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Easy Sudoku for 15/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Gotta live in a large metro area for reliable public transport - our public transport doesn't even stretch to some areas, like between my mother's house and mine for instance - it's just not happening !!!!!!!... you DID ask !
3.33 My mum 70 & supremely competent driver, & not slow. Children 18 + 20 far too fast for own good. I know who I'd rather be in the car with. Onya Roger. My mum still able to make 4 hr drive to visit, no worries. Also agree with Jill ... bin there too!
On ya Jill, take heart they do grow up, and take over your car, then you all become part of the above moans !!
In the US, Social Security is said to run out in the next 20 to 30 years. The Democratic Congress in the mid sixties funded the war in Viet Nam and the war on poverty by borrowing money from the Social Security Fund at 0% interest. They also have allowed illegal immigrants to collect some social More...
Deb I think the movie is Logan's Run. That is where everyone over 30 is terminated. Maybe that is where some want us to go.
The young are always in a hurry (except to do work), the older you get the more you realize that it is the journey that counts, because you already been where your going.
Well, there you go. At last some real sense from the likes of the three kydneyed know-all. Just get them old farts off the road and into the stalag - sorry the old farts home. Don't let them get in the way of us having our good time though. Out of cars. They can get walking frames on the cheap! And keep them out of our hospitals. They should be reserved for the healthy!
Come on and on and on Baz!!!!
What did I do THIS time?????
I do agree that young drivers can be really stupid drivers and that the oldies can cause just as much havic on the roads. But then again thats not everyone. so i spose there isnt much that can be done about them because you would then be punishing the people who can drive sensibly. So its like a catch 22 situation. (if thats how you would put it)
Baz you made me laugh,with that expression..
you really have amazing sense of humor..
What about women in 4 wheel drives? Need I say more? I have yet to see a woman who can handle one safely.
hello anon g'morning from india..and welcome aboard for the day..
oh really?????????come to india..i'll show you what a safe driver i am..both two wheeler and four wheeler.
From... I don't know where you are from but I am an excellent driver (way better than my husband and probably you for that matter)and I drive a Jackaroo.
Do you know what my husband hates - when I do a reverse park. I get it in one every time and he always says 'I hate when you do that' and we all have a big laugh. Some of us women aren't bad drivers - no matter what you men think. Most of us spend a lot of time on the road, dropping kids off, More...
Just because people are older doesn't mean they're stupid and slow.
Just as because some other people are young doesn't mean they're bright and alert.

Discrimination based on age alone is subject to anti-discrimination legislation. It's not only wrong... it's illegal.

There are More...
Well said Victoria
i concur with victoria From Fernlands Qld
Much faster today starting with 9s than with 1s - even tho I had to move straight to 8s!

Happy Birthday Linda - hope you've been spoiled
I'm sorry to sound lecturing (above) but discrimination of any kind towards people makes me really cross.

Discrimination in choosing fine wine or chocolate on the other hand is perfectly understandable and reasonable!
2:56 Good maen everyone
Victoria I had a taxi driver a while back and I don't think he'd ever been behind the wheel of a car before...scarey...
Fraz, you jumped in tere - both tootsies too
A Northern Territory farm hand radios back to the farm manager;
> Boss, I gotta helluva problem here. I hit a pig with the Ute. The
> ok but he's stuck in the bull bar at the front of my Ute and is
> wriggling & squealing so much I cannot get him More...
Wow, aren't we loath to give up our gas guzzling killing machines. So many protests. So many insignificant little comments - how am I going to get to work? Hows me mum going to babysit? There are always other answers, you just have to think for yourself for a change. Having a driving licence is a More...
Are you trying to take the piss out of old Baz?
Privilege, right, what ever. You have a licence, you don't have a licence. Gas Guzzling killing machines, nothing to sensational there Beehive. Bloody hell, if you have a car and want to drive, drive carefully, if you don't like cars, walk everywhere. but leave me alone
pleeeeeeeeewwwwww (that's a written raspberry)

tee hee
For goodness sake beehive. Try working 50 kms away from home with no form of public transport (yes its like that in the country) going that direction and tell me how much sense your comment makes. Its not a matter of wanting to drive-the fuel prices are enough to curb that desire-its a non option.
Feel pretty stupid today the brain was in slow mode took me over 6 mins to do it today
the sudoku that is
Hey beehivie you could start by catching the bus from Geraldton to Perth. And stop speeding thru Muchea !!! Poisonally I think some of the worst drivers in the city are country drivers who seem to think they're still in a one horse town.
Hey roger i think you are pretty well right about country drivers
Touche Roger - I'll come and run you over in my 'cruiser.
Don't care Baz... tootsies... feet... boots and all

splashed about a bit too.... fun!
I'm teaching my daughter to drive at the moment.

seems 'playing chicken' with the learner driver is the game of choice among many others drivers at the moment

Fortunately she's wise to them
Must be a Melbourne thing !!
Is that wise, teaching your daughter to drive, and teaching her all your bad habits, that you probably aren't aware of. Leave it to the professionals.
You see, if fraz is anything like me, she doesn't have any bad habits to pass on to her daughter
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