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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Cleftomaniac: Low-neckline wearer.
Here's today's factoid:
You are completely blind for about 40 minutes a day. When your eyes move, your brain purposely blocks your vision, which is why you can't see the motion of your own eyes in a mirror. It's More...
16/Dec/14 12:00 AM
, y'all! I like today's Factoid, a natural 'stability control'. Just shows how amazing our bodies/brains are.

Here's an interesting link on how our brain messes with us, or protects us as the case may be.... http://www.cracked.com/article_17103_5-ways-your-brain-messing-with-your-head.html
16/Dec/14 12:11 AM
I'm still taking answers on the weekend rebus puzzle. I guess I wasn't the only busy one this weekend!
16/Dec/14 12:12 AM
I thought a Cleftomaniac was a Low-neckline looker!
16/Dec/14 12:12 AM
As usual, before the main flight of the year, Santa Claus is forced to have an official from the Aviation Authority check his sleigh to make sure it’s airworthy.

The official checks the sleigh on the ground and then asks Santa Claus for a test flight – as soon as he gets his testing More...
16/Dec/14 12:12 AM
Just dropping by to get onto the first page to say hello to you all..
Fascinating Kayo.. as per usual...
Time for bed.
It's been an exhausting day. G'nite all
16/Dec/14 12:22 AM

Let me guess: The Spirit Tasmania?
16/Dec/14 12:47 AM
Good from Texas!
16/Dec/14 12:50 AM
I guess today must be double good?! Not bad for a Monday with final exams.
16/Dec/14 12:51 AM
I had a student walk in this morning before school.
Student - 'Mr. Bassett, can you tell me when our final exam is going to be.'
Me - 'Today!'
Student - looked very unhappy!
I wonder where he has been the last two weeks?! I certainly didn't wake up this weekend and decide to give our final exam today!
And these are the advanced math kids - taking geometry two years early.
16/Dec/14 1:26 AM
Why not?
16/Dec/14 1:26 AM
CP? And off to shuffle papers.
16/Dec/14 1:27 AM
Big boat.
16/Dec/14 1:45 AM

Last vacation, my cousin came over to stay at my home. We made the most of her stay at my place... and I even earned a few chocolates.

Everyday, we would play a game of chess. Whoever lost the game owed a chocolate to the other. More...
16/Dec/14 1:49 AM
Drear-y today! Very dreary!
A trade-off for being milder than usual, I guess.
16/Dec/14 2:27 AM
Shiela - my daughter from Minnesota sent a picture that all the snow they had was melted - now they just have mud. This is her first full winter there, but she has gotten the impression that their winter is starting a little slowly.
16/Dec/14 2:36 AM

Thoughts and prayers with all involved with the hostage situation.

16/Dec/14 2:57 AM
Somebody's got to fill us in on the Tasmanian cruise ship.
16/Dec/14 3:05 AM
Shiela, did I miss your posting of hubby sweater pics?
16/Dec/14 3:06 AM
I can't stop here.
16/Dec/14 3:06 AM
Anybody ...?
16/Dec/14 3:06 AM
16/Dec/14 3:06 AM
Maybe I'll put my Santa hat back on.
16/Dec/14 3:08 AM
The hostage situation in Sydney is over. Police stormed the building. Several people were hurt but no news how serious or what happened to the hostage taker. He was however identified as (GET THIS) an Iranian who had been granted political asylum in1996. What a way to treat a country that granted him life and freedom.
16/Dec/14 3:10 AM
I just read the latest as well. Reports of injuries, the fatalities seem to be speculation. The criminal who perpetrated this already had prior convictions: accessory in murder of his ex-wife and a sexual assault. He was out on bail. An all-round loser.
16/Dec/14 3:16 AM
Update: Hubby got second place in the 'Most Creative' catagory of the Ugly Christmat Sweater contst. The winner wore raindeer antlers & a Rudolf nose in addition to her sweater.
Alas, Keith, I do not know how to put photos on my computer, let alone transfer them to a web site.
16/Dec/14 3:24 AM
Christmat = Christmas
16/Dec/14 3:32 AM
Thank you for the updates on the hostage situation in Sydney.
16/Dec/14 3:35 AM
I was just watching live coverage from Sydney. They are saying 2 people are dead, a hostage and the gunman. One woman was admitted to a hospital with a gunshot wound. This is what was reported on the news.
What a horrible situation. Prayers from me, Australia.
16/Dec/14 3:41 AM
Greg, reminds me of the Boston Marathon perps. Live, work, get educated in a a country where they are free, and with that freedom and education the best they can do is kill people.

I will never understand the mind of a criminal/terrorist. Doesn't matter if they come into a country or are home grown like the worthless thugs who gun down movie goers.
16/Dec/14 4:31 AM
Great photo! The Spirit of Tasmania really stands out in this pic, with the red colour.
16/Dec/14 5:27 AM
Oh, is THAT the name of the ship?
16/Dec/14 6:03 AM
The Spirit of Tasmania is transport between Melbourne and Davenport, Tasmania. Carries passengers and their vehicles. It did travel from Sydney as well some years ago.
16/Dec/14 6:06 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
16/Dec/14 6:58 AM
Karen, I changed my page just for you. You should check it out if you are still around reading, and not posting, but not really lurking.

Anyone else can check it out as well.
16/Dec/14 7:05 AM
16/Dec/14 7:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've seen this photo before. I wish I was on it right now.
16/Dec/14 7:36 AM
I'm glad the mess in Sydney is over for now, but I feel for all those who were affected by this act of cowardice. Stay strong!
16/Dec/14 7:37 AM
It's been fairly mild so far this winter. A welcome change from last year. I hope it continues.
16/Dec/14 7:38 AM
Well, since I'm down here....
16/Dec/14 7:39 AM
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