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Easy Sudoku for 16/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Oct/16 12:00 AM
16/Oct/16 12:00 AM
Getting an early start on 22 this morning Keith 🐎
I'm watching the weather on the West coast! Heading to Oregon next week -
16/Oct/16 12:08 AM
Baking this weekend - my Portland son likes pumpkin - found a doughnut pan yesterday so going to try baked doughnuts
16/Oct/16 12:10 AM
16/Oct/16 12:30 AM
Happy Saturday!
16/Oct/16 1:35 AM
Tree, flowers, etc.
16/Oct/16 2:09 AM
Good morning to all! A fuzzy picture, but the trick for all of you is to find the cat that's in it.
16/Oct/16 2:10 AM
uno hu, I had to run yesterday so I missed your question. Yes, the Toronto Blue Jays are Canada's only major league baseball team. All other teams are based in the USA. Unfortunately, they lost their first playoff game yesterday, but there are more games to come so I'm hoping they start winning again.
16/Oct/16 2:15 AM
Getting #2 is a good start, mymare.
16/Oct/16 2:25 AM
Awake for the second time this morning, Keith?
16/Oct/16 2:28 AM
Thanks for that CG. I spose if I had thought about it a bit longer I could have asked Mr Google. He has all the answers.
16/Oct/16 3:03 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
16/Oct/16 3:55 AM
Lovely scene today. Lots of flowers.
16/Oct/16 5:31 AM
Morning all, I glad someone can see the photo today all I got was that there wasn't a caption for the pic.
16/Oct/16 5:59 AM
Aha ,clicked on solve easy and up came the pic, yes nice rose bushes in an overgrown garden.
16/Oct/16 6:04 AM
Good morning.
16/Oct/16 6:20 AM
A bit showery in Hobart this morning.
16/Oct/16 6:22 AM
Another day of sightseeing planned today.
16/Oct/16 6:23 AM
The female Factory - I still want to call it the Potato Factory which was the title of Bryce Courtenay's novel based on it.
16/Oct/16 6:26 AM
Then on to the brewery next door to do a tour..
16/Oct/16 6:28 AM
16/Oct/16 6:29 AM
And samples, CP, many samples.
16/Oct/16 6:51 AM
uno hu, The temperature isn't so much an issue as the rain. I've had enough, now, that the ground is becoming too soft to so operate machinery on. I don't really want ruts everywhere...
16/Oct/16 6:54 AM
Sen me you rainr please.
16/Oct/16 7:07 AM
Hi all,
Think I finally figured out how to create a 50x50 Avatar. Hope it shows when I click Submit!!
16/Oct/16 11:15 AM
So much for that!!
16/Oct/16 11:15 AM
Sorry, I'm late with a poozle today, but step-son is visiting.
Today's puzzle is a double I up and down puzzle. You start with the letter i and make an eight letter word, and then go back to I. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You More...
16/Oct/16 11:23 AM
Wombat, I think you left out a word between NUB and BE SEATED.
16/Oct/16 12:28 PM
Thanks Hal, I am very prone to mistakes, but I haven't left out a word, merely inserted an extra . and _ in front of nub. Are you going to post an answer?
16/Oct/16 1:24 PM
Right you are, Wombat. I've got part of it done. But it's getting late here. I'll try to finish it tomorrow morning.
16/Oct/16 1:33 PM
I've got part of it, too, but won't finish in the morning!
16/Oct/16 2:10 PM
The answer to Saturday's 26 - 2 puzzle is:
GALLOP - FAST CANTER (In Keith’s case that’s a GALLUMP)
16/Oct/16 3:32 PM
While doing poozles isn't compulsory, it is disappointing when so few respond to them. With Kathy and Joyce away this weekend I didn't expect a huge number of responses, but a few more would be nice.
I'm aware my puzzles are not error free, and that sometimes the difference between US English More...
16/Oct/16 3:45 PM
Hiya Wombat. Just as a matter of interest, do you create your own puzzles or do you, as I know others do, copy them from another website?
Kudos to you if they are original Wombat puzzle, (reflecting on it I suppose they are because of the deliberate errors that you put in to keep people on their More...
16/Oct/16 4:49 PM
I reckon 2 bobs worth is of higher value than 2 cents worth...
16/Oct/16 5:25 PM
Thanks uno who for your comments. I do appreciate the interest. All the puzzles I post are one's I've made up. Like you I appreciate the work of all those who post, most recently Serena and Kathy, previously Silvergal but like Greg, I enjoy making them up.
16/Oct/16 6:02 PM
At current conversion rates between AUD and USD its about 7 times the value.

For those who don't know and maybe interested, a bob was/is an Australian slang term for one shilling (it was written as 1/-), then became 10 cents when we converted to decimal currency on Valentine's Day in 1966.
Seems that it is unclear why it was called a 'bob'.
16/Oct/16 7:12 PM
Good evening. We have been away for a few days R & R. Only an hour and half drive North but enjoyed staying near the beach. I find the ocean so relaxing. We even saw some whales (at a distance) as they travel south for the summer. It was nice to stay in a nice motel with a very comfortable bed and not have to cook!
16/Oct/16 9:24 PM
Seeing we are at the bottom of the page............
16/Oct/16 9:25 PM
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