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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
article — ice sculpture
And here's today's factoid:
The praying mantis is the only animal on earth with only one ear.
15/Apr/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Of all the martial arts, karaoke inflicts the most pain.
15/Apr/14 12:00 AM
15/Apr/14 12:01 AM
No sunshine today.
So windy today you wouldn't even have to take a breath...
15/Apr/14 12:01 AM
Only one ear, Kayo???
I just bought an Easter basket toy that had rabbit ears on the top of its head.(It was a Sock Monkey.) The ear problem? Where it's 'real' ears were supposed to be attached was another rabbit ear on one side! So it had three rabbit ears and one monkey ear! So much for More...
15/Apr/14 12:14 AM
Good morning to all! I remember this photo. Is it one of Mo's early ones?
15/Apr/14 12:14 AM
The hat matches the dress.
15/Apr/14 12:16 AM
Answers for the ‘Only Ten Today’ puzzle:

1. events and vents
2. shell and hell
3. (Patrick) Ewing and Wing
4. spray and pray
5. thanks and (Tom) Hanks
6. glade and Glad
7. grasp and rasp
8. (Milburn) Stone and tone
9. elbow (pain) and blow (you can see why this one More...
15/Apr/14 12:20 AM

As the newest faculty member of the Advanced Materials Department of the College of Puzzleonia, you are in charge of examining new materials and sending them along to the appropriate department. One day you receive a piece of cloth exactly More...
15/Apr/14 12:24 AM
I have gotten the Medium & Hard puizzles back again - thanks to Gath's advice.

I lost my last wisdom tooth a couple of weeks ago. It was exactly one inch from tip to toe. I suppose that now I have no wisdom left.
I only have 7 teeth remaining (I can still count up to seven). The other More...
15/Apr/14 12:30 AM
Leave it to Ray to ''look on the bright side.''
15/Apr/14 1:19 AM
15/Apr/14 2:16 AM
I'll dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
15/Apr/14 2:55 AM
Good mAen, everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I know I'm not on here very often any more, but I still appreciate being remembered.
15/Apr/14 4:35 AM
Had a bleeding ulcer operated on a few days ago so am recuperating but it is a bit much for my 87 year old hubby and we have two stories so the stairs are a little much for both of us now. So I am getting on a plane in the morning and flying to North Carolina to let my kids wait on me. My doctor More...
15/Apr/14 5:12 AM
15/Apr/14 5:35 AM
Difficult times for you, Sandra. Sending positive thoughts your way for a safe journey to North Carolina, and uneventful recovery with the help of your kids.
15/Apr/14 5:35 AM
We are fairly close ...
15/Apr/14 5:36 AM
and I'm so tempted
15/Apr/14 5:36 AM
to go for it.
15/Apr/14 5:36 AM
Why not?
15/Apr/14 5:37 AM
15/Apr/14 5:37 AM
Morning all,yes Greg, I think you are right about this photo being one of Mo's.
15/Apr/14 6:19 AM
I'm not sure I like this retirement business, I should have checked the date a few days ago. It is my youngest 46th birthday today and her mother had forgotten.
15/Apr/14 6:25 AM
Well, Amelia, take him out to lunch or dinner and present him with a great gift!!! And tell him you had ordered this present online and the shipment was snagged so that's why you had to wait a bit!!!
15/Apr/14 7:09 AM
Hello Kayo - thanks for the daffies & factoids!
Hello everyone!
15/Apr/14 7:21 AM
Belated Stephanie!
hope tour day was full of wonderful surprises!
15/Apr/14 7:22 AM
Rayray my commiserations about the painful loss of your tooth!
15/Apr/14 7:24 AM
Sandra, you'll get well quickly in the arms of your family! Is your husband coming, too or is he minding the house?
15/Apr/14 7:26 AM

Beautiful Autumn day. I will however have to start airing the blankets soon, as it was a tad chilly this morning.
Amelia, tell her to join Sudoku, then the site will remind you.
15/Apr/14 7:27 AM
(or him)
15/Apr/14 7:28 AM
shosho are you suggesting a mother should lie to her children - shame, horror........... Not a bad idea though, if it'll be believed!
15/Apr/14 7:28 AM
That's a better idea, Grass-hopper!!
15/Apr/14 7:29 AM
The temperature in Alice Springs is supposed to be 36*C today - I think Jane & Sacky went a few days too soon!!!
Judging by the photos, I don't think i was too much of a problem, though!
15/Apr/14 7:32 AM
Off to do some jigsaw puzzles!
15/Apr/14 7:33 AM
i = it!!!
15/Apr/14 8:06 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
15/Apr/14 9:34 AM
15/Apr/14 9:38 AM
15/Apr/14 9:39 AM
Time for a...
15/Apr/14 9:39 AM
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