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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Greet the Ides of November in America.
16/Nov/15 12:06 AM
I guess Sunday night at midnight is not a good time in Australia!
16/Nov/15 12:23 AM

Its a great time Wolf!!! only 6 more hours of work til my weekend (my days off are Monday and Tuesday to save anyone wondering)
16/Nov/15 12:37 AM
After 36 minutes I'm still alone?
16/Nov/15 12:37 AM
OK, I feel better now - it's lonely here without company.
16/Nov/15 12:39 AM
Next February my wife and I will be flying (non-stop!) from Dallas to Sydney to take a week tour of Australia followed by a cruise around New Zealand. Since Gosford is less than 50 miles from Sydney, we'll probably fly right over you.
16/Nov/15 12:44 AM

More than likely!! Let us know when you are calling by Sydney would be nice to get a get together organised to meet and greet you and your wife.
16/Nov/15 12:46 AM
Good morning.
16/Nov/15 1:02 AM
Yes, Wolf - a Sudoku get together would be great.
16/Nov/15 1:03 AM
what excuse do you have for being here at this time CP? (not that Im complaining !)
16/Nov/15 1:03 AM
Where are you going on your 1 week tour?
16/Nov/15 1:04 AM
Woke up and couln't get back to sleep, Lizzy.
16/Nov/15 1:05 AM
Did all the right things - no nana nap, went to bed late (I did fall asleep in front of Doctor Who though. Sorry Whovians!
16/Nov/15 1:07 AM
Quiet at work, Lizzy?
16/Nov/15 1:09 AM
Off to check my emails. Lovely picture today, eh?
16/Nov/15 1:11 AM

Not at the right time CP!!!

16/Nov/15 1:17 AM
16/Nov/15 2:12 AM
That's alright, CP. I fell asleep part way into Dr Who, too. Now I'm going to watch it on Hulu to figure out what happened! Ack! The camera activity was so confusing with the disconjointed plot (due to my inadvertent nap).
16/Nov/15 2:16 AM
Ever have a conversation in your head using words naturally but after typing it down, those words become suspect? Had to look up two of my words only to find I had used them correctly!
16/Nov/15 2:19 AM
Doesn't appear that our poser with statues is not awake yet . . .
16/Nov/15 2:20 AM
Wonder if I should help him out???
16/Nov/15 2:20 AM
I dood it! I dedicate this post to Keith!!! 22!
16/Nov/15 2:20 AM
Now that I've done my job and did a CP, I shall do something constructive!
16/Nov/15 2:21 AM
I'm up but by choice. Watching the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Go Daniel Ricciardo, even though he's having to start from near the back of the grid.
16/Nov/15 3:04 AM
''Brazilian Grand Prix'' ... is that a waxing contest?
16/Nov/15 3:08 AM
Lovely sailboat photo today.
16/Nov/15 3:59 AM

Judy - I just love your sense of humor!
16/Nov/15 4:06 AM
I'll give you all 5 hours heads-up to get here for dinner today. I'm making a high temp pork roast. It has a wonderful herb rub on it - fresh rosemary, oregano, sage and parsley with a little dried caraway seed in some olive oil. Cook at 500F for 20-25 minutes, turn over and cook for another More...
16/Nov/15 4:11 AM
is all I can say Dottie.......enjoy
16/Nov/15 4:22 AM
I'm within the 5 hour range, but I'm allergic to sage. Sorry, Dottie. Won't be there.
16/Nov/15 5:17 AM

Good to see Judy and Peter cheering Daniel on as he waxes.

That sounds good, Dottie. I will add a pork roast to my grocery list and give it a try. Thanks for the recipe!
16/Nov/15 5:54 AM
Morning all, lovely sailboat with the pink backdrop.
16/Nov/15 5:55 AM
I'll tell Bill he wasn't the only one to nod off watching Dr Who last night!🤗
16/Nov/15 5:59 AM
I have a small upright freezer that takes the over-flow from my kitchen fridge/freezer. Unfortunately, the small freezers are not self defrosting. We were going to replace it with a medium sized upright freezer, but, couldn't find THAT size with self-defrost. It seems only the full sized freezers have that capability. So, I am off to defrost! A hair dryer is involved.
16/Nov/15 6:02 AM
Yes. I do unplug it.
16/Nov/15 6:03 AM
Come rain ,hail or shine I'll make sure Febuary is free !
Wolf,it would be great to meet you and your wife.
16/Nov/15 6:10 AM
There was a nodder offer in our house too during Dr. Who, last night. (and it wasn't me!)
16/Nov/15 7:21 AM
I'm off - enjoy your day folks. Hubby is ultra keen to get this boat on the water and its not even 7:30.
16/Nov/15 7:23 AM
Jane and Sacky will also be in Sydney staying with me in February 26 till 1 March. We could be having a couple of gatherings, depending when Wolf will be here.
16/Nov/15 7:24 AM
CP, I had Laura my grand daughter for the weekend. Although she is now 10 I was worn out and slept 10 hours straight last night!
16/Nov/15 7:26 AM
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