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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
13/Jul/16 3:52 AM
Good morning.
13/Jul/16 5:45 AM
13/Jul/16 5:46 AM
1 comment at 0545?
13/Jul/16 5:47 AM
Where is everyone?
13/Jul/16 5:47 AM
If it was from here , I would say everyone has blown away. Currently 1.2*C, with 35knot winds but prediction for the day is much worse.
13/Jul/16 5:50 AM
Wind , rain and maybe snow.
13/Jul/16 5:51 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the problems this morning & thanks goes out to the people that contacted me.

13/Jul/16 5:53 AM
Thx for fixing it.
13/Jul/16 6:04 AM

Thanks for fixing the site access, Gath!
13/Jul/16 6:16 AM
Aha! We're back!
It's rather late in the day to post a poozle. I will wait until tomorrow morning and I'll do one the following day, too. Okay, Serena?
13/Jul/16 6:19 AM
In for my daily dose ! I came earlier and just ran through the puzzle - only to find that I did the previous day's puzzle.

13/Jul/16 6:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice to see Gath fixed the problem. Thanks Gath!
13/Jul/16 6:31 AM
I'm expecting Lizzy and her hubby Graham tomorrow evening. Looking for to meeting them and touring them around.
13/Jul/16 6:33 AM

Beautiful photo indeed
Lovely happy children 😊 for sharing!
13/Jul/16 6:46 AM
That's not a maybe CP, there's snow out there! Not unusual for some of the Americans and Canadians on the site, but a pretty unusual occurrence in the suburbs of Canberra!

1:32 for the Sudoku today.
13/Jul/16 6:55 AM
Morning all, lovely photo of someone's family.
Very windy here too,CP though we don't have the rain .
13/Jul/16 7:00 AM
Time to stack up Magnolia blossoms
13/Jul/16 8:03 AM
making a run for it.
13/Jul/16 8:03 AM
It just seems the thing to do.
13/Jul/16 8:04 AM
13/Jul/16 8:04 AM
13/Jul/16 8:04 AM
13/Jul/16 8:14 AM
Whew! Thought it was something I did that didn't me in!
13/Jul/16 8:15 AM
Morning all..
I'm a happy little vegemite... Gath had fixed the site before I logged in.. Don't know how to start my day without a sudoku fix..
13/Jul/16 9:26 AM
CP _ real temp 6* feels like -2* with 40+ kmh winds blowing off the bay..
Rain, hail and snow predicted down to 300 metres ie the Dandenongs.. Think I'll stay indoors today...

Though it will feel like the tropics after this when I go swimming tonight ... outdoor pool is heated to 27 and indoor pool 34...
13/Jul/16 9:41 AM
CG - Have a great time with Lizzy and her husband tomorrow.
13/Jul/16 11:36 AM
The snow has melted in this part of Canberra, but it was quite heavy by local standards. It will be heavier in Hobart. A next door neighbour had quite a big gum tree blown down - they had to cut it up to get their car out.
13/Jul/16 11:47 AM
Good night all.
13/Jul/16 12:39 PM
I'm so late tonight I missed all the excitement - nice to find things workin' just fine now though! Enjoy what's left of your day.........
13/Jul/16 1:20 PM
Broken site explains why there was no-one here when I came in this morning.
13/Jul/16 5:25 PM
Didn't think of that this morning.
13/Jul/16 5:26 PM
Yes, Chris, we got snow too, but only in the air, not on the ground.
13/Jul/16 5:27 PM
The wind chill factor was something else.
13/Jul/16 5:28 PM
More frosty weather to come tomorrow.
13/Jul/16 5:28 PM
That wind chill was something else CP - I went for a run around Lake Burley Griffin (twice) at lunch time and the apparent temperature was -4.5°! Into the wind was horrible, going the other way not too bad.
13/Jul/16 6:53 PM
Hi all
13/Jul/16 9:43 PM
You're a brave soul, Chris. Windy and -4.5!! I guess you were 'glowing' by the time you finished your run.
13/Jul/16 10:07 PM
3:38 I heard on our FB page earlier that there were troubles afoot here....pleased Gath was on to it and had it fixed before I got here. Thanks Gath
13/Jul/16 10:14 PM
13/Jul/16 10:42 PM
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