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Easy Sudoku for 16/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone.
16/Mar/14 12:00 AM
1:42, with a couple of mouse errors (I need a new one!) Good night all.
16/Mar/14 12:02 AM
Good morning to all! At least he's got clean teeth.
16/Mar/14 12:09 AM
For your Saturday/Sunday puzzle pleasure:

1. The champion or victor in a competition –> spiritual or emotional strength is this
2. A team of animals used to pull loads –> a pontoon or barge
3. Author of the children’s book ‘It’s Okay to Be Different’ –> strange or peculiar in More...
16/Mar/14 12:11 AM
Good Maen. Got distracted.
16/Mar/14 12:15 AM
16/Mar/14 12:21 AM
Answers to yesterday’s disemboweler:

1. Throng, thong, Tong, tog
2. Phone, pone, Poe
3. Canyon, canon, cann, can
4. Blind, bind, bid
5. Throne, throe, Troe, toe

Comment of the day: Shiela: “For some reason, I kept thinking of Karl Malden today!” And someone (I lost the More...
16/Mar/14 12:37 AM
I don't think it's funny. Seem fairly normal to me.
16/Mar/14 12:39 AM
Shosho, I'm really wasn't trying to get your number.
16/Mar/14 12:40 AM
Little boy is 5 today. For some reason 5 is hard for me. I think it's because 5 seems like a definite he's growing up point. I have read him the messages that are posted on his page. He loves them all. If I get him to slow down today, we'll post a reply. I'm not sure how much I'll be around More...
16/Mar/14 12:45 AM
Wishing your 'big' guy a very happy birthday, Serena!
May your day be funfilled from start to finish!
(Make a wish and blow out your candles!)
16/Mar/14 12:58 AM
Five is a great age to be.
16/Mar/14 1:17 AM
Sunday 30th. is when Sydney will Meet and Greet Jane and Kathy at my place for lunch. Please contact me by PM for details if you would like to join us all.
16/Mar/14 1:41 AM

I sure wish I could, June. As, I imagine, everyone on this site does!
16/Mar/14 1:46 AM
Today is relatively warm, maybe a high of 60 degrees. BUT, tomorrow the temps plummet and we can expect the delightful combo of snow/sleet. Or, as I refer to it, ''sneet''. The Winter that keeps on giving.... Will it never end? Blech.
16/Mar/14 1:51 AM
I'll join the ranks ... wish I could be part of the gathering at June's.
16/Mar/14 2:15 AM
A world wide wish, Keith.
I see Rolanda posted the latest on Jane and Kathy's adventure yesterday. They did enjoy a BBQ and s'more making evening. One thing I do know, they will know how to put together a s'more! For some reason, I thought that was an American thing.....silly supposition, really. Everyone goes camping.
16/Mar/14 2:33 AM
I have to admit that at my tender age, I've yet to make or eat a s'more.
16/Mar/14 2:41 AM
I've toasted marshmellows over a fire ...
16/Mar/14 2:42 AM
But never done the s'mores thing.
16/Mar/14 2:42 AM
Maybe some day.
16/Mar/14 2:42 AM
16/Mar/14 2:43 AM
Keith! You can do them over a grill! As a matter of fact, that's what K&J were doing at Rolanda's. We did them in the fireplace when the kids were young. Where there's a will, there's a way!
16/Mar/14 3:49 AM
16/Mar/14 3:51 AM
No worries, Serena! You know I'll share my luck with you! Here's some flying to you!
16/Mar/14 3:51 AM
I guess I should take advantage of the nice weather and run some errands. Once the ''sneet'' moves in I sure won't want to. Off I go!
16/Mar/14 3:52 AM
Azariah!!! May your day have a big many many ! And may the love of your family and friends buoy you up in life.
16/Mar/14 3:56 AM
Keith, I have done the s'more thing over the grill. Way too sweet for me but the third grade kids love it!
16/Mar/14 3:57 AM
Well, it seems the s'more ingredients were transported to Australia. Kathy and Jane introduced them to Rolanda et al.
16/Mar/14 4:08 AM
Off I go 2!
16/Mar/14 4:10 AM
I spent some time working on Greg's poozle. Now I'll spend some time making an Irish Cream Cheesecake with oatmeal crust for St. Patty's dessert!
16/Mar/14 4:44 AM
Yes, it's my understanding Graham Crackers are not commonly available in OZ. I have fond memories of molten, charred marshmallows skillfully burned over a campfire when I was little, but find, like shosho, that I don't much like them as an adult. I'd be open to trying a s'more, but wouldn't go chasing after one. I'm patiently waiting for the whole thing to come together for me some day.
16/Mar/14 5:01 AM
You got a bad cases of the 'lazys' Keith.
16/Mar/14 5:03 AM
Morning all! Has anyone heard from Doug? I do miss his thought for the day!
16/Mar/14 5:28 AM
Good afternoon, people of the world.
16/Mar/14 5:39 AM
Never had a S'more!
You poor darling. Bless your heart.
I personally, can eat one, maybe every two years, but at least once a year, I must have my roasted marshmallows. I now, have roasters for me, and both roast my mallows to perfection, and keep me supplied. Yes, I know, children, fire or More...
16/Mar/14 5:43 AM
Keith, when you expand your life, to know the pleasure of, at least, one S'more, may I suggest, to make your own. Not the premade stuff, now available. I also, do not recommend store brand marshmallows. I am told they are all the same, but if you do not make your mallows yourself, I suggest brand name mallows. Home made, is good, but packaged is so much easier and faster.
16/Mar/14 5:46 AM
You stopping now, Karen??
16/Mar/14 5:48 AM
Not me.
16/Mar/14 5:48 AM
I'll go for it...
16/Mar/14 5:49 AM
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