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Easy Sudoku for 14/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Dec/10 1:29 AM
Now to read pg 1
14/Dec/10 1:30 AM
Thanks Jerry. Just what I need.

What a fabulous 'bug' today.
It would be beautiful did it not closely resemble a wasp in colour. That similarity makes it ominous.
14/Dec/10 1:35 AM
[A coffee]
14/Dec/10 1:36 AM
What, may I ask, is wrong with bugs?
14/Dec/10 1:39 AM
For months daughter Amy & family who live in Orlando, FL had been looking forward to a family ski trip during which the children would see snow for the first time. Yesterday they spent the whole first day of the trip stranded at the Orlando airport, where they were interviewed by Channel 13 More...
14/Dec/10 1:55 AM
Good Maen, all! I'll be putting the finishing touches on the new edition of the Sudokudos cookbook today, so this is your last chance to post a recipe on the Recipes page if you want it included! I'm off to don my "editor/publisher hat" now. See you later... (oh, and Jerry, thanks for resubmitting your recipes to the Recipes page!!!)
14/Dec/10 1:59 AM
all. Actually, a rather pretty bug.
14/Dec/10 1:59 AM
Wow, Kathy! The Cooley family has had their 15 minutes of fame! Sorry they're stuck at the airport though. Good luck to them for the rest of their vacation!
14/Dec/10 2:02 AM
That's a very unusual bug. I wonder what it is.
14/Dec/10 2:06 AM
Maybe this should be with recipes, but..

Deep Frying Gnocci

14/Dec/10 2:06 AM
We're socked in with snow, too. Everything is white! Some of it 2 feet deep, especially across the driveway. And it won't melt for many days. I'd LOVE to send it all to you, Vici.
14/Dec/10 2:09 AM
Another P.T. appt. day. Got to get moving.......
14/Dec/10 2:10 AM
You darlings, are so kind to offer snow, which I would love to visit. If you do send snow, please send it on days that will not interrupt Thing I's school days. I would really hate to interrupt her education.
14/Dec/10 2:31 AM
Good Morning, everyone!
This one's for all the dog lovers.

No snow here, but we woke up to ice covering the cars. The temp is supposed to get above freezing, so it shouldn't last too long. More...
14/Dec/10 2:39 AM
the answers to yesterday's puzzle:
1. building/theatre 2. kettledrum/timpani
3. image/picture 4. music/sound

The Holiday Head Cozy goes to: Jane, HalT, The Phantom, and Grass-hopper.
Stay warm, winners!
14/Dec/10 2:46 AM
I am not sure how I feel about this post.
While we were away, the dog sitter's, gun happy BIL, penned the chocolate labs up, without food or water. The dog sitter did not realize this when he checked on Max, so the darlings spent one day without food. I do know how I feel about that and it is More...
14/Dec/10 2:58 AM
Many thoughts about how to spend my day, one was to spend with Jill, but she is probably off doing that mommy stuff. Thought about cleaning. Yeah, that thought is not appealing. I did clean one room, it was my Sudoku room, but it is a room and it is now cleaned. Thought about unpacking the More...
14/Dec/10 3:12 AM
Good morning. We took our grandchildren to the North Pole on the Polar Express last weekend. They had a magical time and were excited to see Santa and his elves. We also got our Christmas tree and will put it up today. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
14/Dec/10 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! That looks like some sort of a beetle to me, and that's beetle, not Beatle (as in John or Ringo).
14/Dec/10 4:17 AM
Phantom, I don't always need to post jokes, as your summaries often contain enough humour to get people through the day!
14/Dec/10 4:19 AM
That having been said however....

A man walked into a psychiatrist's office wearing nothing but a pair of saran-wrap shorts.

The doctor gave him one glance and said "Sit down. I can clearly see you're nuts."
14/Dec/10 4:22 AM
Just had the busiest weekend. Thursday = 3 trips to get the used furniture. Had to move the entertainment center 3 times and shuffle existing furniture between two floors and 4 rooms. Old couch went out in pieces.

Burl worked on the tractor.

Friday I hauled Christmas stuff out More...
14/Dec/10 4:25 AM
Will fit in catching up on posts. I am looking forward, even more than usual, to Phantom's summaries.
14/Dec/10 4:27 AM
Kathy - I really hope your family makes it here and has a great time. There were still blizzard conditions in parts of the upper lower penninsula this morning. The rest of the week should be a winter wonderland - everything they could hope for!
14/Dec/10 4:29 AM
14/Dec/10 5:08 AM
Wow, Plum. I'm exhausted just reading your weekend.
14/Dec/10 5:31 AM
1:21, a nice easy one to ease into the day... everyone.
14/Dec/10 6:50 AM
Just saw pictures of some of you people with snow. I don't know where the picture was taken, but it was so pretty. Well, until they showed vehicles buried in ditches. The snow was gorgeous though.
14/Dec/10 7:01 AM
HI all! I see I have competition in the sofa department from Plum now. A riddle to start your week; we had a similar one to this a little while back and it amused Kathy, if no-one else. So this is especially for the Maryland bat. Answers to the 'how many sofas do YOU have?' inbox please!

14/Dec/10 7:20 AM
Hello everyone,don't know what this bug is either.Greg very funny joke.
Got to run taking Mum for a haircut this morning.
14/Dec/10 7:46 AM
Just going back to meeting Sudoku-ites axe murders and the advice to children debate. Remember we are adults who have very carefully developed relationships in a very public forum and aren't racing off to meet others in suspicious places. Our advice to our kids still stands!
14/Dec/10 7:58 AM
Karen, I hope the dogs have come back...
14/Dec/10 7:58 AM
Jerry.... finally got around to reading some of yesterday's posts, and saw yours about the Rules for Kentucky. All are true except the one about the snow. Four inches is a disaster here, because it nearly always covers ice. And once we get ice, we have those flimsy electric poles coming down More...
14/Dec/10 8:07 AM
Karen.... I hope the Labs went back home. Their owners must have missed them.
14/Dec/10 8:08 AM
Good morning.
14/Dec/10 8:25 AM
Good Maen--not shovelling snow here--just sweeping up green white mulberries which drop from the tree like rain in a storm and then ferment if left. Happy days--why did that previous owner plant a huge tree in a small garden! An ornamental version of a white mulberry and a mango (we're not tropical More...
14/Dec/10 8:39 AM
Just received this. Thought i'd post this early while people are still about. I think I've found Dorothea's ewe.
An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand walks into a Small village and sees a local sitting on his veranda patting his dog.
He figures he'll have a little fun, so he says More...
14/Dec/10 8:49 AM
Ceri, we had a crab apple tree next to the driveway that would drop the fruit in the summer, then the cars would drive over them, then the sun would heat it up, THEN it would ferment! It smelled awful and it was wasp city! We had a lot of what I suppose were drunken wasps trying to fly around. Mostly they would just lie on the driveway and accept their fate.
14/Dec/10 8:50 AM
I am sooooo honored! A riddle especially for me!
I'll have to work on it tonight. Right now I have to get ready for Christmas Dinner #1.

Thanks, Bubble GIRL!

Bye! Must fly!
14/Dec/10 8:56 AM
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