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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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One and all.....nice picture. In a great sunny day in Toronto...+10C and lots of sun...it's BBQ for dinner tonight.
14/Mar/07 1:57 AM
14/Mar/07 2:08 AM
2:14; offshore drilling, an intense experience for such a calm picture.
14/Mar/07 2:46 AM
SpadeScorpio - isn't it great to have grilling weather. That is what we did last night. We are suppose to get above 60F today (15C)! WooHoo, spring is coming
14/Mar/07 2:48 AM
Hi Rog/N.O.LA - that's probably a good idea to let the rest be bayou again. we drove down to empire south of N.O. a few months ago and it's quite flattened. a few very nice houses were untouched, but mostly FEMA trailers around with no signs of rebuilding. a large shrimp trawler was 'parked' on More...
14/Mar/07 2:59 AM
MAen, y'all! One thing that I have learned from this site is that time flies -- even backwards.
14/Mar/07 3:07 AM

Evening all.
14/Mar/07 3:13 AM
Sandra and Rog, I hate to be such a cynic, but when the people who have lost everything give up and sell their property, you'll see levees, hotels, bars and restaurants rise again. Bon tons (?) roll with venture capital.
14/Mar/07 3:14 AM
Hello everybody.
14/Mar/07 3:20 AM
77/3...mmm,not a classic one..but run machine Lara is there..getting late for me..so cant stay up and watch..will chk tomorrow as to whats the result..
14/Mar/07 3:33 AM
hiya!50th comment..gud gud..
14/Mar/07 3:34 AM
96 here in the San Diego North County yesterday! Not only did we grill outside, we ate dinner on the picnic table on the patio! Even with the air conditioning cranked up, it was too hot in the house! Bring on summer!
14/Mar/07 4:04 AM
14/Mar/07 4:21 AM
3:32. nice pic whose the photographer?Welcome Sam from DC hope you enjoy the site there's a great bunch of people on this great site.Rose from Wangaratta sorry to hear about your water shortage hope you get some rain to improve the situation
14/Mar/07 4:24 AM
14/Mar/07 4:33 AM
I enjoy doing this Sudoku puzzle whenever I get the chance which is not often (bummer). My new next door neighbors who are just starting to move in husband is a MP (Military Police)for the oil platforms in Alaska. Coincidence? Maybe I should play the lottery today and include numbers from there home address as well.
14/Mar/07 5:15 AM
Windies made 9 for 241 in 50 overs.

14/Mar/07 5:20 AM
14/Mar/07 5:29 AM
Anyone read the book Deep Storm? It's a thriller based in the ocean under an oil rig.
14/Mar/07 5:43 AM
Lately I don't have time to check here in the evenings so I read the late posts the next day. For the music purists -- Leaving on a Jet Plane, was actually written by Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. But most people know him as John Denver, I like his version of the song better, more clean. I like PP&M, have seen them in perform too but they get caught up in their harmonies and lose the song.
14/Mar/07 6:04 AM
Good mAen from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

...ora et labora...
14/Mar/07 6:09 AM
To Tricia In Alabama, From yesterday's pages. No, I set my watch and alarm clock about 8PM Saturday night. I'm just of the mind set to say whatever makes the best joke at the time.
14/Mar/07 6:10 AM
HUGH ... was that comment in English? Translation, please? :)
14/Mar/07 6:17 AM
Good Morning all - having an early early start to the day. Have a good one everyone.
14/Mar/07 6:34 AM
Spade Scorpio

What site did you get your avatar from? I was looking at one of a Tassie Devil last night but couldnt get it to work. (Please post on my page so I don't miss your answer) Thanks

14/Mar/07 6:36 AM
Judy: Hugh's comment was a cricket score.
14/Mar/07 6:47 AM
96 there Judy? Shoot, we are happy with 65 today!
14/Mar/07 7:04 AM
Anybody know why the # placement has changed. It used to be that when when I put in possibilities they would all cluster together, now they are spacing them selves out ie. a 9 as a possibility always shows up in the bottom right corner of the box. Thanks for any help
14/Mar/07 7:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! Comment on the oil rig: Be da-n careful. We have enough environmental problems as it is.
14/Mar/07 7:07 AM
Good morning to all in Sudokuland!
Judy - Hugh is talking about cricket. Windies is a nick name for West Indies. They were 9 out for 241 runs. The one day matches have 50 overs.
14/Mar/07 7:09 AM
Ap and Anne: Canada has had an official Cricket Association since 1892. Earliest games date back to the mid 1700s, matches between the Royal Navy and the British Army Garrison. It is not all the big here and doesn't have a great following. Who knows in todays game? Maybe our team shows uo wuth hockey sticks and plays body contact cricket!
14/Mar/07 7:21 AM

14/Mar/07 7:25 AM
Almose forgot, to my baby boy, 22 years young today!
14/Mar/07 7:33 AM
Just heard on the radio that Sylvester Stallone was busted in OZ for possesion of HGH (human growth hormone), naughty, naughty Rambo. Does he really need to grow anymore?
14/Mar/07 7:35 AM
Good mAen all. Glorious here today. Temps near 70F. It won't last for long but we are enjoying it.
14/Mar/07 7:38 AM
JEB (Aggieland): Did you know your grand daughter Emily is on the Parents Page?
14/Mar/07 7:41 AM
LK: Is that Adam? 22? From the pictures on your page he looks much younger. Of course, the older I get, the younger everyone looks.

14/Mar/07 7:45 AM
Yes Canuk Greg, that is Adam on my flickr page. He does look very young, and those were only taken around Christmas time. Maybe that is what keeps me so youthful!
14/Mar/07 7:48 AM
Happy Birthday to Adam have a wonderful day, Happy Birthday to Missielely/Ka, enjoy your special day
(Wow Linda are you sure you are his mum you don't look a day over 30!!) (A bottle of wine should do it Linda for the bribe)
14/Mar/07 8:01 AM
Andre, If I could figure out how to send it I would, maybe UPS?
14/Mar/07 8:05 AM
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