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Easy Sudoku for 16/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good evening to you. Hi Mamacita, tell it like it's.
What are the tanks on? whatever it's way past their bedtime, from the sound of it.
sorry... need that ticket now, please, or you'll need to leave the train immediately.
Did Mamacita say it was ok to say 'bloody shove off'?
High quality stuff, Fromdom. Want some?
I better go back a couple of days and read all the comments...I am afraid to 'join' in and end up in the wrong group....
NAL, you're a SAW: Strong Australian/American Woman, and most of the other acronyms are just silly names for the men on this site that we love so well!
Nal as long as you are with the gals, never a wrong group to be.. those who are with us know what we do , and the hel0 with the others who don't want to see! Its fun and enjoyment, as you know .
ooh Judy this is a family site, remember, or does that only apply when you call someone a PIA, but lo and behold what am I reading, is it family acceptable to say bloody shove off.Answer, Yes, if Mamacita says it.
Just change the subject, NAL! It's time anyway! Talk to us!
Yup. And visiously making fun of the handdicapped is, according to some people, real funny.
You have been in my thoughts and I'm glad to see that you are here among this insanity! Hope all is well and the pics keep coming, no dirty old men other than those who are here are using your calling card>
FROMDOM: I have never said any of those words .. got the wrong person! Why must you always be so cheerful??
......EXCUSE ME, don't you dare touch me.I have an unemployment card, I'm pregnant, I'm 13, my father works in the Public Service Mummy is a lawyer with Legal Aid and I KNOW MY RIGHTS and I'm going to jump right out of this train, as soon as it stops, so there, try and stop me cos whatever I'll say you made me do it and I was traumatised and it has affected my s e x life and ...........
Fromdom is there a message you need? Go soak your head in a bucket you see, maybe then you may come back in. You will always be welcome if you just let it be! Keep carping and out to sea with the other sharks who seek to cut, but finding no opening draw back a nub...what ever you wish, no harm will you bring, for joy is what we see!!!
High quality stuff Fromdom, want some? and if you didn't post that, I think as a serial poster, it's time you became a supporting member.No I'm not one, but on the other hand I'm not a bandwidth hog.
Have been spending more and more time in Flickr - I am looking forward to my Sat. morn expedition to far away lands - ok - so my far away lands are 10 minutes away. It reminds me of when I was a kid and ran away from home but had to get back before dinner time.
I'VE BECOME A PHOTOSHOP _____! You can fill in the blank with whatever adjective you want. It probably will fit.
go soak your head in a bucket??? how old are you??
maybe then you may come back in?????
you will always be welcome???? gee thanks.
The 'high quality' things to which I was referring, and to which you were invited to partake, are ... joy, kindess, humor, enlightenment, international understanding, sympathy, laughter, silliness, and whatever encouragement you need to become a happy, contented person. Now, do you want some, or More...
Nal you have brought us much joy with your pictures, but you still need to find a little time to keep us in the loop. How sre you? and your mom? escape is understood but you are missed! Love, Peace and joy are my wishes for you. Thanks for touching base tonight!
And 400 miles from a postal office?
NAL: ''Junkie''?? I enjoy your photos so much, especially since they reflect your unique perspective. You ran away from home? :)
To completely Head...ed, You ask how old am I? Old enough to have good manners, even to those who reject them. I'm also old enough to know when I need to go to bed, and it was never set by jokers like you!!! Since this site is not to your liking, pray tell me, why do you bother? Something draws More...
Nal from Miami - I have just briefly been into flickr to check it out but perhaps you could explain a few things to me first.
If I put my photos on there, can I be selective and just put what photos I wanted to, not all that I download.
Can I just show them to people I want to, not for More...
don't they have a postal service wherever you are?...and it all depends really, wouldn't you say, on what those 'evil juices' are. Does sound promising though.
Not that you deserve an explanation, but I was told that you must arrange a check in Australian dollars at your home bank ... is this not true? If I am not too disgusted with the tone of this site once I return home, I will do so.
'Good manners' ....like calling people a PIA

Yeah. I was about 6 and wanted to join the circus! My Mom packed an old suitcase with old clothes and raggedy underwear and opened the front door. I grabbed the bag and started for the circus (I would say about two blocks away) I got to the train wagons and started talking to some kids. When More...
Pray hard, everyone, pray as hard as yous ever has

Watch it, From. You might get sent to the Princilple's Office.
하하하 어처구니님 11분 34초 걸렷에요
자꾸하면 빨라지려나요? 하하하
대한민국 친구들 모두 행복하세요오
That is an hysterical story, NAL! Your parents must have had wonderful senses of humor! Im glad that we don't have to visit you now at the circus. Would you have been the two-headed vixen, the lady with the snake coming out of her whatever, or the female werewolf??
Keith, did you see my post about Jayhawks on Parade? Gannie Mo.. love the song!
Judy, Oh you said some bad things.
It gets funnier and funnier... I never knew that the truth could hurt some people so much! WoW! When you are a pain in the butt,it seems alright to say so. Why do those three little letters bother some people so much? It must be true.....the truth hurts!!! PIA's are just that. It's never bad manners to tell the truth!!!
Judy, That sorta describes S.A.W.
Judy, The circus, the circus.
Does that apply to calling people other things, as long as theyre true?
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