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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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15/Nov/16 12:02 AM
🌝 I think of those that travel to this site during the night- is the moon big in your neck of the woods?
15/Nov/16 12:09 AM

My apologies. I forgot all about posting the winners of the math/logic puzzle from last week.
There were at least two possible answers....23421314 - 41312432
Because Thanksgiving is fast approaching, Judy and Wombat receive the More...
15/Nov/16 12:57 AM
A quick Hi before Harry's PT
the sun is shinning brightly even though it is cool this morning
15/Nov/16 1:00 AM
Sunny & crisp... again!
I must say, it has been a beautiful Autumn around here.
15/Nov/16 1:09 AM
Hoping our New Zealand friends are okay...
15/Nov/16 1:20 AM
15/Nov/16 1:33 AM
Welcome to another new day - happy SUPERmoon-watching! Find it when it first appears - WOW!
15/Nov/16 1:53 AM
Good Maen, good people. The moon has been striking since it appeared this cycle as a sliver. I had thought it was just because its so rare In SW Michigan to have no clouds AND no leaves in the trees to block my view for a whole two weeks. The moon has even been visible during the daytime.
15/Nov/16 3:08 AM
15/Nov/16 3:49 AM
Yes, adding my concern for those affected by the quake & tsunami on south island NZ.
15/Nov/16 3:56 AM
Yes, Plum, it's the Supermoon!! The last time the moon was this close was in 1948! I wrote a letter to all the parents of my first grade students as homework to take their children outside to view it! Moonrise here is 5:30 PM, not late at all for bedtime.
15/Nov/16 3:59 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
15/Nov/16 3:59 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
15/Nov/16 6:06 AM
Glad I checked out the Supermoon last night (it was spectacular!). They are forecasting rain tonight.

I, too, add my thoughts and prayers for the New Zealand people. Some of the friendliest, most accommodating people I have ever met.
15/Nov/16 6:15 AM
Morning all, by the time the clouds cleared enough to see the moon it was looking normal. 😟
15/Nov/16 7:01 AM
Good morning.
15/Nov/16 7:49 AM
Only saw the Supermoon late last night.
15/Nov/16 7:51 AM
It looked like a lovely full moon but without something to reference it against, it was hard to judge the size.
15/Nov/16 7:53 AM
A day of chores awaits me today- yuk.
15/Nov/16 7:55 AM
The dust bunnies are revolting - I mean rebelling.
15/Nov/16 7:57 AM
15/Nov/16 7:57 AM
I am happy to say that i slept through the big earthquake. I live in Dunedin where several people felt the quake. There was a tsunami alert here and people along the road from here were evacuated. I didn't worry about that too much as they were evacuated to the Town Hall which is about a kilometer More...
15/Nov/16 8:03 AM
So glad to see that you are largely unaffected by the earthquake. My recall of Dunedin is of the sun setting at about 4 pm and not rising until about 8 am. The other striking thing was the strong Scottish heritage.
15/Nov/16 9:02 AM
Must have been here on the shortest day, Wombat! You are right about the very strong Scottish heritage. I was in Edinburgh last year and noted with great interest the same street names and buses heading off to suburbs with the same names as those here. I loved Edinburgh.
15/Nov/16 9:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! A nice day here.
15/Nov/16 9:21 AM
Mads. I didn't realize you were that close to the earthquake. I'm glad that you personally were not affected. A scary ad stressful situation for those that were I imagine. Take care and stay safe my friend.
15/Nov/16 9:24 AM
Glad to see that Mads is OK. Some footage on TV shows that there has been lots of slippage. In one case three cows are stranded on an island of grass about half the size of a tennis court and all around them has slipped away to a depth of about 5 or 6 meters. I think they'll need a chopper to rescue them.
15/Nov/16 10:43 AM
Breaking News: Update from Canada

The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week. The Republican presidential campaign is prompting an exodus among left-leaning Americans who fear they'll soon be required to hunt, pray, More...
15/Nov/16 12:05 PM
'After all, how many art-history majors does one country need?
15/Nov/16 12:07 PM
Oh, DoA - your 'red' side is taking control - tsk,tsk!
15/Nov/16 1:10 PM
15/Nov/16 1:51 PM
1:36 Good morning one and all!
15/Nov/16 2:06 PM
Night all. It's my bedtime again.
15/Nov/16 2:39 PM
DOA, a friend sent me that by email. Somebody was very creative, but only scratched the surface describing that lifestyle. It is worth sharing. Comic relief is currently in short supply.
15/Nov/16 4:36 PM

Glad to hear Mads isnt too affected by the earthquake, Im sure she will know others who are.

15/Nov/16 7:14 PM
Oh Jeb! How can you say comic relief is in short supply when you have Trump the man as President elect?
15/Nov/16 8:41 PM
Are you OK with the fires Anne?
15/Nov/16 9:28 PM
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