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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
14/Jun/14 12:00 AM
Gorgeous out today! Sunny & mild with a slight breeze... Perfection!
Grand-twins are coming for the weekend!
(Dad & Grandpa will be golfing 'up North' and Mom, twins & I will do whatever!)
14/Jun/14 12:01 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
pulpit — blender setting
Fact or Fiction?:
George W Bush was a cheerleader both at his high school, Phillips Academy, and at Yale University.
Answers to my F-o-F inbox please.
Elastic = FICTION (75% of the responders got that one correct)
14/Jun/14 12:07 AM
14/Jun/14 12:18 AM

I am not doing well with Kayo's F-o-F's. I was not among the aforementioned 75%. Guess I should stop putting my undies in the fridge.
14/Jun/14 12:18 AM
You may have guessed wrong, but I did love your comments.
14/Jun/14 12:20 AM
The concept made me laugh, Kayo.
14/Jun/14 12:26 AM
14/Jun/14 12:36 AM

The spirit lies behind Door D.

If the spirit is behind Door A, then both B and D are true.

If the spirit is behind Door B, then both A and D are true.

If the spirit is behind Door C, then A, C, and D are all More...
14/Jun/14 12:39 AM
Based on the clue in parentheses, find a four-letter word that can be inserted backwards into the blank to complete a longer word.

Example: di____ve (a defeat)
Answer: dissolve ('A defeat' gives you LOSS, which is placed backwards in the blank: di_SSOL_ve.)

1. sa____le (something More...
14/Jun/14 12:42 AM
I have a serious need for some . This is day 3 of rain and grey. I really don't function well without sun exposure. I'm crabby and cranky and want to go back to bed. Any chance I'll be able to convince my trio they want to take an all day nap?
14/Jun/14 12:44 AM
The kindergarten email discussion has concluded with the possibility of enrolling little boy in physical education, music and art with one of the kindergarten classes. I still don't have an idea of schedule or our interest. I know for sure that he doesn't want to do it but not sure if we do. More...
14/Jun/14 12:50 AM
6 in a row is enough for me today. I will say hi to shosho for taking her 8 spot then I'm outta here for a while.
14/Jun/14 12:51 AM
Do remember to take them off first, Kathy.
14/Jun/14 1:08 AM
Wait a minute, Keith... Do you mean...
(Welllll... She did get a new fridge... must be a BIG one!)
14/Jun/14 1:24 AM

Good jigsaw today.
14/Jun/14 1:34 AM
Keith, in case you are thinking about running off you should be aware that I'm still around.
14/Jun/14 1:35 AM
So am I....
14/Jun/14 1:36 AM
But is he?
14/Jun/14 1:37 AM
Hmmmm... Where are we now?
14/Jun/14 1:37 AM
Oh, Keeeeeith....
14/Jun/14 1:38 AM
14/Jun/14 1:39 AM
Now I'm going to go back to sulking.
14/Jun/14 1:40 AM
I took a few minutes to go off and do Medium ... and look where it got me!
14/Jun/14 1:54 AM
Shiela! Are you suggesting my undergarments are of a large variety? For my petite bod? Absolutely not. They would fit in the butter keeper.
Off to fix lunch then I shall ponder today's poozle.
14/Jun/14 1:57 AM
Something about the idea of kindergarten has his knickers in the freezer, Serena. If you can figure out what that is, perhaps it will help his resistance melt.
14/Jun/14 1:57 AM
Keith, it's just that it's new. Azariah will never sign up to boldly go where no man has gone before.
14/Jun/14 2:03 AM
Wanders away contemplating buttering Kathy's knickers.
14/Jun/14 2:04 AM
Kathy, I think they were trying to put them in the fridge while you were still wearing them.
14/Jun/14 2:06 AM
Maybe that explains it, Serena, but my sense is that there's more to it.
14/Jun/14 2:26 AM
No, Kathy, Keith was thinking you were IN your knickers when you put them in the freezer!!!
14/Jun/14 3:27 AM
14/Jun/14 3:44 AM

Im not entering this conversation about underwear at all!!! but sure am enjoying everyone elses!!
14/Jun/14 3:45 AM
Butter dish = Thong?
14/Jun/14 3:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've always liked today's picture.
14/Jun/14 4:10 AM
Just out of curiosity, what's underwear??
14/Jun/14 4:12 AM
You can tell because it has elastic bits.
14/Jun/14 4:17 AM
1.28. Canuk Greg, condolences on your back troubles, I've had some of those and they are not fun.
14/Jun/14 4:50 AM
So I dont have to keep scrolling down to the bottom of this page any more........
14/Jun/14 5:02 AM

Wishing Greg better health......
14/Jun/14 5:02 AM
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