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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Oct/09 7:23 AM
Devil my dear Angel, my mind is now fluffless but honed to a rather fetching pink soft pile, unlike my office which is filled with all sorts of interesting piles of paperwork waiting to be sorted/re-piled/shredded/re-read/re-filed...I am a hopeless messer to the extreme...would anyone care to be my slave housekeeper? I pay in chocolate...
15/Oct/09 7:33 AM
dark chocolate...
15/Oct/09 7:34 AM
I wonder if Kenny Rogers will be my slave? I could be his 'Lady'...
15/Oct/09 7:53 AM

Heed Mariane's words, Jane. Of course, a copy which is First Edition/First Printing Very Fine Condition (and maybe signed) is one thing, but a 2nd printing with age spots is usually worthless.

Take a look at these:
15/Oct/09 7:54 AM
André, the only thing that worries me about your office mess is that you think the piles of paperwork are interesting ...
15/Oct/09 7:55 AM
mariane...this might worry you more...I've just knitted a flower...for my daughter x
15/Oct/09 8:02 AM
Meanwhile, the mental picture of Judy's fluffy bits is disturbing!
15/Oct/09 8:20 AM
On the contrary - it fascinates me! Got a photo to show us?
15/Oct/09 8:32 AM
Today's is the best sudoku picture I have seen so far.
Keith: thanks for your song on U-Tube your page.
Very soothing.
Sorry can't do puzzles and posts properly - too busy - no time - and even less (therefore negative energy!!
Goodnight from the invisible man.
15/Oct/09 8:37 AM
2.33 May I ask? Who is Nal? Good evening.
15/Oct/09 9:47 AM
Genevieve, check the members list.
Nal is a wonderful lady who takes the most magical photos. You can check her photos on her page and possibly look at her flickr site.
15/Oct/09 9:51 AM
Thank you Victoria, that is kind of you to answer.
15/Oct/09 9:59 AM
2:00 Good Morning all.
15/Oct/09 10:15 AM

Jerry: From the Associated Press...

A surprising number of frail, elderly Americans in nursing homes are suffering from futile care at the end of their lives, two new federally funded studies reveal.

One found that putting nursing home residents with failing kidneys on dialysis More...
15/Oct/09 10:20 AM

I just folded a piece of paper in half eight times...

If I were a bit more muscular, it would have been 9.

15/Oct/09 11:05 AM

Any "broadsheet" will do...

15/Oct/09 11:17 AM


15/Oct/09 11:23 AM
André, you reminded me of a book I used to read to my younger son - "A Porcupine Named Fluffy" We used to giggle over the idea alone!
And yes, I have a fluffy pink blanket on my bed. I love to curl up in it because it's sooooo fuzzy wuzzy fluffy!
15/Oct/09 1:23 PM
Nal, absolutely breath taking!
15/Oct/09 1:27 PM
Hello everyone,Rola to your son Robert must take after his Mum. Looks like Nal's dragonfly is doing exercises, great photo. Judy enjoy your date with your son its true they get better with age like a good wine.
15/Oct/09 1:57 PM
Ian, Do you remember a movie called "They Shoot Horses Don't They? Hmmmmm.
15/Oct/09 3:05 PM
Good afternoon all.
I've just had some great news. I haven't been around in a few days because my sister was being operated on (Tues) to remove part of her bowel after cancer was detected in a routine Colonoscopy. The pathology results are back today and are clear, she doesn't even need Chemo. More...
15/Oct/09 3:09 PM
Excellent news Cynthia
15/Oct/09 3:22 PM
CynB, I really like your "I Love My Computer" smilie...
15/Oct/09 3:28 PM
Cynthia, that's wonderful news. It must be such a relief for your whole family.
15/Oct/09 3:32 PM
Couldn't be better, CynB. Good news for your whole family.
15/Oct/09 3:39 PM
Thanks everyone - we do have a very relieved family!
Jerry - feel free to copy the smilie, I don't mind.
Keith - love the avatar.
15/Oct/09 3:46 PM
Thanks. That was on a day I felt rather washed out.
15/Oct/09 4:00 PM
Thanks. I won't use it here, though...

Time for a nitecap, and I'm going horizontal.

Nite, all Y'all.
15/Oct/09 4:11 PM
That is a lovely photo nal, well up to your usual very high standards. Thank you for sharing it.
15/Oct/09 5:45 PM

Is it that time again?

15/Oct/09 7:45 PM
My kiddo is going to be a vampiress (at 7)! Last year she was a witch. Just bought some more decorations today. Halloween is only really beginning to take off in Sydney in the last couple of years ... lots more choice in the shops this year.
15/Oct/09 8:01 PM
CynB, that is excellent news. You must all be so relieved. Best wishes to your sister x
15/Oct/09 9:38 PM
Ian, I can't believe they even have a formula for the folding of paper. I wonder how long that to took to figure out, given they got it wrong?
15/Oct/09 9:40 PM
Congratulations to Robert, Rola.
15/Oct/09 9:53 PM
Wonderful news, Cyn!
15/Oct/09 9:54 PM
I am filling in time waiting for a cake to bake.
15/Oct/09 9:56 PM
It's a gluten-free mud cake (chocolate) for my No 1 daughter's birthday, which is on Monday.
15/Oct/09 9:57 PM
We are heading up to Sydney tomorrow to see The Mikado at the Opera House (never seen a performance there before). A leisure day on Saturday, then a picnic with the birthday girl, her hubby and the 2 grandsons before we head home Sunday afternoon.
15/Oct/09 9:59 PM
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