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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/May/16 2:53 AM
14/May/16 2:53 AM
Joyce, I was trying to answer your question yesterday when the site went down, so I guess that means I was the one that broke it. I'll try again now. The first time maen is typed on each page, the site is programmed to make it a link to Gath's explanation of the word. It used to be blue, but now More...
14/May/16 3:01 AM

Thanks for telling us Gath fixed the site, Keith.
14/May/16 3:16 AM
Now it seems to have gone back to not being a link?
14/May/16 3:18 AM
14/May/16 3:18 AM
I see Gath worked his magic.
14/May/16 3:18 AM
We owe him an extra special thanks...he was out on the town celebrating his birthday. The man is dedicated, bless him.
14/May/16 3:22 AM
Well put, Kathy. Above and beyond for sure.
14/May/16 3:25 AM
14/May/16 4:17 AM
Hi all. Anybody know why the pictures are repeating themselves. Getting a tad tedious like the oldthumbs up ones.
14/May/16 4:44 AM
Thanks, Keith! I knew the site had been down this morn prior to my departure, so when I returned & found it back up & running, I immediately went to yesterday's postings to see if Plum had answered my question. Now I know why...
14/May/16 5:43 AM
....no one had! I believe I understand the 'Rule of the 1st mean per page' now, Keith - thanks again
14/May/16 5:48 AM
Oh, and how wonderful that Gath took a b-day party-break to remedy our Sudoku-withdrawal - THANKS, Gath!
14/May/16 5:56 AM
14/May/16 6:01 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice to see the site back up and running. Thanks Gath!
14/May/16 6:14 AM
Now we'll see if we get a new photo tomorrow.
14/May/16 6:14 AM
Gath will get to thinking we're never satisfied.
14/May/16 6:25 AM
It's true. We only want everything to work perfectly,
14/May/16 6:25 AM
every time, all the time.
14/May/16 6:26 AM
Is that too much to ask?
14/May/16 6:26 AM
14/May/16 6:26 AM
Gee, what a surprise. Keith danced in!
14/May/16 6:40 AM
A little bit slower than normal this morning - 1:53. I just hope that isn't a predictor for my normal 5km Saturday morning race in a little under an hour.
14/May/16 7:03 AM
Good morning all.
14/May/16 7:59 AM
Just for any topsiders not yet aware, today is a full moon Friday the 13th. I would suggest not taking any unnecessary chances.
14/May/16 8:12 AM
It's good the site is now fixed.
14/May/16 8:20 AM
Ghost post again above.
14/May/16 8:27 AM
How does my iPad know to pick a post that suits the day?
14/May/16 8:29 AM
I gave up trying to get on site at 0230 this morning. Had been trying since just before midnight.
14/May/16 8:31 AM
14/May/16 8:32 AM
14/May/16 8:32 AM
Was a bit (nah, really a lot) overwhelmed by the birthday greetings!!! Wow you guys are the greatest!!! Even was serenaded by my first graders today!
14/May/16 8:34 AM
It's a lovely day here,
14/May/16 8:36 AM
At school they even had a celebration for the volunteers! Which I didn't go too because my kiddies thank me every time I see them, and I get rather shy about facing an audience. My sneaky friends knew I wouldn't show up for the PTA honorary service award so they told me it was for someone else and I was to give a speech for her. ACK was my face red as they dragged me up to the stage.
14/May/16 8:37 AM
But the first graders today presented me with a vase of pink daisys!!!
14/May/16 8:37 AM
Hey CP, wanna race to the bottom of the page???
14/May/16 8:38 AM
Aw come on, CP!!!
14/May/16 8:38 AM
On your mark, get set . . .
14/May/16 8:39 AM
14/May/16 8:39 AM
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