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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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5:29...Dont know you Lisa but good luck from the Pacific Northwest.....
Gee Thanx Billy's Daughter, I totally missed it.
now I can really see how slow I am, :o)
6:45 :o) I knew it, lol
Just warming up, the rain is good to have,
and Yomee lost her job. :o{
5.05, not bad for me!
Good luck Lisa! I have 2 boys, 5 and 6 1/2, they are great!
Thought you might beat Princess Mary to the finishing line. If you have a girl, she can marry him! :)
It is now taking longer to read all the chat than to do the puzzle (3:22 today). Welcome to the newcomers, hope we regularly hear from you.
The earth is doing weird things at the moment. We had another earthquake last night. This number is NOT the norm. Pakistan quake must have really upset the More...
funny how we get different pictures. my picture was the flag on the top of a tall ship?? How odd!
Lisa and Sheri, not trying to put you off. My 'cutie' is 21.
Not terribly impressed by the mast and flag photo - bit boring. Or was it taken by yesterday's pirates? That would be clever
1st time sudoku-er on the computer!
At last! Finished in under 4mins. Been doing these for a couple of weeks, and slowly getting better. Been reading the comments aswell,and would like to say hi to the world, and hope everyone is happy. :-)
3:30 .. is that good?
Sri from England - 3:30 is good if you want it to be! Did you enjoy doing the puzzle is more to the point.
Hello all. Lovly crisp sunny day here in this part of Scotland.Read all the comments before I did the puzzle.Nice to see everyone here,and in good form too.
I've tried logging on at start of Aussie day and always get 'service unavailable'.
Surprised not to see Billy's comment posted first.
Good for you Andre.Going to try the medium now.
3:44 - lame compared to some, even starting with the 9's (thanks for the tip Zann!). Jean from Christchurch, the picture seems to change several hours before the next day's puzzle comes up, so what you see depends on what time of the day you play. Yesterday there were about 250 comments on this More...
trying to work out the Aussie sense of humour eg of Ted S, Billy & Geoff from Dapto!
Hi everyone,
1st time chatter. When you all post your times, are you all doing easy, medium or hard. I have only just started & it still takes me forever to do easy.
Hi everyone!
Ted S- Maybe I should've introduced myself a bit better,I am a mother of 2 great kids and my name is Nicole but I hate the nick name Nicky so everyone calls me Nic.
Thanx for the hello Andre from England and Susan from Ingham,Aust!
Now I have to do todays sudokus
Does anyone else want to shoot that damned jiggling chicken on the right hand side?
Sonja from Sydney different comments for easy mediun hard and tough hope that helps
hi kel in live in bradley stoke

Oops.. pressed wrong key. Hi to Kel's mum & Billy's daughter. Nice to see families sudokuing together. Just on to commiserate with any Aussie rugby league supporters. Well done Kiwis (that hurt). Thank God for the cricket.
Made my first comment today and couldn't believe that the comment before mine was from jen in Melbourne - very flukey especially as i was going to use my full initials which are actually jen

Hi, it took 10 minutes for me
my fastest time 5.55.started with nines and worked backwards
6 mins 22 secs getting there
Billy i find if you boil the celery first...., Hi Billy's daughter, Hi JH and Ted,and all
14 time zones will i ever catch up on sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
No Time but fun
Finished in 2 minutes. I'm a pro and I'm only 13. I play all of time, that's why. I like this game. Well,it's just logic. I'm one of those smart kids in all the advanced classes. I use logic.
2:16. isn't lisa's child named liam. i thought we already established that. *baffled*
2.46 7th November 2006
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