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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
14/Jun/15 12:00 AM
14/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Danstel, loved your egg shell method for squirrels. I only have one, but since he is a rat with a fuzzy tail, I do not care for him. Nor have I seen him in the bird feeders. I have watched him try to get to some, which was entertaining and he had no success.
14/Jun/15 12:02 AM
So I am not thought of a complete birdbrain, I do know some of the birds, not personally, but what they are called. There is a Whipperwill that comes out to sing in the evening, a wood pecker that loves to peck on my brick house, black birds that generally stay in the ally, blue, red, robin, dove and those little chi-chi birds, which as been mentioned, I should look up, at least for the girls.
14/Jun/15 12:06 AM
Bro is getting kicked out of K's room today and I have a list of things-to-do for him. This is not our first or second go around with his mooching and it seems the rest of his siblings feel the same way, so I am going to become a witch with a capital B. Hopefully, this will either straighten him up More...
14/Jun/15 12:13 AM
Good morning Sudoku friends! A lovely photo to start off the day!
14/Jun/15 12:14 AM
It's been a few days since I've been here. I'll have to go back and read comments to see what I've missed.
14/Jun/15 12:16 AM
Mt. Baker?
14/Jun/15 12:43 AM
Looks a bit like Mt. Rainier.
14/Jun/15 12:51 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and in Karen's case, if its not hope its on the improve soon...

Welcome back Greg, you have been missed.
14/Jun/15 1:00 AM
Happy Saturday!
A week long vacation starts today--off to San Diego for a few days, back home in time for Book Club, then relaxing at home before going back to work next Saturday
14/Jun/15 1:08 AM
I think that mountain might be in New Zealand. The picture has appeared before but I'm only guessing.
14/Jun/15 1:15 AM
Thanks Lizzy. It's nice to be taking a break from all the household chaos that's been happening here.
14/Jun/15 1:17 AM
Looks like a Pacific Northwest mountain to me, too, but I have no idea which one.
14/Jun/15 1:23 AM
Let me get my greeting in before I get gallumped over.....
14/Jun/15 1:27 AM
Please forgive me, I lied. We have two, fat, furry tail rats, that can get to the green feeder. Just watched them play around a tree and the winner got to the plate first. He pushed the other one away. They had 5 of the chi-chi birds sitting on the lattice watching them play, too.
14/Jun/15 1:38 AM
Tuesday we have a new garage door coming, so this weekend is supposed to be getting the garage ready. So far, I have done everything but make it out to the garage. Well, I have been twice, once to get the girl's blankets out of the car to wash and once to get my DP fix. So I have eliminated some things from the garage.
14/Jun/15 1:41 AM
Here is a shocker. I am wrong in what I think a chi-chi bird is. Yes, there is a chi or chi-chi bird, but does not look anything like the little gray birds fluttering around my backyard.
14/Jun/15 1:44 AM
Forgot to mention we also have a roadrunner and scissor tail running around here too.
14/Jun/15 1:47 AM
Can you tell I really do not want to go out to the garage?
14/Jun/15 1:47 AM
He is around and any second he is going to gallump on me.
14/Jun/15 1:48 AM

Does Keith need a bit more help
14/Jun/15 1:48 AM
Did I get gallumped on?
14/Jun/15 1:49 AM
sorry Keith and Karen
14/Jun/15 1:49 AM
Oh, shocker. Lizzy gallumped me.
14/Jun/15 1:50 AM

You have two options Karen, either find out what those little grey birds are and let us know or out to the garage you go!!
14/Jun/15 1:50 AM
Hehehe, ya know what I am going to do Lizzy.
14/Jun/15 1:53 AM
again Karen!!! not that Im trying to get rid of you by any stretch of the imagination but you did say.......
14/Jun/15 1:54 AM

I shall await your answer on what sort of bird they are
14/Jun/15 1:54 AM

Im not that bad Karen....really I'm not, you don't have to hide.
14/Jun/15 2:12 AM
I'm not even going to try an play guess the mountain. I have a year round view of a mountain and probably wouldn't be able to identify it in a picture without a label.
14/Jun/15 2:32 AM
, y'all! Early afternoon.
14/Jun/15 2:33 AM

but then again she just might be out in the garage being productive

time will tell if I was right or not...
14/Jun/15 2:36 AM

F. Railroad Station

The first letter of each place he went to spells out the word 'teaser.'

Er Hospital
Art Center
Energy Plantation
Railroad Station

In the More...
14/Jun/15 2:37 AM
No problems Lizzy. I am not allowed to sit for long period, so I look when I can. This sitting period, I was allowed a little longer, because I was getting help from M.
14/Jun/15 2:37 AM
It's lunchtime around here so I'm going to go and fed some kids.
14/Jun/15 2:39 AM
Oh, you silly lady. Me! Out in the garage. Hahahaha snort. That is actually Man's domain and no one is happy if I have to go out there. It is just something that has to be done and no one is moving. Man's excuse is that he is not at home and had to drive overnight. Humph, some excuse.
14/Jun/15 2:40 AM
14/Jun/15 2:41 AM
A race, Karen?
14/Jun/15 2:42 AM
14/Jun/15 2:42 AM
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