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Easy Sudoku for 13/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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One more . . .
13/Sep/10 3:28 AM

Still more computer problems this morning.
I can't seem to connect to the internet when I turn my computer on. Hubby spent more time with his Indian friend and I can connect now. I think I'll just start leaving my computer on all More...
13/Sep/10 3:29 AM
New video on my page. (If you are fond of Obama & crew, don't bother......)

13/Sep/10 3:30 AM
Ready for another? Too bad, here it is!

What does the following rebus represent?

1. Do Do
2. Dew Dew
3. Due Due

Answers to the "I've always been somewhat disconnected" inbox, please.
13/Sep/10 3:34 AM
Change of avatar to more convey how I am feeling about this computer......
13/Sep/10 3:38 AM
Don't feel alone Kathy.
13/Sep/10 3:48 AM
Seems I can not send posts on people's personal page. I type, I send, it denies, I have to reboot to be able to come back in here.
Even had a "I understand," for Shosho and her textbooks.
13/Sep/10 3:49 AM
I know I can type on some peoples personal page, but then I get denied. Hope Gmajackie got her message. But poor Gerry will not know the type of ice cream sandwich I prefer, if it weren't for Shannon sending him the same link I was attempting to send. Thanks, Shannon.
13/Sep/10 3:51 AM
On the topic of ice cream sandwiches. It seems our love affair has come to an end. Not only is the box empty, the last three have hurt my tummy. I went back to ice cream in a bowl, the chocolate variety.
13/Sep/10 3:52 AM
One more to do a CP. Hummm....OH.

It is a wonderful day here today, a little on the hot, muggy side, but it is beautiful.
13/Sep/10 3:54 AM
No problem, Karen. Hope you have a much calmer day than yesterday. My day here is glorious...honey left on an early morning flight
13/Sep/10 4:24 AM
Oh, did I say all of that out loud?
13/Sep/10 4:25 AM
My dilemma for the day...large bowl of homemade smoky roasted salsa and no more Tostitos. I really, really hate going to the grocery store on the weekend (well, anytime actually) and really, really don't want to get dressed and leave this finely honed dent in my couch cushion...
13/Sep/10 4:36 AM
Okay, I desperately need some good karma sent my way everybody. the wildfire is now threatening the area where my sister's brand new (80% completed) house is being built. She has waited so long for this dream of a house and a child....please keep your fingers crossed and blow the winds in a different direction...
13/Sep/10 5:15 AM
An early morning hello, before I head off to work. Catch ya later!

Jerry, I am concerned about that last guy you went out with!
13/Sep/10 5:39 AM
and sending all the good karma I can, Shannon!
13/Sep/10 5:40 AM
So ... now I DO know Jack.
13/Sep/10 5:44 AM
I am loving my birthday weekend. The two-day celebration was such a good idea that I've extended it to three!!! Getting ready to settle in to watch the men's final at the U. S. Open. Yesterday, Jaime and I spent the day at Fernandina Beach - swimming and relaxing - and then dining and wining at More...
13/Sep/10 5:51 AM
Kathy - My kitty can outsneer your kitty! Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa!!
13/Sep/10 5:53 AM
So there!!!
13/Sep/10 5:55 AM
Cat fight!!!!!!!!!
13/Sep/10 5:55 AM
Well, I guess I win. Kathy's no where to be seen!
Shannon - hope the fire stays away from your sister's house! Wish I could send our rain out that way.
13/Sep/10 5:57 AM
What a disaster, salsa with no chip and having to move on a Sunday, worse going out in public on a Sunday.
Maybe Jane, could imagine that the fire is a big birthday candle and blow it out.
13/Sep/10 6:06 AM
Man is getting sympathy from Thing I. He showed her his owee, so she just put some antibiotic and a band aide and told him to keep it cleaned.

She takes good care of us.
13/Sep/10 6:10 AM
Oh, yeah? I'll see your sneers, and raise you one!
13/Sep/10 6:22 AM
13/Sep/10 6:26 AM
13/Sep/10 6:38 AM
Is she gone?
13/Sep/10 6:39 AM
13/Sep/10 6:39 AM
Ho hum! You don't scare me, Batwoman!
13/Sep/10 6:41 AM
I seeeee you, Jane!
13/Sep/10 6:41 AM
Protecto BatCat, reporting for duty!
13/Sep/10 6:44 AM
Ok! I give up. I've got more important things to do today than participate in a cat fight! Meow!!!
13/Sep/10 6:45 AM
Protecto BatCat??? Well, watch out for Duckat!!!
13/Sep/10 6:46 AM
...and if that doesn't scare the guano out of you, I'm sending in reinforcements!!!
13/Sep/10 6:48 AM
How foolish.
13/Sep/10 6:49 AM
One has to worry about the kind of women that have THAT many kitty avatars at hand ...
13/Sep/10 6:49 AM
My computer has now been OOO for three weeks.
I wonder if the vendors are trying to wind me up with this restoration of theirs?
And the downloaded Microsoft Office 2010 free trial simply does not work.
Hence my dearth of posting.
13/Sep/10 6:49 AM
At least I can get on line (touch wood - not meant as a temptation to the devil)
13/Sep/10 6:50 AM
You have my sympathy, Rayray. Here, have some light refreshments. That should make you feel better.
13/Sep/10 6:50 AM
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