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Easy Sudoku for 13/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Aug/15 12:06 AM
Gee, where is everyone?

Good night one and all!
13/Aug/15 12:07 AM
13/Aug/15 12:07 AM
Hi Anne.
13/Aug/15 12:08 AM
Hello Keith, off to bed now as it should be nice and warm by now.
13/Aug/15 12:14 AM
Keith, sleep well, Anne!

The answer to yesterday's poozle: N
Taking every other letter, starting with the first letter, gives TO BE OR NOT TO BE TH. Taking every other letter, starting with the second letter, gives AT IS THE QUESTIO.

Judy and Peter get another load
13/Aug/15 12:28 AM
And, for today......

What are the next five letters in this sequence:


Answers to my ''NH means no hint'' inbox, please.
13/Aug/15 12:33 AM
another beautiful day in OK
13/Aug/15 12:45 AM
Harry & I both had an appointment with our new doctor [third one in less than a year] Thanks!
So I get a call at 8:30 that our 9:30 appointment is cancelled - The doctor is out sick.
Doctors don't get sick - do they.
13/Aug/15 12:50 AM
Hi Kathy!
13/Aug/15 12:51 AM
I have already mopped all the floors, dusted & a load of laundry in the washer.
13/Aug/15 12:52 AM
Time to make a spread sheet so I will know when certain medical supplies arrive,
13/Aug/15 12:54 AM
Happy Wednesday!
13/Aug/15 1:25 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Aug/15 1:46 AM
Phantom, I am still not legal, yet. Need to go to the registers office and wright them a big check. Or had over a little card.

The car tags baffle me. I am a rule follower and I am either early or right on time, but I cannot remember a year when I have taken care of car tags on time.
13/Aug/15 1:50 AM
Which is a surprise, since my first ticket, only ticket, in my life was for expired tags, both of them, no insurance and going 70 in a 55. Oops.

You would think I would never forget those tags ever again.
13/Aug/15 1:53 AM
Lately I have had some strange things happening. No biggies, but...
One was a conversation I had with my sister. In the conversation, I told her Summer break was almost over and I have yet to sleep past 9 AM. You watch next week, meaning this week, when I need to start working on a school More...
13/Aug/15 1:59 AM
Another odd event. On my ex-neighbors page, I noticed a name of an ex-cousin, who I have not seen or heard from in years. I asked my ex-neighbor how she knew my cousin and she responded that the cousin, at the same time I did, asked about me.
13/Aug/15 2:01 AM
Next odd event. Last night I could not find my aunt-in-laws phone number and ended up going down my entire address book looking. During the stroll I came across the name Stephanie. Who is Stephanie? I don't know any Stephanie. This morning, when I stumbled into the living room to turn my favorite More...
13/Aug/15 2:07 AM
13/Aug/15 2:08 AM
Race you to Keith's number???
13/Aug/15 2:09 AM
13/Aug/15 2:09 AM
Now, to keep the little odd events coming, I should come across some past lottery numbers, that should have been winners and play them, so next week they will be winners.
If that would not be an odd event, don't know what is.
13/Aug/15 2:09 AM
I dedicate that post to you Keith!!!
13/Aug/15 2:10 AM
Now that I have upsetted Karen's progress, I'll disappear before she realizes it!!!
13/Aug/15 2:10 AM
And speaking of odd events.

Good morning Shosho.
13/Aug/15 2:11 AM
Lovely photo of Rose and Casey. They both look happy and healthy.
13/Aug/15 2:28 AM
Good morning.
13/Aug/15 3:31 AM
13/Aug/15 3:32 AM
Heasing back to bed.
13/Aug/15 3:33 AM
Please forgive me, but I have lied. The big ticket I mentioned before was not my only one, just the biggest and last.
13/Aug/15 3:39 AM
My first ticket, I blame two things. One Texas has wide open spaces and two, parent's should not give curfews. (I was 16, before I get a lecture, yes my darlings have and will continue to have curfews). Again, going 70 in a 55 and silly me thought by pulling into our drive-way my parents would help me. No, the dad at the time, was more interested in the new police car and Mom doubled punished me.
13/Aug/15 3:43 AM
The next one I learned to never tell children to be afraid of police officers. This time I was only going 60 in a 55. I was taking my 2 or 3 year old brother and year old sister to swim lessons. My little brother freaked out so bad because he thought the policeman was going to take me jail. He was More...
13/Aug/15 3:47 AM
Morning all, which one is Rosey and which is Casey.
13/Aug/15 6:45 AM

I hope everyone is having a good day. Mine is fine, just uneventful today. I think I'll sneak in a nap!
13/Aug/15 6:47 AM
Oh Karen I know about siblings, they will dob you in every time.😚
13/Aug/15 6:48 AM
Hmmmm! My timing is great!
13/Aug/15 7:21 AM
Any one around???
13/Aug/15 7:22 AM
Get ready . . .
13/Aug/15 7:22 AM
13/Aug/15 7:22 AM
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