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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Jamie, congratulations to Wil and you guys. You have every right to be proud.
14/May/07 11:28 AM
OK, I second the motion.
14/May/07 11:32 AM
It has been moved and seconded that we take a doughnut break. Is there any discussion?
14/May/07 11:33 AM
Everyone I hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you are.

Happy Mothers day to all our Mom's overseas.
14/May/07 11:34 AM
I had a whinge this morning to the Coffee Club. Hubby and I stopped in last night after we had taken his mother home. We were shown to a table, given a bottle of water, glasses and menus and left. After 20 minutes we got up and walked out. The place wasn't even a third full.
I rang the More...
14/May/07 11:38 AM
I know its the 13th over there, however it is the 14th here!! SO just to confuse MOI more (hehe)
to you
to you
Dear Linda
to you.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
14/May/07 11:38 AM
14/May/07 11:39 AM
Lana, I thought you were married. At least this is cleaner than going through a divorce. We have friends who spent 2 yrs. of their lives going through one. They don't even have children.
Angie, have a dumb question. Is Australia's Mother's Day the same as the US'?
14/May/07 11:40 AM
Angie, Anne, billy, CP, col, mel, Rola and rosemary, I have just emailed you. Please read and tell me what you think.
14/May/07 11:40 AM
Jamie.....Congratulations to Wil, well done....
14/May/07 11:40 AM
Happy Birthday Linda. :)
14/May/07 11:41 AM
Becky and Rola - thanks!! We now have one left to get out of school, but she and Wil are both moving home for at least part of the year. Mary Evlyn (we usually call her M.E.) is going to take some classes at the local community college (MUCH less expensive), and Wil plans to work for one or two semesters and then start graduate school in engineering.
14/May/07 11:47 AM
Got to get back to school and keep grading papers. Have a good day/evening all!
14/May/07 11:48 AM
Wow jamie! For Wil to have done a Physics degree in 3 years is wonderful. He must be one smart cookie!! I assume he will have some credit points towards his engineering cours.
Linda, best wishes for a happy birthday today!
14/May/07 11:52 AM
Susan.......just sent email to you
14/May/07 11:56 AM
becky i was married once before to bob but he was killed many years ago. he was a lot of fun but didnt take life to serious. he was bad for me but he was good for me to. it seems silly but im very happy for him to be in a peacful place. i miss him sometimes coz he was such fun.
14/May/07 12:10 PM
Victoria, about the same thing happened a couple of yrs. ago with us. Went to the Ground Round, shown to a table and sat for about 1/2 hr. When we left, the manager asked how everything was. My hubby told him the food would have been ok if we had gotten served.
14/May/07 12:14 PM
im going now to let others use the computer. thankyou for the chat and hope all enjou the day. will come back on tonight sometime.
14/May/07 12:18 PM
Lana, sorry to hear about Bob. All you can do is hold on to the memories.
14/May/07 12:20 PM
Hey everyone, Don't forget about the next major Sudoku Meeting here in Melbourne.

Melbourne Sudoku Night Out

If you are interested, please post a reply on my page. ASAP and I will let you all know more details later.
Oh and by the way, our host is Gath.
14/May/07 12:42 PM
Rola, and one right back at you
14/May/07 12:46 PM
3:11 - Mondayitis strikes again!
14/May/07 12:46 PM
Afternoon everyone, well I'm glad the weekend is over, Now I have a bit of peace and quiet cause the kids are back at school
14/May/07 12:52 PM
Update youtube on my page is a change of pace for me. another favourite though, Robbie Williams with a bit of eye candy for the blokes.
14/May/07 1:02 PM
Rosemary, love the new color on your rose.
14/May/07 1:24 PM
thank you, try to keep changing to differetn colours.
must be nearly the 14th over there but it is here anyway
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
14/May/07 1:26 PM
~ Sharon
~ Linda
I hope you had a wonderful day!
14/May/07 1:53 PM
Happy birthday Sharon ,Linda
Jamie ,my Congrats for Wil and best wishes for good luck ,Congrats for you and your wife for an excellent work ,tried to send my congrats on your page and couldn't ,i don't know why .
14/May/07 4:10 PM
I changed my youtube to ''Fire on the Mountain'' Marshall Tucker Band ...if it comes in ?...last one Greg said it didn't work ,it did sometimes and the one I wanted wouldn't start tonight...sigh ,try this one
14/May/07 4:40 PM
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sharon and Linda
Happy Birthday to you

14/May/07 5:04 PM
Linda luvvie - have a fantastic birthday!
14/May/07 5:59 PM
Hi everyone I'm using my neice's laptop getting flash hey don't think my hubby will le me have one lol I'm in sydney at the moment.
14/May/07 5:59 PM
Maen all. Easy puzzle today. Well done SHARKS - will be at the final on Sat. Will be good to see a SA final!!
14/May/07 6:01 PM
Silly meforgot to login didn't I and it was supposed toread my hubby won't let me have a laptop.
14/May/07 6:14 PM
Happy Birthday Sharon and Linda
Veronica has lost weight at her weigh-in today (doesn't she know that I'm the one that is meant to be doing that??). She is now 2.83kg but she has grown 1.7cm in the past week and a bit. She also had a bararge of blood tests done (through her heel as they More...
14/May/07 6:46 PM
Sharon. Thanks for posting the joke on my page, I really appreciated that, and my colleagues laughed as hard as I did.
14/May/07 7:51 PM
Linda - hope you have a fabulous day.
14/May/07 7:52 PM
Super tired tonight - so off to bed early. Goodnight.
14/May/07 7:53 PM
Hello Birdie! Looks very cold over there..haha
14/May/07 8:19 PM
Sharon -

Linda -
14/May/07 9:01 PM
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