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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates, no daffynition or factoid today. Instead let's take time to mourn yesterday's tragic loss in Connecticut.
16/Dec/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen!
16/Dec/12 12:00 AM
Lovely sentiment, Kayo. Indeed a tragedy. Prayers going out to all those affected.
16/Dec/12 12:01 AM
Hope no one is waiting for me to claim #5.
16/Dec/12 12:05 AM
16/Dec/12 12:05 AM
You doodit.
16/Dec/12 12:12 AM
We're at Oak Alley, first stop up from New Orleans.
16/Dec/12 12:14 AM
Holiday with the family, Keith?
16/Dec/12 12:16 AM
Kate - you are on the water a lot...must love it!
16/Dec/12 12:19 AM
When I think of what happened to those little innocents I either stop breathing or I want to throw up. I can't even imagine what those parents and their community are going through. There are no words...
16/Dec/12 12:39 AM
No, Vici, we are on another short paddle wheel cruise.

I am so tired of and sickened by the gun violence in my country. It makes me ashamed that we can't figure out a way to make it stop.
16/Dec/12 12:59 AM
[GoodMaen1.JPG) If only it could be a happy new day. Kayo, thank you. That is the best idea. I am way too sad to even comment about the death of those children and adults. I also have some physical problems I have to deal with and personal problems I must work through and family problems that More...
16/Dec/12 1:00 AM
'If someone somuch as harms a hair on the head of one of these little ones, it would be better for that person if he had never been born'.
16/Dec/12 1:03 AM
Good morning y'all. Sadly, it's not just gun violence, but violence in all forms, and not just in this country. Randy Cassingham puts it in a bit more perspective in his blog. I suggest spending a few minutes reading it.


16/Dec/12 1:27 AM
A nice calm harbor in today's picture. I think it's something we all need, figuratively, right about now. I can't stop thinking about those little children.
16/Dec/12 2:10 AM
Although I agree with the blog you referenced Captain J, it doesn't make me think I should change a word of my previous statement.
16/Dec/12 2:25 AM
Your comment is spot on, Keith. I, too, wish we could find a way to make it stop.
16/Dec/12 2:29 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Dec/12 2:39 AM
Cat Herder's Day
16/Dec/12 2:40 AM
Just the right day for Vici and Keith. (I know how much he likes cats).
16/Dec/12 2:43 AM
I have lots of cats, but not enough time to round them up today, I will try to change them periodically, through out the day.
16/Dec/12 2:45 AM
But I do have time to take Keith's number.
16/Dec/12 2:46 AM
I am too sad to comment on the photo today. I think everyone in the world is feeling sad, and helpless today.
16/Dec/12 2:51 AM
Cat Herders Day????? Really????
16/Dec/12 2:54 AM
16/Dec/12 3:04 AM
Karen, Give it a miss today.
16/Dec/12 3:07 AM
Neil - I agree. Karen, I would think you, of all people, having two young daughters, would show some sympathy for the families whose children have been killed so mercilessly. How can you make silly comments about cats on a day like today when all Americans are in mourning?
16/Dec/12 3:21 AM
I, too, am filled with sadness today. Keith, I feel the same way. I have never felt so helpless and hopeless.
No puzzle today.
16/Dec/12 3:23 AM
What would you suggest I do, Kathy.
Sit hear and mourn for their pecious lives, that no matter how hard I try, I cannot bring them back. I can only pray, that somehow, these families can find some type of peace, in their loss and to continue to live.
No, I am still living and I have the honor More...
16/Dec/12 3:34 AM
I am about to become very unpopular. First, take note that I am posting in Jerry's other.

I was a little disappointed that Kayo did not post her usual comments. After I wrote this I went back and realized that Kathy is taking a hiatus with her poozle as well. I was pleased the Karen did More...
16/Dec/12 3:42 AM
I like how you said that Serena. You did good.
16/Dec/12 3:58 AM
I am going to continue with my 12 days of Christmas questions. Respond or don't as you see fit.

Today I am looking for personal Christmas Trivia.

When I wrap my husband's presents, I always make sure each gift has something different for the to and from tags. I use nick names, More...
16/Dec/12 4:17 AM
Well said, Serena. I believe we need to mourn, yes, but we still need to treasure life to it's fullest, and celebrate it. It's too precious to let the sickos and terrorists win by dampening our lives even more.
16/Dec/12 4:20 AM
If it had happened you or your children, how would you feel? - Life goes on?
16/Dec/12 4:20 AM
Neil - maybe you should give it a rest. We DON'T need conflict over who grieves better.
16/Dec/12 4:23 AM
Neil, the only people who can answer that are those that have lost children. That's something I would wish on nobody. You never heal.
16/Dec/12 4:34 AM
Hello, everyone.
I came on this site already drying the tears off my face after reading a Christmas card from one of my former students. She had lost her baby. But she still wrote me a letter to greet me with the holiday cheer. She tried but I could feel the hurt within me.
16/Dec/12 4:51 AM
We would never trivialize the horror in Connecticut. Still I feel the tears overflowing my eyes. I have never lost a child but thought I came close many times while my son was deployed. But I have had students who lost their parent while I was their teacher and cried with them at the funeral.
16/Dec/12 4:55 AM
16/Dec/12 4:55 AM
I have lost a child, my only one. It's a nightmare that never ends, but still, we need to keep from letting the bad destroy us.
16/Dec/12 4:57 AM
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