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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.
16/Dec/13 12:00 AM
Why not?
16/Dec/13 12:02 AM
Good morning to all! Lot's of snow here since last night, and much more to come through the day. Snowbound in Ottawa!
16/Dec/13 12:07 AM
Answers to the ‘Christmas is coming’ puzzle:
1. Hazel and haze
2. Flower and lower
3. china and chin
4. dream and ream
5. tiger and Tige
6. cheat and Heat
7. drain and Rain
8. worthy and Worth (River)
9. Riley and rile
10. Boomers and boomer

First in, Mr Cee. More...
16/Dec/13 12:07 AM
Gee, Neil's put me under pressure now and I can't decide. Aaaaargh !!!!
16/Dec/13 12:08 AM
You folks are too good. I'm running out of gold stars. I'll have to start sending you snowflakes!
16/Dec/13 12:08 AM
For you Neil and Doug....
16/Dec/13 12:09 AM
16/Dec/13 12:11 AM
Good one CG.

How bad is the snow? Do you get snowed in or doesn't it get that bad?
16/Dec/13 12:11 AM
Your Sunday/Monday puzzle. Have fun!

1. An intertwined mass or a snarl-> a figure formed by two lines that share a common endpoint
2. What all children look for under the Christmas tree-> to feel offended by or feel bitter
3. Something that is far away in time-> ham it up or More...
16/Dec/13 12:12 AM
Doug, we have gotten about 23 Cm. so far, but this is Ottawa and we're well-prepared to deal with it unlike some major cities to the south of us.
16/Dec/13 12:14 AM
I've still got some Mad Magazines from the 1960s. I wonder if they would be worth anything now? They are a bit dog eared.
16/Dec/13 12:14 AM
CG, you are right regarding snow. I just looked up Google Maps and Florida is south of Ottawa. Those guys would probably be totally ill prepared for a decent snow storm.
16/Dec/13 12:18 AM
Cute dog! This site has really gone to the dogs lately, which is a good thing.
16/Dec/13 1:54 AM
He either doesn't like wearing a hat, or he doesn't like Christmas.
16/Dec/13 2:16 AM
Yes Doug W, Florida is south of Ottawa. We had about a 1/4 inch of snow in the very northern part of the stste about five years ago so the orange groves were dotted with smoke pots, so we're all prepared for snow.
16/Dec/13 2:30 AM

Um...I don't think that bonus question could get much easier, Greg.
16/Dec/13 3:04 AM

I thought that too Kathy, then didnt write it down on my piece of paper to send to Greg !!
16/Dec/13 3:14 AM
What a cute dog today, all Santaed up for Christmas.
16/Dec/13 3:30 AM
Happy Sunday!
16/Dec/13 3:30 AM
The bonus question is a real stumper, Greg.
16/Dec/13 3:36 AM
16/Dec/13 3:38 AM
The bonus question was/is just for fun folks!
16/Dec/13 4:15 AM
Check out this corporate Christmas spirit and a great promotional stunt.
http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/WestJet+viral+video+Christmas+that+keeps+giving+airline/9 279489/story.html
16/Dec/13 4:16 AM
Sorry folks. That link doesn't work anymore. The article is too old.
16/Dec/13 4:18 AM
16/Dec/13 4:19 AM
Got so carried away by the puzzle and CG's puzzle, I forgot to say hello!
16/Dec/13 4:20 AM
Today the teachers for whom I have volunteered to teach science, decided that they wanted to take me out to lunch. We're going to a Korean barbaque! This should be interesting. A Japanese teacher and a Polynesian teacher taking me to a Korean restaurant! Well it's all in the Pacific!
16/Dec/13 4:23 AM
Try this to watch the video of the WestJet Christmas surprise:
http://unlooker.com/airline-pulls-amazing-christmas-stunt-passengers/?fb_action_ids=10201 126621910133&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B468882463221703 %5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D
16/Dec/13 4:56 AM
Kathy, that's the article I was trying to post, and I can't get your link to open either.
16/Dec/13 5:01 AM
Sorry I forgot to say

Peter, December 15 is also the date of our firstborn's birthday. She turns 45 today! Yikes, that makes me feel SO old. But not as old as you, since you have a 50 year old!
16/Dec/13 5:04 AM
Well, I opened the link and WHOA!!! I think my next flight will be with WestJet!
16/Dec/13 5:11 AM
Sorry, Greg. When I copy & paste it pulls right up. Was your version set to revised wording of ''Twas the Night Before Christmas''? It was so heartwarming to see the smiles (and some tears)on all those faces, especially the couple who got the 50'' TV!!!
16/Dec/13 5:14 AM
Happy birthday Amy!!!
Kathy, my firstborn turned 41 this year and finally became a father as well! Okay so he's a late bloomer!
16/Dec/13 5:15 AM
RIP, Peter O'Toole - 81
16/Dec/13 5:41 AM
My favourite actor, Peter O'Toole. RIP.
16/Dec/13 6:04 AM
Morning all,even the dogs have their own santa,a cute one too.
16/Dec/13 6:06 AM
I just tried Kathy's link and it works for me, I have seen it before and loved it.
16/Dec/13 6:10 AM
R.I.P. Peter O'Toole,you gave us many years of enjoyment.
16/Dec/13 6:12 AM
16/Dec/13 6:12 AM
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