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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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16/Feb/15 6:59 AM
Yhat's all from me. Cya l8r.
16/Feb/15 7:00 AM
16/Feb/15 7:27 AM
16/Feb/15 7:36 AM
The weather is going crazy again. We were 70+ yesterday now we are almost 35 for the day. Even expecting snow tonight. This will be the first of the year.
16/Feb/15 7:52 AM
Good Afternoon to all! This has got to be one of Nal's photos. I have always admired the patience she must have in waiting for the prefect photo shoot.
16/Feb/15 8:04 AM
Reddest Dragonfly I've ever seen! Great picture!
16/Feb/15 8:29 AM
all. Back home from Charlotte.
16/Feb/15 8:37 AM
But no one cares.
16/Feb/15 1:02 PM
16/Feb/15 1:02 PM
I'm sure that Charlotte is very happy, Hal ...
16/Feb/15 2:37 PM
Good afternoon. A bit hot and humid. Thank goodness for the AC.
Pleased that you are home safe HalT.
We had some red dragonflies in the back yard last week. They were smaller than this one.
16/Feb/15 3:42 PM
2:05 Good afternoon one and all!

Had a wonderful time yesterday. Went on a local river cruise. It took us to a winery for wine tasting, then we stopped at the river's edge and had damper and billy tea, then had a horse and buggy ride before returning on the river boat.
When we landed we More...
16/Feb/15 5:10 PM
Poor Hal! No one cares about him.
16/Feb/15 5:12 PM
Anne,That sounds like a great day out.
16/Feb/15 10:58 PM
Sure was, June. Even the weather was perfect. But there again, it's so long since we've seen rain down here on the south coast, it's unbelievable. People up country used to say, 'don't go to Albany in the summer because it always rains.' It hasn't this year.
16/Feb/15 11:06 PM
Anne sent me to Google:
Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread prepared by swagmen, drovers, stockmen and ...

Damper Bread made from flour and water - usually in the bush.

a simple usually unleavened bread of a kind made originally in the Australian bush.
17/Feb/15 8:33 PM
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