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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Oct/09 11:02 AM
The Sudoku cruise must last at least a year to include visits to both the Arctic (East Greenland coast) and Antarctic, and in-so-doing it must circumnavigate the globe East/West. We must have plenty of time on shore at stop-overs too, and only the finest cuisine, and with en suite cabins. The total More...
14/Oct/09 11:07 AM
I think we need to revive an old custom here, that of beginning a story.

This one has to do with the preservation of old cultures.

On his return from his errand, the old man lowered himself and went into the igloo. He began to tell the children of the saga of the walrus hunt, More...
14/Oct/09 11:11 AM
Have to agree with you, Jim, on all those places. I lived in Honolulu for 3 years, and my favourite places and things to do are:
Cocktails under the banyan tree at the Sheraton Moana Hotel at sunset. Afternoon tea there on the verandah. Just sitting on the verandah reading a book and people More...
14/Oct/09 11:22 AM
There is so much to see and do in Hawaii, I felt like I had to give Kathy an entire second set of things to do there!

Honolulu is a huge, bustling, diverse place. Waikiki has its share of great resturants and world-class shopping, and also has the Waikiki Aquarium. Just a few blocks from More...
14/Oct/09 11:23 AM
Ian, that story has such amazing usages of the language. Not sure I have ever seen the words walrus, igloo, hopeful, realize, errand, imagine, and saga worked in to short a short tale before.
14/Oct/09 11:43 AM
Really, CP! It is Pearl "Harbor"
14/Oct/09 12:18 PM
1. (new place to visit): Australia, of course
2. (new activity): Sky diving, it seems to be popular on here
3. (person to meet): no idea (Jesus, maybe?)
4. (Last Meal): grilled shrimp, augratin taters, corn on the cob, and my gramma's pumpkin bars (my choice will change everyday, though)
5. (Book to read): Pride and Prejudice
14/Oct/09 12:27 PM
The fact that they were limited to just one walrus per hunter mattered not. After all, one bull would provide sustenance for the village for an entire winter - assuming one did not tire of McWalrus burgers. Hold the fries.
14/Oct/09 12:36 PM
I agree that Hawaii has many wonderful things to see. While we were last there, we became aware of a Hawaiian singer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. He has such a beautiful voice. I've changed my Youtube to him singing "White Sandy Beach."
14/Oct/09 12:37 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Spellmaster!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of More...
14/Oct/09 1:12 PM
I love the music of Brother Iz too, Keith - and get tears in my eyes at his version of "Over the Rainbow".
14/Oct/09 2:10 PM
Jim - Tamarto/tomayto, harbour/harbor, favourite/favorite............
14/Oct/09 2:11 PM
Today my computer remebered me and I didn't have to log in. What went wrong.
14/Oct/09 3:25 PM
Now that Walrus has reached #1 on Billboard,there is of course a Save Our Walrus Society which consists of female pigs which have been supplied with FM radios with earplugs , so they can bring home the bacon (obviously instead of walrus).
14/Oct/09 3:27 PM
I have finished uploading pictures of Lynne's and my trip to Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the Verde Valley. You can enjoy them in my gallery and check out my pictures of posing with statues in Sedona in my Flickr Photostream.
14/Oct/09 4:25 PM
She's apples!
14/Oct/09 5:08 PM
The children sat, spellbound, as the old hunter told tales of daring do. Could these tales be true? Could this elderly grandfather ever have been so active? Could he have been so strong? So brave? When he had them totally under the spell of his deep brown voice he said..................
14/Oct/09 7:02 PM
Today has been full of surprises. I had a bad night falling asleep sometime after 04.30. I wasn't worried as we had been told next workmen, the roofers, would be starting sometime tomorrow, so the luxury of a lie-in was on the cards.
We were awakened shortly after 08.00 as the roofers truck with More...
14/Oct/09 7:25 PM
Strange GMo. Last night I had exactly the same insomnia problem as you with exactly the same time scale. Earth's magnetic field?
14/Oct/09 7:44 PM
Opening paragraph of "Looking on the bright side"; an unwritten novel

It was a chilly morning, with both the sun and the moon hanging in the sky as if they were courting each other. June ate her breakfast without doing up the buttons on her blouse. She was fearful that, as More...
14/Oct/09 7:57 PM
Hello everyone, nothing beats an apple picked straight from the tree. The nursing home/ship sounds great as long as you don't get sea sick, I'm not a good sailor.
14/Oct/09 8:43 PM
...he said.. "And now it is for you to continue our traditions, but, take heed, after centuries of being hunted the walrus has learned from man the way of the hunt. Now, they turn the tables and from time to time they hunt us".
There was a chorus of shocked 'Ah's and oo's from the More...
14/Oct/09 9:06 PM
Oh what a load of rubbish Mo! But I laughed...!
14/Oct/09 9:48 PM
OK Mistress Murgatroyd you continue the story......
14/Oct/09 10:35 PM
Once upon a time there was a big fat walrus called...
I remember reading a story to my kids about a walrus, which was really only an iceberg, and which frightened the Eskimo children because it 'ate' the sun during the winter. When the sun began to rise higher it melted and they all lived happily ever after...
14/Oct/09 11:32 PM
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