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Easy Sudoku for 14/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people!
14/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
14/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen all
14/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good maen, all.
14/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
14/Aug/10 12:01 AM
Cute Potaroo.
14/Aug/10 12:02 AM
Yesterday it took me over 1 hour to get on-line. Today it was less than a minute! And, no, I didn't get more memory yet. Go figure!
14/Aug/10 12:03 AM
everyone from beautiful So. Oregon ...
14/Aug/10 12:10 AM
Shiela see what happens when you pay your bill LOL
14/Aug/10 12:14 AM
I wish!
14/Aug/10 12:17 AM
How charming to make the acquaintance of a new marsupial in the Sudokuland neighborhood. I wonder what Beatrix Potter would have been like if she had written of animals down under?
14/Aug/10 12:21 AM
(Besides upside down.)
14/Aug/10 12:21 AM
All. Another beautiful day in South Carolina. Alittle hot but that is expected in August. I just received good news. My daughter is coming to visit in late August.
14/Aug/10 12:27 AM

Q. What should you give a man who has everything?
A. A woman to show him how to use it.

14/Aug/10 12:30 AM

Q. What is the difference between a man buying a lottery ticket and a man fighting with his wife...
A. A man has a chance at winning at the lottery.
14/Aug/10 12:32 AM
14/Aug/10 12:35 AM
How nice for you, Old Hickory!
14/Aug/10 12:36 AM

Kathy - Haul out your black cats, bats, broken mirrors, ladders (to walk under), and other such omen. 'Tis Friday the 13th stateside.
14/Aug/10 12:38 AM
Almost forgot! (How could I???)
My son sold his house yesterday! Yippee!!!!
Now he can go on with his life. (He found a job in another state almost 5 months ago.) Let's just say he didn't make anything on his house investment. But... at least now he and his wife can live together again and/or he doesn't have to commute 2 hours each way.
14/Aug/10 12:44 AM
Good Maen friends!
Great news, Shiela - congrats and best wishes to your son.
14/Aug/10 12:47 AM
Sweet critter!
14/Aug/10 12:50 AM
14/Aug/10 12:50 AM
how did I do that? Sorry, Keith!
14/Aug/10 12:51 AM
14/Aug/10 12:51 AM
Hahaha! Took too long to load up the smilies!
14/Aug/10 12:52 AM
Good maen from sunny Portland, Oregon.
14/Aug/10 12:53 AM
Sorry Vici, stumbled into that one. Is Potaroo the name of the species or its name? Looks like a smushed kangaroo!
14/Aug/10 12:57 AM
Vici, it's hard to beat the flying squirrel! BTW, have I told you how much I like your avatar? I think maybe I did, but it's worth saying again.
14/Aug/10 12:57 AM
Today is the day! It is 11:15 am in Montreal. The baby delivery is schedule for between 12 and 6pm . I cannot be in OR room ...too squeezy... Hubby will have a small spot at some time after draping done. Ceesarean is done under epidural... my daughter doesn't like More...
14/Aug/10 1:09 AM
Look like a baby kankaroo to me... Thanks heidi for the info...Potaroo... like a baby kankaroo in a pot... I'll try to remember with that picture in mind
14/Aug/10 1:22 AM
Vici, I know the feeling well.
14/Aug/10 1:53 AM
14/Aug/10 2:43 AM
Best Wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby, Danstell!
to the new baby!
14/Aug/10 3:27 AM
Potaroo? That's a new one for me. Very cute!
14/Aug/10 3:37 AM
I grew up in Tassie. Now live far away. First time in ages I have been to this page, so nice to see a potaroo. Gorgeous little marsupials. Thanks for the pic. :)
14/Aug/10 3:47 AM
In my wait, I forget to have lunch...better go for it any one wants some fresh from the garden tomato sandwich and tea?
14/Aug/10 4:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! Now that's a rare picture. Was this taken at a wildlife protaction facility? I thought potaroos were on the endangered species list.
14/Aug/10 4:12 AM
Quiet here today, so I won't make any noise.
14/Aug/10 4:14 AM
Shhhh! Is CG sleeping?
14/Aug/10 4:19 AM
Danstell I could use some tomatoes. Mine are still green!!!
14/Aug/10 4:19 AM
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