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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people
15/Mar/17 12:00 AM
For Keith and others: A Vowel Movement repost from last night plus an extra added in this morning. VMs 10, 12, 13 and 14 were solved yesterday, but if you don't peek back you can solve them again today.

VM9: fear of nature spirit
VM10: comfy crawler
VM11: stodgy escort
VM12: More...
15/Mar/17 12:05 AM
I'll give it a shot....

VM11 - square squire
VM16 - Maya mayo

I need to think about the other ones....
15/Mar/17 1:14 AM
Shall we give the VM's a little rest and try something different? It has NUMBERS, Judy!

The letters A through H can be assigned the following values to make all the equations true. Find the right combination of letter values.
Values: 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21

C + More...
15/Mar/17 1:55 AM
15/Mar/17 1:58 AM
Are you allowed a double vowel movement? If so, what about NOISY TIMEPIECE?
15/Mar/17 2:27 AM
This is the second time this has appeared as a ghost post. What is happening?
15/Mar/17 2:32 AM
15/Mar/17 3:06 AM
A double woohoo today!!!

15/Mar/17 3:07 AM
Got my fav post and broke my two minute barrier! 1:56
15/Mar/17 3:07 AM
Good afternoon while the east coast storm rages onward..

15/Mar/17 3:17 AM
On a tablet (or iPad), Wombat? Try deleting web locations you've visited, including Sudoku.com.au from your browser heading bar. You'll be draining less battery that way, too.
15/Mar/17 3:23 AM
To avoid ghost posts I try to close down browser tabs left open from before the site date switchover then open a new tab for a new day. If I don't the site wants to repost the last post I made from before the date switchover. I think the site's programming checks to see if the last post submitted is there on the current date that it's being asked to load, and if it's not it posts it.
15/Mar/17 3:42 AM
Yes, we are covered in ice right now. I would much prefer snow. Although, I must admit, the bare tree branches covered in ice are rather pretty. Of course, I don't have to go out and can admire them from my window. I sure wouldn't want to be driving in this!
15/Mar/17 4:10 AM
Happy Tuesday!
15/Mar/17 4:12 AM
What gorgeous birds! Wish I had them in my garden.
15/Mar/17 5:01 AM
15/Mar/17 6:13 AM
Morning all, this looks like June's back yard.
Regarding the ghost post, when on my iPad, when I open my browser and yesterday's sudoku is open it asks me if I want to submit again. I decline and then open the saved list and open the site again to the new day.
15/Mar/17 6:25 AM
I wonder if Serena knows Azariah's birthday is noted here today......
Happy 2 day to the birthday boy!

15/Mar/17 7:26 AM
Again, I seem to have come back at the right time.
15/Mar/17 7:28 AM
15/Mar/17 7:28 AM
15/Mar/17 7:28 AM
15/Mar/17 7:29 AM
1:16. Good morning everyone.
15/Mar/17 8:10 AM
Oooo - I'll bet HalT was trying...
15/Mar/17 8:54 AM
Not my backyard Amelia. I do get the crimson rosellas sometimes. We had lots of rain yesterday. I think you could probably almost swim in the back yard. We are at the top of a hill so it drains away quickly, thank goodness.
15/Mar/17 8:56 AM
15/Mar/17 10:24 AM
Well, I'll just post the answers to my two unsolved VMs. Thank you everyone for undertaking to solve my offerings. I'm glad I was able to post several solvable CMs. Lots of fun, Keith. Thanks for the VM 'shotgun' style poozle that allowed us to wear the hat of a wannabe enigmatologist.

VM9: fear of nature spirit = dryad dread
VM15: trough seller = manger monger
15/Mar/17 12:49 PM
OOO, Plum, dryad dread is fantastic! I am not surprised, though, that no one figured it out.
Even with more help than your fine clue, it is hard!
15/Mar/17 1:03 PM
Thanks, Sarah. These were truly the hardest because they are much less obvious. I picked them because changing the vowels changed how the rest of the letters are pronounced. I wanted to offer a harder, more challenging set to see how solvable they would be.
15/Mar/17 1:26 PM
15/Mar/17 1:34 PM
HalT is snoring. Someone needs to nudge him in the ribs and get him to roll over.
15/Mar/17 1:37 PM
Here are the answers to Monday's puzzle. A few people gave alternative answers, but in the end all of those who submitted did well. They were Peter, Hal, Judy, Sarah, Joyce, Amelia and Kathy.

LEAP -.-.-.- More...
15/Mar/17 2:27 PM
Thank everyone for the suggestions about ghost posts. They do seem to arise from posts on my iPad rather than my main machine.
15/Mar/17 2:29 PM
Those two were too hard for me Plum, and I add my congratulations to Sarah's. There are a couple that have been posted that need clearing up. I posted a couple that probably got lost in the crowd. Don't spend time on them if you haven't finished Kathy's poozle, today is her day, but here they are: SPREAD STALKS and FORMER MESSAGE.
15/Mar/17 2:49 PM
Ah. I was stuck incorrectly thinking BARGAINS = SALES and couldn't make the words to either side of SALES in the bottom half of the poozle work.
15/Mar/17 2:51 PM
Hal gave BATH SOUNDS as a clue and he had responses of SPLISH SPLASH and BUBBLE BABBLE, and I haven't seen a response from Hal.
15/Mar/17 2:55 PM
Good Afternoon all.
June, thought is was your backyard too.
15/Mar/17 4:09 PM
Good afternoon '
15/Mar/17 4:18 PM
15/Mar/17 4:19 PM
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