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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:35. Good Morning, all!
15/Nov/19 12:03 AM
2:13 Very slow tonight. I fell asleep watching T.V. so I think I'd better go to bed.
Good night all.
15/Nov/19 12:26 AM
15/Nov/19 1:29 AM
tom & HLt & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne!
15/Nov/19 2:02 AM
Good morning - the c-c-ccold is subsiding just a bit!
15/Nov/19 3:20 AM
Morning. Looks wintry out the window here.
15/Nov/19 3:54 AM
15/Nov/19 4:00 AM
15/Nov/19 4:01 AM
1:51! This time for some odd reason, I started in the middle with 6 to 9 then 1 to 5. Should do it more often!
15/Nov/19 4:06 AM
Thanks, for the tip, shosho. I shaved about a minute and a half off of my first solve time. 2:50. I, only rarely break three minutes.
15/Nov/19 4:48 AM
Hope your day has sunshine!
15/Nov/19 5:39 AM
Cute Wolfy beautiful kitten
We had a lovely medium schnauzer called 'Wolfy'
15/Nov/19 6:22 AM
1.25. My fastest in a very long time.
15/Nov/19 6:52 AM
Wolfy is an adorable kitten! I guess he's a big pussycat now.
15/Nov/19 6:54 AM
Morning all,Wolfy looks ready to pounce on someone.
We have a combination of smoke and fog this morning,need a breeze to clear the air.
15/Nov/19 7:04 AM
Just been to the dentist and now back home minus a tooth! First time I've ever had a painless extraction. Didn't realise that she'd actually removed it.
I should go back and have the rest done .....nah! Just kidding!
15/Nov/19 12:11 PM
Did you keep it for the tooth fairy Peter? You never know what reward you will get!
15/Nov/19 12:20 PM
Peter dabbling with the Tooth Fairy ... now THAT vision will burn your eyes out!
15/Nov/19 12:44 PM
Damn, Wombat, I didn't think of that.
When I did, I couldn't work out why the fairy didn't bring me sixpence instead of a penny. It was a lot smaller and not as heavy.
15/Nov/19 12:50 PM
Keep that dentist, Peter! There's still too many Jackboot Johnnies out there who think they should be paid ahead of your rent, and now they'll extract their dues in pain!
15/Nov/19 12:52 PM

Thursday 14th November.
Arachnid – Sitting around waiting for his clocks to cuckoo. Takes all kinds!
Tom – At Santa Barbara watching the forest people clean up.
Judy – With some good advice. We don’t see it often so take heed, Tom.
Mr Cee – Has More...
15/Nov/19 12:56 PM
15/Nov/19 5:25 PM
... 4½ hours later.
15/Nov/19 5:26 PM
Fierce wolf. Not.
15/Nov/19 5:32 PM
Sarah, In Australia it is not unusual to give people nicknames that focus on the opposite of some characteristic that is apparent, for example red heads are often called Blue, tall people are referred to as short and so on. Perhaps Wolf was name thus to reflect its real nature in reverse. or maybe to encourage it to be more aggressive.
15/Nov/19 6:32 PM
1:27. Good evening everyone.
15/Nov/19 8:36 PM

A blonde, brunette, and redhead were standing on the edge of the pool ready for the 100 yard breast stroke race...
The starter shot the pistol and the three dove into the water and began swimming.

A few minutes later, the brunette finished and More...
15/Nov/19 9:49 PM
15/Nov/19 10:10 PM
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