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Easy Sudoku for 16/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I guess I need to do one more.
16/Apr/13 1:38 PM
Almost hot?
I so wanted to turn on the air conditioning today. Too bad we do not have the AC units any longer.
16/Apr/13 1:40 PM
Hello, everybody. I filed and paid my taxes online about 8 pm tonight. Why pay earlier than necessary? My brother and nephew came for dinner tonight. I made beef stew and steamed dumplings on the top at the end. It was so good! My brother enjoyed it so much, he even called me about an hour More...
16/Apr/13 2:07 PM
lonewolf - The capital of Kentucky is pronounced Frankfort! But I agree about it being an ancient joke. I've heard it plenty of times throughout the years.
16/Apr/13 2:13 PM
Plum - When I couldn't see the grid lines and similar, I found it was a bad video card in the computer. After my nephew replaced the card, I saw things I had never known were there to help. Apparently, it was a bad card when I bought the computer. So you might want to get that checked.
16/Apr/13 2:15 PM
Plum - I forgot to mention that Mr. Cee used you as one of puzzle answers in the first Curtailing puzzle 2 days ago. You should check it out!
16/Apr/13 2:17 PM
Good night people of the world.
16/Apr/13 2:41 PM
Good afternoon.
16/Apr/13 2:42 PM
From a sleepy CP.
16/Apr/13 2:43 PM
Did the on call thing again last night.
16/Apr/13 2:43 PM
Had a few hours sleep, before being called in at 0200.
16/Apr/13 2:44 PM
That's the point of being on call - that you might get called in. So not a hassle for me. But I am very sleepy.
16/Apr/13 2:45 PM
Nite Sue.
16/Apr/13 3:39 PM
We had a couple of local folks running at Boston - at least two I know of were getting close to finishing, but are okay.
Then this afternoon we had a student get run over by a car as he was leaving school - they had to life flight him to Houston. No word yet on how serious it is.
I am now off to bed myself - been grading some HORRIBLE algebra tests.
16/Apr/13 3:44 PM
Wow Kathy, that young man sends a powerful message, but I doubt it will breach a closed mind.
16/Apr/13 5:47 PM
Today is too far out for me!
Brought back memories of the Hilton bombing back in the early 70's. Gene was the wife of one of the men who died!
16/Apr/13 8:24 PM
Brisbane this afternoon

You know the rules. Remove any spaces.

http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/stormy-afternoon-for-southeast-queensland-a nd-brisbane-cbd/story-e6freoof-1226621751091
16/Apr/13 9:39 PM
Four comments if five hours!
16/Apr/13 10:57 PM
Or 'in' five hours (which was actually six, now seven) - I just teach math, I can't necessarily do it!
16/Apr/13 10:58 PM
Instead of sitting here talking to myself, I will go try the Medium puzzle.
16/Apr/13 10:58 PM
Still here alone! Fortunately, not many people will see this.
16/Apr/13 11:05 PM
One more and then off.
16/Apr/13 11:06 PM
Hopefully I will be back later.

I am glad that HalT got to Texas before all the wildflowers were gone. I am ready for our get-together with HalT, Sue, Karen, and our spouses and kids (the two that are young enough to drag in!).
16/Apr/13 11:07 PM
16/Apr/13 11:54 PM
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