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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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OK here we go
17/Jan/08 4:06 AM
Gail...don't give up!!
17/Jan/08 4:07 AM
that was fun rose, can we do it again
17/Jan/08 4:09 AM
Hope they are all having a lovely get together over in Perth tonight ....... look forward to hearing all about it!
17/Jan/08 4:10 AM
well we need to fill a new page first Angie
17/Jan/08 4:11 AM
But Rose couldn't we just have a little fun, while we clean all the cobwebs out of here. LOL'
17/Jan/08 4:13 AM
of course we can Angie, what do you have in mind ........
17/Jan/08 4:14 AM
I am a bit over cleaning ...........
17/Jan/08 4:15 AM
I have to log in each time I come to the site, but I am back after trying to get some sleep. The doctor gave me some codine pill for my pain and sleep is strange.
17/Jan/08 4:15 AM
maybe sing a song
17/Jan/08 4:15 AM
write a little poetry
17/Jan/08 4:15 AM
Oh Dorthea hope you are feeling better soon .....
17/Jan/08 4:16 AM
play a game
17/Jan/08 4:16 AM
or just CP
17/Jan/08 4:16 AM
Hello Dorthea, glad to have you back again
17/Jan/08 4:16 AM
come on Angie
where are you
17/Jan/08 4:16 AM
oh sneaking in the back door Angie
17/Jan/08 4:17 AM
Well, more fun on the site. Poor Gath!!! Hi girls!
17/Jan/08 4:17 AM
Wonder how is going with her move?
17/Jan/08 4:17 AM
almost half way through this page Angie
17/Jan/08 4:17 AM
Can't let you play here all by yourselves.
17/Jan/08 4:17 AM
I can't get to jizsaw.
17/Jan/08 4:18 AM
Now, have you still got your 50 cents Angie?
17/Jan/08 4:18 AM
ello Mon
where you been
Miss CP will be very busy packing to move cos site has been down
mmmmmmmmmmmm do you think Mr P is responsible again?
17/Jan/08 4:18 AM
we are lucky to have anything working at all cos the site blew itself up again today and Gath is busy fixing it again!
17/Jan/08 4:19 AM
either that or Mr P did, or Col is very quiet maybe Col blew it up !!!
17/Jan/08 4:20 AM
noice to have you back with us.

Got you're 50 cents?
17/Jan/08 4:21 AM
Mom I like your you tube.
17/Jan/08 4:24 AM
Angie, I need more than 50 cents. I might need to make more than the one.
17/Jan/08 4:24 AM
I reckon Col is making sure that nothing can happen on site while she's at the beach.
17/Jan/08 4:25 AM
Hi Everyone,

There are now problems with the NEW server (sigh!). As most of you have probably noticed, the site has been up & down all day (mostly down). The new server has completely bombed, and the hosting company is building me a new one.

It should be ready sometime in the More...
17/Jan/08 4:26 AM
PS - I have moved the site back to the temporary location until the new server is ready.

17/Jan/08 4:26 AM
Sleep well Gath. Hopefully things will get better quickly.
17/Jan/08 4:26 AM
Are we there yet, I want to go weeeeeeeee again!

And that means fly my broom Rose!
17/Jan/08 4:27 AM
17/Jan/08 4:27 AM
Dorthea, is it my U Tube that you like? I think, given that it is a Christmas one, it is probably due for an update. Just need to find something that gives me a decent laugh.
17/Jan/08 4:28 AM
do you need any instructions or help to update your page?
17/Jan/08 4:30 AM
Oh Gath
I cant believe the trouble Col has caused blowing the site up again .... she just doesnt want to miss out on any fun on site while she is holidaying
17/Jan/08 4:30 AM
Technologically challenged Angie. Of course I need help. Although, I do know how to make a word document into a picture, if that's of any help. lol
17/Jan/08 4:31 AM
enjoy a good nights rest Gath
17/Jan/08 4:31 AM
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