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Easy Sudoku for 15/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yes I think you're probably right 'from'. We inadvertently teach our children about driving even when the're just passengers, and then compound it by teaching them to actually drive !!
Yvette From Rossendale, England:
Great little picture thingie, whatever you call it!!! It's great because it is also right side up!
2:51 for me this am! Happy first day of a new week...before Victoria Day weekend! (Can.) and Memorial Day for the US! (Do the other countries related to the Commonwealth celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday--or at least have a holiday weekend coming up??)
Australia celebrate's the Queen's birthday (Queen Elizabeth 11) on Monday 12th June.
Try again. 3rd effort to get this in - political corre tness. I do love it. It gives me hours of laughter. ACA tonight was going on about chalk boards in schools now, and how teachers now say good child instead of good boy or girl. What next, person-ho le s instead of man-h ol es, and God onknows what a Turn-c-o-ck wuld be refered as
Yay got there
hhhmmmm...just wondering if that is right? Queensland celebrates the Queen's birthday on Monday 12th June but not sure about the rest of the states of Australia. Maybe somebody else can answer that one.
hi fraz and vicki chk this
I tell you, women drivers are a hazard to traffic. Driving to work this morning on the freeway, I looked over to my left and there was a woman in a red Mustang doing 85 miles per hour with her face up next to her rear view mirror putting on her eyeliner!
I More...
Gee Baz that story wasn't on A Current Affair in Brisbane.
I agree with you though. Political correctness has gone mad.
Why the surprise? the inmates took over the asylum a long time ago.
Today tonight, they all are the same to me
What surprise from? Who got a surprise?
WA always celebrates the Queen's birthday in October - i think it's to space the public holidays out more.
Poor old Roger seems to be under the misapprehension that a trip through Muchea is a requirement during a trip to Perth. Gave that up years ago.
Baz, I suppose they might just call a turncóck a tap. Chríst knows what they would call a male bird tho.
When, when did they get a surprise
Why, why did they get a surprise, how, how did they get a surprise, which who? where? How did they - certainly not from your postings.
Hmmm, I seem to remember someone getting a speeding fine going thru Muchea !!
I think most people in Australia use the word rooster, American I know, but common useage.
I think this is why so many people triple their mortgage, sell any surplus children, and prostitute their great grannies - to send them to private schools where this nonsense doesn't happen. And before you all start, no I didn't go to one, and no I don't have any children , but if I do I will certainly be making the grand effort to send them to one.
Well, from, Answer me. What surprise, who got a surprise?? I know nobody would get one from my postings. That would go without saying. Oh! But you said it. Never mind, superfluous comments are your speciality!
Do they have to rename the pub 'Co ck and Bull'? The rooster and bull doesnt have the same ring.
Sarah, that is true, I did, my kids did, and look how fabulous we all turned out. I bet beehive did too
That's a good thing we can try on Friday. Silly Political Correctness. Has a nice ring to it - sorry circle to it
...and whats this about renaming the fairy penguin. What harm could it have done and why would anyone be affronted by it? Little penguin just doesnt do our little feathered friend justice.
Or our fairies for that matter
Oh as someone once posted - the dry Aussie wit!!!
Who was surprise? And why?
Why was surprise:and who?
Couldnt have said it better myself Baz. You make me laugh.
From, please, I can't stand it. Make sense, let me know who was surprised. Not that I am obsessive or anything. C'mon, tell me!
I understand your frustration to 'from' answer me. I have put a lot of questions to you Bazza which you mostly put in the too hard basket, or post some drivel which has nothing to do with anything at hand, - or at foot for that matter.
Victoria has a holiday to commemorate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on June 12th as well.
Righto who, you have my undivided attention, but make it quick, I'haven't got all night.
By the way, do you know From
Who and from, sounds like a match made in heaven
Attention span waining
or is that waning?
Nope. waned!!!!
Taking a guess after reading the back postings, Deb Brisbane '...Polictical correctness has gone mad' Next post, to incidentally no one, including you Baz was ' Why the surprise, the inmtes took over the asylum a long time ago' or something like that. Who gives a toss.
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