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Easy Sudoku for 15/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
15/Jan/15 12:00 AM
2:09, fingers on the wrong number keys! Good night all.
15/Jan/15 12:02 AM
, y'all... and goodnight Chris!
15/Jan/15 12:18 AM
2:14... being a cat lady, I like today's pic!
15/Jan/15 12:18 AM
Where's Kayo been - did I miss a msg that she'd be off line? Her daffynitions and factoids are an enjoyable way to start the day.
15/Jan/15 12:19 AM
Okay, I just had the strangest Microsoft update. Not sure if it was the Win 7.0 update or the Win malicious tool remover, but when my laptop restarted, it looked like EVERYTHING was wiped out! No pics, no music, no docs, desktop preferences gone, most of my downloaded add-ins gone, and my browser (Chrome) acted as if I'd never used it before.
15/Jan/15 12:23 AM
I was reloading Dropbox when I realized that ALL was gone... Uttered numerous worty dirds, sweat running down my sides and back. I finally decided to reboot to see if something simply got wiped out in my sign on preferences rather than my whole laptop.
15/Jan/15 12:25 AM
Turned out that a restart brought everything back so it must have been preferences. Thank goodness. But really, how does an update like that even get 'out there'? There's another one waiting to be downloaded...yikes.... I think I'll back up before installing it!
15/Jan/15 12:28 AM
Have a great day June doing what you love best.
15/Jan/15 12:42 AM
No sun in sight.
Chilly at 5 F. (-15 C) Brrrr!
But it has already warmed up from -2 F!
15/Jan/15 12:50 AM
Freecell for all, be you feline oor human.
15/Jan/15 12:59 AM
a beautiful day in OK.
15/Jan/15 1:25 AM
Cold but sunny, tricks the mind into it is warmer than it really is until one goes out side.
15/Jan/15 1:27 AM
Appointment time!
15/Jan/15 1:27 AM
Nice 9-1 poozle today
15/Jan/15 1:32 AM
Pretty Siamese
15/Jan/15 1:32 AM
Now I am really leaving.
15/Jan/15 1:33 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle: Attack at dawn Monday

It seems we have quite a few code breakers in Sudokuland. Because it's been awhile since I have posted a poozle, I think it's time for winners Shosho, Silvergal, More...
15/Jan/15 1:56 AM
Some of the winners of yesterday's offering thought it was pretty easy......see what you can do with this one....

Which letter COMPLETES this sequence:


Answers to my ''I said, COMPLETES!'' inbox, please.
15/Jan/15 2:08 AM
Maybe I got here at the right time.
15/Jan/15 2:40 AM
We shall see.
15/Jan/15 2:40 AM
15/Jan/15 2:41 AM

I'm glad you got your 22, Keith. I might not have noticed and just posted when I got here. It's different if I'm aware of racing you, but I wouldn't have realized what number we were on. But today I read a few days' comments as well as today's before typing this.
15/Jan/15 3:15 AM
My favorite college football team, the Ohio State University Buckeyes, won the National Championship 2 nights ago. It was a really nerve racking game. But I'm so happy the Buckeyes won! Especially since they weren't expected to be in that game, much less win that game! Go Bucks!
15/Jan/15 3:18 AM
June. I hope you enjoy your special day, even though you've got that big cast on your arm.
15/Jan/15 3:19 AM
Happy Birthday, June! Be celebrated today!
15/Jan/15 3:29 AM
Cats love TV, as well as computer games, at least mine do.
15/Jan/15 3:40 AM
Some cats are mousers and some indoor cats are buggers. This one is looking for the spiders in the spider solitare.
15/Jan/15 3:42 AM
Love love love today's pic. Reminds me if my 90yr old Dad, who will be sitting even now playing patience. He can type and print a letter on his computer (a cast off as old as he) but that's all. Cool cat, cool Dad
15/Jan/15 4:22 AM
As GannieMo already pointed out, the cat is playing Freecell.
15/Jan/15 4:24 AM
June. May you have a great one.
15/Jan/15 4:34 AM
15/Jan/15 4:48 AM
15/Jan/15 5:25 AM
Kathy, you must be dredging the easy's because I suddenly found I could answer your poozle!!!
15/Jan/15 5:26 AM
Morning all, clever cat.
I have been awake since 4am,gave up at 5:30 and here I am.
15/Jan/15 5:47 AM
Thank you for the Birthday wishes. We are going to the revolving restaurant in Centre Point Tower for lunch. Laura has promised to put the food on my plate for me. It is a buffet and you need two hands to hold a plate and collect food.
15/Jan/15 6:37 AM
It is nice to celebrate birthdays but I am not sure about the getting older bit.
15/Jan/15 6:38 AM
15/Jan/15 6:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! So sad. It looks like the cat lost that game.
15/Jan/15 7:05 AM
Cheer up Shiela. It was minus 26C here this morning.
15/Jan/15 7:06 AM
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