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Easy Sudoku for 13/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
13/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Hi Plum and all!
13/Jun/18 12:02 AM
Which one is Dylan and which one is Daisy?
13/Jun/18 12:05 AM
to the early birds!
13/Jun/18 12:06 AM
Early birds? It's 10 AM - ish around here!
But I hope you are all 'bright-eyed and bushy tailed' - as my mother used to say.
13/Jun/18 12:12 AM
13/Jun/18 12:12 AM

As far as the puzzles go....I copy and paste just the questions into a word document then print it. I write the answers on that sheet. I send just the answers to our puzzle-makers. I've never had a problem as far as too many characters.
13/Jun/18 12:19 AM
Currently staying in the Mendocino area. Celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary! Been coming to this beautiful coastal area for the event for years.
13/Jun/18 12:23 AM
My granddaughter is heading to the parade for the Capitals, Sarah. She is the huge fan in our family. I sent a lot of Capitals gear to her over the years. Now she lives about 5 miles outside of DC and is taking advantage of that. She's close enough she doesn't even have to take the metro.
13/Jun/18 12:26 AM
Denny and Mrs. Denny! I wish you many more.
13/Jun/18 12:27 AM
Congrats, Denny and the Missus!
13/Jun/18 1:14 AM
I must be the most technologically-disabled here. I just write down answers in pencil (remember those?) and then type them directly into a PM. Yeah, I know ...
13/Jun/18 1:17 AM
13/Jun/18 1:31 AM
A pencil!?!? Now there's a novel idea.
13/Jun/18 1:32 AM
Judy, does it have an eraser? If so, do you use it or just scratch it out and continue?
13/Jun/18 1:36 AM
...it's just so hard to keep track of all that piece of paper though!
13/Jun/18 1:41 AM
Have a good day everyone!
13/Jun/18 1:41 AM
Always an eraser! In the early days of Sudoku, my husband used to trail me around the house by following my trail of eraser dust!
13/Jun/18 1:52 AM
It was a genius who thought to attach an eraser to the bottom of a pencil.

(Had it been a normal person he would have attached a bit of pencil to a full-sized eraser.)
13/Jun/18 2:05 AM
Morning all.
13/Jun/18 2:07 AM
13/Jun/18 2:07 AM
Good afternoon to al!
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
Hello, Keith.
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
Nice timing, Greg.
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
Ha. And Greg!
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
Happy anniversary to you and your wife Denny.
13/Jun/18 2:08 AM
Hail, hail, the crowd's all here.
13/Jun/18 2:09 AM
If it wasn't for the drive, we'd get over there more often, Denny. Sure is nice over there. Happy anniversary.
13/Jun/18 2:11 AM
13/Jun/18 2:50 AM
Denny and Mrs. Denny!
As I recall from my college class of California geography, Mendocino, was one of the four premium area for growing wine grapes. The other three were, Napa, Sonoma, and Santa . . . ? Clara? And Oakland was the best for Zinfandel. My professor brought in crates of wine so we could learn how to savor and classify wine!
13/Jun/18 2:54 AM
Always bugged me when my students, third graders no less, decide to use a pen - you can't erase! Bother!
13/Jun/18 2:56 AM
I know when I became good at sudoku when I realized I was comfortable using a pen!
13/Jun/18 2:57 AM

Happy anniversary and many more to you both Denny and Wife
13/Jun/18 5:41 AM
I write them then type them, too, Judy. But, I use an erasable pen when I write them out originally. Has an eraser and you don't need to sharpen them!
13/Jun/18 6:16 AM
Morning all, normally I would print out the the poozle then using a pen complete it then type the answers into the pm box and send with no problems.
13/Jun/18 7:11 AM
Happy anniversary to Denny and his wife. A wonderful achievement.
13/Jun/18 7:18 AM
Congrats to you and the Mrs., Denny.
13/Jun/18 7:20 AM
all. That's what I do too Amelia. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Denny! We celebrate our 53rd in July. 🎉 🎉 🎉
13/Jun/18 7:27 AM
And one more for BOTP?
13/Jun/18 7:28 AM
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