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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/May/16 3:24 AM
Serena, you might suggest that if it is to be a ''joint'' celebration, they could also bring plates, cups, silverware, etc. (whatever you can think of!) They should certainly supply more than a cake.
What an odd request.
13/May/16 3:30 AM

13/May/16 3:30 AM
&I did it again ... when I started that post, it was on 40.
13/May/16 3:31 AM
I'm so excited! I'm getting sudoku messages sent to my email again.
13/May/16 4:09 AM
Lovely flowers, in beautiful Paris.
13/May/16 4:50 AM
Serena, Shosho and Kathy: If I may jump into the discussion...I agree with Shosho about you doing all the work and them 'freeloading', if you will, but I am not sure I would un-invite them or ask for them to supply anything. Maybe explain to them that it is a toddler's party and while the More...
13/May/16 6:09 AM
Wise advice, Cake Lady. I like it!
13/May/16 6:23 AM
Here's my two-cents worth: I'm surprised that the teenager would agree to sharing a birthday party with a bunch of toddlers!
13/May/16 6:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Didn't we just see this picture last week?
13/May/16 6:44 AM
I agree with Hal. It's the young one's party, not the teen's.
13/May/16 6:46 AM
Happy two-day birthday Shosho!
13/May/16 6:46 AM
The teenager might not even be aware of mom needling in on the tot's day.
13/May/16 8:16 AM
13/May/16 8:17 AM
Morning all,yes we did have this pic last week,it's nice though.
Had a wonderful day with Anne/Albany yesterday. One bit of information that came out was that Bill and Anne came to Australia on the same ship but different years.
13/May/16 9:09 AM
Happy Birthday Shosho,have a great start to your two day celebration.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸ’
13/May/16 9:13 AM
Was that a convict ship, Amelia?
13/May/16 9:43 AM
13/May/16 10:41 AM
Good morning one and all!
(I should have left my typo, but noticed it and corrected it, I put 'none' and all instead of 'one' and all.)
13/May/16 10:43 AM
That wasn't referring to a person called Judy, but it could easily have been.
13/May/16 10:44 AM
Good morning Amelia - I hope you're not too worn out to enjoy your sightseeing around Albany today.

It was lovely yesterday and the weather perfect.
13/May/16 10:45 AM
Serena, that sure is an odd request. Aside from all the reasons others have mentioned, why would anyone want to eat two pieces of cake!? Is a cake necessary to celebrate the teen's birthday? I'd suggest just singing Happy Birthday twice. The family can have another cake later on, at their own home, if that's what's important to them.
13/May/16 11:36 AM
Morning everybody
13/May/16 11:52 AM
Serena - I am a lover of birthdays and I hate seeing one person recognized whole another goes unacknowledged. All that's being asked is a chance to not overlook a birthday girl, plus a second choice of cake is being offered. There's no call for gifts, just a request to expand to be inclusive. More...
13/May/16 12:20 PM
Happy SHOSHO Day to the much beloved lady from CA.
Many, many happy returns of the day.
13/May/16 12:24 PM
Today I cleaned out the refrigerators and freezers so I can better find and use what I have stored there before it all goes to waste. Ha. Instead it can go to waist?
13/May/16 12:25 PM
Ah, well. Time for bed. Good maeN, good people.
13/May/16 12:26 PM
OK, Plum - how did you do that... with the maeN???
13/May/16 2:40 PM
Since Keith got the first meaN, it's odd that another one turned blue. Maybe each page gets a first one?
14/May/16 1:42 PM
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