!
13/Feb/20 12:13 AM
1:51 Good night all.
13/Feb/20 12:23 AM
, Phantie, for the information about the wedge-tailed eagle in yesterday's photo, the largest bird of prey in Australia! No wonder I couldn't pin down what it was!
13/Feb/20 2:00 AM
13/Feb/20 2:16 AM
Everybody!! Sleep well Anne!
13/Feb/20 2:17 AM
13/Feb/20 4:03 AM
Went for an early morning run, I beat the sunrise by minutes. The migratory water fowls were up feasting away, although I think the number was down because many were nesting!
13/Feb/20 4:08 AM
Closer to home, there is a menage a trois with two male Mallards and one female. The female is the bravest. She's the one who kept waddling towards me with the males tagging behind. I didn't want to feed them because I didn't want them to think that humans will feed them instead of shooting them down elsewhere.
13/Feb/20 4:11 AM
I took picture of American coots. A little hard to see due to their black feathers but their white beaks stand out. I wonder if they're hiding from a predator, would they cover their noses?
13/Feb/20 4:14 AM
13/Feb/20 4:14 AM

For Anne.
13/Feb/20 4:29 AM
, Queen Anne! I am honored to serve as your Lady-in Waiting! And what would be your pleasure today?
13/Feb/20 4:33 AM
13/Feb/20 5:31 AM

I almost missed Wombat's puzzle again! I usually check in here in the morning and then go back the next day to see what has been going on in Sudokuland. I had an appointment this morning, so no Sudoku until this afternoon. Luckily, I remembered to check yesterday's posts!
13/Feb/20 5:57 AM
13/Feb/20 5:58 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone, and Anne!
13/Feb/20 6:07 AM
Morning all, that's a fancy bird house !
13/Feb/20 6:11 AM
13/Feb/20 6:13 AM
I may be here sporadically for awhile. Wally has surgery scheduled for next Monday and the pre-surgery appointments start tomorrow. I'll have the older kids off and on. Then they will be at the Ronald MacDonald House in Baltimore during his recovery. This surgery is for his little feet. He will More...
13/Feb/20 6:14 AM
Interesting bird house and Anne🎈🍷
13/Feb/20 6:15 AM
Before I disappear.....

I got a cheap card before Christmas with 24 windows, but it turned out that each one was actually just a little hole.
I had mistakenly bought an....

advent colander

13/Feb/20 6:20 AM
What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

13/Feb/20 6:21 AM
What do you do when attacked by a clan of clowns?

Go for the juggler
13/Feb/20 6:23 AM
What a lovely birdhouse! I love today's photo. Kate.
13/Feb/20 6:24 AM
1.30 Surprised myself today.
13/Feb/20 6:25 AM

I was going to tell a time travel joke, but you guys didn't get it.

13/Feb/20 6:25 AM

Wherever you are in the world.
13/Feb/20 9:50 AM
What do you get when you combine samarium, argon, tellurium, asenic, and sulfur?

SmArTe AsS

13/Feb/20 9:54 AM
Mom to pregnant Blonde daughter

Didn't I tell you if a boy touches your boobs say 'don't' and if he touches your butt say 'stop'?

Daughter replies But mom, he touched both so I said 'don't stop'

13/Feb/20 9:58 AM
Q: Did you hear about the duck with a drug problem?

A: He was a quackhead.

13/Feb/20 10:11 AM

Q: Why did the blonde snort artificial sweetener?

A: She thought it was diet coke.

Money is on the bar.
Boags for me today

13/Feb/20 10:12 AM
I'm off for a golf lesson. Who would have thought it would be so hard to accurately hit a ball that is only 3 feet away from you
13/Feb/20 11:32 AM

Thursday 13th February.
The usual bunch of blowhards start the day.
Snowbird – “Not usually here this early,” she says. Hasn’t been here at all recently but all is well, the birds are feeding, the sun is warm and a grandie is set to arrive and read a More...
13/Feb/20 11:33 AM
Arachnid, you're supposed to go to the nineteenth hole AFTER the game!
13/Feb/20 11:35 AM
Wow - I must be arriving especially late today - Phanty has already spread his good cheer & departed for the day! So good day to those who have yet to arrive and....

GOOD CHEER to Anne for your birthday celebration!

13/Feb/20 1:24 PM
I'd say that bird house looks as if it could be a bird's hotel!
13/Feb/20 1:26 PM
all 🎉
to Anne 🥂🎂

Will be thinking of you Kathy and hoping for a speedy recovery for Wally. 🤞🤞 (There isn’t an emoji for toes-crossed, but I’ll cross them too!) xxx
13/Feb/20 3:00 PM
Happy birthday, Anne. Be careful with the cake. Just in case there's a total fire ban.
13/Feb/20 3:16 PM
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