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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
16/Nov/14 12:00 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Confront: The chest of a prisoner.
Here's today's factoid:
Venezuela famously enjoys the cheapest gas in the world: At around 5 cents a gallon.
16/Nov/14 12:00 AM
Todays' factoid matches the picture/ Coincidence????
16/Nov/14 12:01 AM
1:32. How did you do that Kayo? Venezuela in the factoid and photo! Good night all.
16/Nov/14 12:03 AM
, y'all! Woke up to 29ºF this morning - very chilly for this time of year in SC. This is what we expect in Jan/Feb.
16/Nov/14 12:38 AM
CP, congrats on your retirement! (Yes, I read the posts made before the day's roll over.)
16/Nov/14 1:07 AM
On tap for today: Shopping with Silverteen - she mentioned that her sweaters are either too short or too tight. I agree, we've not updated her winter stuff for a while. Later on, joining a new dinner group with Scout friend of mine. Brazilian theme. Should be fun!
16/Nov/14 1:10 AM
Weekend rebus! Decipher the 10 below, answers to my 'Rebus - The Sequel' inbox.




cof ~ fee


i right i

[ jack ]


b    e    d

16/Nov/14 1:12 AM
Morning all. Wet here, but not all that cold.
16/Nov/14 1:42 AM
16/Nov/14 1:55 AM
Good morning to all! Another Venezuela photo.
16/Nov/14 2:33 AM

on your retirement, CP!
Enjoy every minute!
16/Nov/14 2:54 AM
Slow puzzle day for me. I just couldn't focus on it.
16/Nov/14 3:13 AM

1) dog + ma = dogma
2) now + here = nowhere
3) must + ache = mustache
4) pig + eon = pigeon

In the all girls today we have Kathy, Judy, and Joyce. Mustaches for everyone.
16/Nov/14 3:18 AM
I just went back to catch up on yesterday's comments after I went to bed. CP did indeed ''hang up her catcher's mitt.'' I'm in agreement about the stress level of work. I had myself convinced that I wasn't under a lot of stress, because I loved my job, but I was amazed after I retired, at how much More...
16/Nov/14 3:20 AM
Just have to say, Silvergal, 'tight sweaters' aren't necessarily bad. (Depending on ones point of view.)
16/Nov/14 3:33 AM
LOL! As the mom, DoA, I'd prefer her wearing a canvas sack! Nah, I'm not 'that' mom. She likes feeling buried in looser sweaters, and she's just grown too much.
16/Nov/14 3:41 AM
Apparently I'm overthinking Serena's puzzle of that type. Got 'dogma', but nothing else!
16/Nov/14 3:41 AM
thx for not jumping down my chauvinist throat.
16/Nov/14 3:43 AM
16/Nov/14 3:49 AM
16/Nov/14 4:04 AM
Sunrise, or sunset, a very lovely photo today.
16/Nov/14 4:33 AM
... & I just missed it.
16/Nov/14 4:38 AM
KEITH!!! And here I bowed out waiting for you!!!
16/Nov/14 5:50 AM
I was only 5 minutes slow getting back. A fella has to get some breakfast sometime.
16/Nov/14 6:20 AM
Eat faster next time.
16/Nov/14 6:38 AM
Morning all,much prefer this photo to yesterday's.
Congratulations on your retirement,CP.
16/Nov/14 6:59 AM
16/Nov/14 7:02 AM
Thanks for the retirement wishes, everyone.
16/Nov/14 8:27 AM
I'm happy with my decision.
16/Nov/14 8:28 AM
Though I miss my colleagues a lot.
16/Nov/14 8:29 AM
Still, there are coffee mornings and lunches.
16/Nov/14 8:29 AM
I do miss my involvement with the birthing women too.
16/Nov/14 8:30 AM
But the price to pay for staying frt the two reasons above was just too high.
16/Nov/14 8:32 AM
frt = for
16/Nov/14 8:33 AM
Welcome to my world! Don't worry the grandies will fill your days and if you're like me volunteering comes in handy. You can't travel all the time, too much money needed, and home is a comfortable change!
16/Nov/14 10:14 AM
Besides now I can race to the bottom of the page and to the next!!!
16/Nov/14 10:15 AM
Getting there . . .
16/Nov/14 10:15 AM
hmmm . . .
16/Nov/14 10:15 AM
16/Nov/14 10:15 AM
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