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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Jul/11 9:27 AM
Sadly, my BMI is a long way from normal, although my waist is OK.
13/Jul/11 9:28 AM
...... how about that. I turned a page!
13/Jul/11 9:28 AM
Good for you , CG!
13/Jul/11 9:29 AM
Waiting for TM to decide if he is going out drining with the boys or staying home for dinner before I fix dinner.
13/Jul/11 9:30 AM
Yes CP we have been to Flagstaff as well. Nice town. Enjoy Shosho. Mind you I like Arizona.
13/Jul/11 9:36 AM
13/Jul/11 10:43 AM
Hi Kate :)
13/Jul/11 11:03 AM
Hi Kate and Gail.
13/Jul/11 11:09 AM
2:18 Good morning one and all!
A bit slow this morning, and not just the puzzle. Still thawing out from a chilly morning.
13/Jul/11 11:15 AM
I'll trade you, Anne. It's 92F (33C) at 2130 hrs here. We were up to 100+ today, and expect more of the same tomorrow.
13/Jul/11 11:29 AM
Evening all. As I am perusing the comments, it's quite discouraging that Pecan Pie Day and BMI index are being talked about on the same day.
13/Jul/11 11:30 AM
Ah, Shannon! Hello. You missed the margarita discussion the other night. How have you been?
13/Jul/11 11:36 AM
HalT, I don't know the outside temp here now. It is 73F inside. It got over 100F here, too, and will for the next week.
13/Jul/11 11:38 AM
Oh no. That is not allowed (margaritas without me). Just went to change my avatar as we are soggy around these parts. I don't know why, but we have been having an extraordinary amount of rain for metro Denver (and thankfully only minimal hail). How are you doing? Harvest all done?
13/Jul/11 11:40 AM
I actually don't mind the cold, HalT, but we can swap for a day or so if you like.
13/Jul/11 11:54 AM
Hal, how are you coming with your new computer? Are you ready to post some pics of your beach vacation yet?

By the way, Fripp is up to 59 turtle nests for the year!! That is already more than double the number of last year & there will be more nests laid throughout July & maybe into August.
13/Jul/11 11:57 AM
to everyone. It has been 100 degrees here in Middle TN. as well. Way too hot for this Ohio girl. Grass-hopper, I am so glad to hear you are okay. I know that was a long wait to find out.
13/Jul/11 11:59 AM
That is wonderful news GH, and at least you only had to repeat a mammography, not a colonoscopy, ugh!
13/Jul/11 12:03 PM
I played tennis at 3 PM this afternoon when the temp was 94! I played better than I have in a long time. In fact, it occurred to me that maybe that frog last night cast a magic spell on me! I was making some shots I couldn't believe came from my racket. I keep looking tonight to see if Mr. Frog is back at the front door again. Maybe this time I should invite him in to stay!!!
13/Jul/11 12:06 PM
Sue, I was talking with my grand daughter this afternoon and she said it was raining there. I know everyone was glad to see that rain... but was it enough? This is VBS week at church so I shall be a tad bit busier than usual. Will try to catch up with you all next week.
13/Jul/11 12:06 PM
Sarah Beth - did TM go out for the evening? Are you enjoying your time alone?
13/Jul/11 12:08 PM
Anne - Oh, if we could trade for a day would be lovely. But I guess I'll have to wait until September or October.
13/Jul/11 12:08 PM
You'll have to make do with this then, HalT.
13/Jul/11 12:11 PM
Must motivate myself and get some housework done. Catcha you all later!
13/Jul/11 12:13 PM
Kathy FL - I'm struggling along. I feel more comfortable than a couple of days ago. For some reason the keyboard is not always cooperative. I make a lot of typos (or as the Phantom would say, FFS). As for the pictures, I have uploaded them from the camera to the computer. Now, all I have to do is More...
13/Jul/11 12:18 PM
I wish it weren't such a struggle to upload photos to our sudoku Photo Galleries. It's so easy to post on Facebook, no shrinking necessary & they can even be sent straight from camera phones with just a few quick touches. I posted 4 pics of the frog to FB last night in a matter of min. More...
13/Jul/11 12:58 PM
I'm off to bed also. Good night all.
13/Jul/11 1:06 PM
Good night, Kathy
and Good night, HalT.
13/Jul/11 1:42 PM
Maybe it is time to ask Gath to update the upload program. When he first started this site, that may have been all that was available to him. Uploading has moved on in leaps and bounds, maybe he can do some tweaking to his program.
13/Jul/11 2:14 PM
Hi all!
I have photos of my boys taken with the walrus at Seaworld.
It was cool here this morning - about 6C to start the day but about 21C now.
13/Jul/11 2:24 PM
Actually my Polar bear avatar was taken on our last visit to Sea World. We are going to have another family visit soon for the Penguin encounter. #2 son loves penguins.
13/Jul/11 2:25 PM
Goodness, the site is quiet.
13/Jul/11 3:52 PM
Isn't there a law against that.
13/Jul/11 3:53 PM
After 2 1/2 days of playing phone tag with two doctors office, I am happy to say that Thing II and I are normal. OK, Thing II is normal, I need a little bit more work.

Grass-Hopper, I know that is a huge relief off your shoulders with great test results. That is great.
13/Jul/11 3:55 PM
Prepared more fig preserves today, but added strawberry jello. When my tester tasted it the first time, while it was still warm, she said it was the best thing she ever ate. Later, when she tasted it again, she said it was the worst stuff she ever put in her mouth. Tester #2, was too busy to taste, so I don't know how it turned out. I don't touch the stuff, only prepare it.
13/Jul/11 3:58 PM
Man purchased me some really pretty jars and lids, and the Strawberry Fig preserves look really good.
He also purchased bigger jars, with bigger mouths, that one would think my mess would not be so bad. Nope, I think I made a bigger mess this time around.
13/Jul/11 4:00 PM
You know, I am going to do it.
13/Jul/11 4:00 PM
HalT, my new keyboard makes a lot of typos too. Some letters are very sensitive, and some need an extra punch. Yep, I blame the keyboard.
13/Jul/11 4:01 PM
What else....
13/Jul/11 4:02 PM
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