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Easy Sudoku for 15/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/May/15 12:04 AM
15/May/15 12:07 AM
I have ONE measly answer to yesterday's poozle.
15/May/15 12:08 AM
To heck with that....I'm posting it again.

What are the next letters in this sequence?


Answers to my ''C'mon, people!'' inbox, please!
15/May/15 12:10 AM
Surely you can squeak by with an answer!

Now I'm going to wait to see if Serena shows up. Nothing personal, but here's hoping she doesn't.
15/May/15 12:12 AM
Pizza love.
15/May/15 12:14 AM
Sorry to disappoint.
15/May/15 12:15 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/May/15 12:27 AM
To our now older friend.
15/May/15 12:28 AM
Serena, Serena, Serena.
We are going to give you an unintentionally complex.
Have you taken the suggestions?
To get K started, I got up and made domestic plans, starting with laundry. Got it all sorted and a load in the machine, and was on my way to tackle dust bunnies, when I ended up having to clean up a tidal wave of a leak. Just a suggestion to help things along.
15/May/15 12:33 AM
Just so you know, soon I will be retelling my coming into motherhood tales, not that I ever really stop, and I do not want to interfere with the joy of your celebration, with my really getting old stories.
15/May/15 12:36 AM
, y'all! Serena, I'm sure I'm not the only one who signs on at the turn of the day to see if you've posted - and hoping you haven't!
15/May/15 12:39 AM
With one of mine, I decided to paint the kitchen. Got part of one wall done. Hubby finished it all when we got home from the hospital....which, of course, was my plan all along.
15/May/15 12:44 AM
Oh, that was good, Kathy.
15/May/15 12:48 AM
That's downright diabolical.
15/May/15 12:56 AM
Seemed like it was time for a change.
15/May/15 12:57 AM
With my first, I stood up long enough to make a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies ... and after I had eaten three or four ... BLAM!!!
15/May/15 1:14 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.
15/May/15 1:36 AM
can understand why no comment was left with todays picture, might taste good but looks leave a lot to be desired.
15/May/15 1:37 AM
Close enough now. Thanks, Lizzy.
15/May/15 1:39 AM

With my second, I took the first one not quiet two on his first bus and train ride.....took all morning but No 2 wanted his 5 mins of fame and arrived later that afternoon.
15/May/15 1:39 AM
Anybody else coming along?
15/May/15 1:39 AM
Good race, Lizzy. Today, I was the lucky one.
15/May/15 1:41 AM

Good one Keith, share and share alike I say!!
15/May/15 1:49 AM
Lizzy, I thought it might have been a science project like a model or something... but those usually don't get baked!
15/May/15 2:44 AM
No baking or painting plans for me. We are still getting reorganized and settled from moving Elijah to the old computer room. You would think that would be big enough of a project to convince this baby to come.
15/May/15 3:00 AM
Lover's pizza, with each one, having their own side.
15/May/15 3:35 AM
That's what I thought, too, jacalmi.
15/May/15 4:24 AM
Good afternoon to all! Now that's a hearty-looking pizza!
15/May/15 5:26 AM
Lizzy, check your personal messages.
15/May/15 5:35 AM
Or maybe a 'broken heart'.
15/May/15 5:38 AM
Looking at today's photo, if you saw it in the street you'd step over it.
15/May/15 5:47 AM
1:47. Good morning all.
15/May/15 6:24 AM
LOL, Ian! I am cracking up here! I do believe that the unsightly green smear is pesto sauce, often used on pizzas here. My guess is that this pizza would taste pretty good!
15/May/15 6:26 AM
Morning all, I was thinking the green side was avocado .
Had a good laugh at Ian's comment.😄
15/May/15 7:24 AM
finally here
15/May/15 7:25 AM
Very day
15/May/15 7:26 AM
I have an excuse his name is Harry.
15/May/15 7:27 AM
Also thought it was funny that Serena popped in straight after Kathy's comment at the top.😄
15/May/15 7:32 AM
15/May/15 7:33 AM
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