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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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the page?!?!
17/Jan/09 2:52 AM
And let's go for a wraparound CP?!
17/Jan/09 2:53 AM
Not nearly as much fun when nobody is watching. Time now to go back to grading papers. In case anybody is following my year, I have 86 days left with kids and 134 total days until FREEDOM!!
17/Jan/09 2:54 AM
To receive the Victoria Cross you have to be an exceptionally courageous person who puts others first.
Mark Donaldson we salute you as you receive the highest of honours.
17/Jan/09 2:54 AM
1:53 Maen! Beautiful photo, and I always appreciate a "straight-through" Sudoku on Fridays. :)
17/Jan/09 2:55 AM
GannieMo - I had to go look up Mark Donaldson, but it is an amazing story. We sure need more of those in this day and time.
17/Jan/09 2:58 AM
Oh how nice, warm spring flowers. It is bright and sunny outside but bitter cold, windchills 25 below. Stay warm.
17/Jan/09 3:06 AM

I feel kinda wimpy as the temp here is 17°. Think we're getting up to a balmy 20° today.
I'm off to read up on Mark Donaldson....
17/Jan/09 3:16 AM
Tick tock, Jamie! We're counting with you!
17/Jan/09 3:17 AM
It's 30 degrees F, and REALLY foggy here today. Pretty typical W. Washington.
17/Jan/09 3:37 AM
1:01 Time it took to log on here typing slowly of course. One handed.

Hi to all and have a good weekend.

Thought for the Day:

"The big dog run"

'My subject and verb have agreed to disagree.'
17/Jan/09 3:52 AM
I have been practising handstands Glinda...in a Adho Mukha Vrksasana sort of manner...very theraputic for a Friday afternoon. I haven't tried it outside though I must confess. I should have let go of the glass of milkshake first though. Resembling a chocolate mix is not so theraputic.
17/Jan/09 4:13 AM
*an and the use of two 'though's' ha! Why not!
17/Jan/09 4:18 AM
Good morning Worldly people--outside is a one layer day inside is a two layer day. Just love these old house.

Very productive morning all bussiness was done before 10:30 and back home by 11. Now the real work begins, the girl decided she wanted red pickled beets for breakfast. Do you know what a two year old and red pickled beets look like--not pretty.
17/Jan/09 4:19 AM
Why not, indeed, andré? Although just the thought of all those thoughs sends chills through me.
17/Jan/09 4:24 AM
Karen - I was living in a house like that - probably pretty close to when I was your age, too! What memories.
17/Jan/09 4:25 AM
Some things just never change - I actually get her twice today and both times there is NOBODY here. Must be a sign that I need to get back to my papers.
17/Jan/09 4:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice color in that clematis. Had those for years in my former house, and found out that earwigs love them.
17/Jan/09 4:54 AM
I agree. Kudos to Mark Donaldson!
Kudos also to Sully Sullenberger III and co-pilot Jeff Skiles, who landed that US Airways jet in the Hudson River (with no engines functioning) and saved 155 people! Amazing!
17/Jan/09 4:58 AM
André, a decadent body chocolate paint is probably better then a milkshake, but not as quickly applied I guess. To each their own.
17/Jan/09 5:01 AM
Two men were contracted to paint a small community church. Being very frugal (cheap), they pinched their pennies and scraped to spend the absolute minimum on materials.
When they were only partway through the job, they determined that they did not, after all, have enough paint to complete the More...
17/Jan/09 5:03 AM
You should try it outside, though, andre. Use hot chocolate, though. It's cold out.
17/Jan/09 5:04 AM
You might want to work your way up, though, as the handstand beverage combination is quite advanced. I suggest beginning with a hard boiled egg, after that to a soft-boiled egg (or lightly poached), then three regular-sized marshmallows, then a mousetrap and/or toaster tongs (wooden not metal), More...
17/Jan/09 5:15 AM
Happy Friday!
Looking forward to 2 days off in a row, although I am attending the funeral of a friend's father tomorrow...
17/Jan/09 5:15 AM
Me too, Aileen. The father of one of our staff here at school died suddenly last weekend. He graduated from my high school a year ahead of me.
17/Jan/09 5:17 AM
Hey Jamie were you surprised that during the summer it is also warmer inside than outside too?

Oh and does this mean that day 135 I have a sitter for two little angles? Of course you would not have the full effect of their loveliness unless you kept them for the full weekend or more.
17/Jan/09 5:20 AM
My sympathies, Aileen and Jamie.
I braved the cold and got out for a walk--only thing showing was my nose, and my eyes were watering behind my sunglasses! Otherwise, it was quite pleasant. I think of winter as the great equalizer--once we get all those layers on, we all look the same!
17/Jan/09 5:27 AM
Jamie just had a chuckle of something you said earlier.
You said about around my age, like that was a long time ago. What was it 10 to 12 years ago?
17/Jan/09 5:33 AM
Aileen and Jamie, I have spent today at the funeral of a friend. Alas it is that time of year.
17/Jan/09 5:40 AM
I'm with you DanM, 1-9 straight up is the best.
17/Jan/09 5:41 AM
Karen - I don't think you are that old! It was when I had kids that were not much older than your 1.5. 20+ years ago.
17/Jan/09 5:55 AM
Once Jeanie and I get our summer in New Mexico set you can put your name if for sitting, Karen.
17/Jan/09 5:55 AM
All this complaining about the cold! Why, when I was your age, I had to walk two miles through the snow just to get to the internet.

17/Jan/09 6:10 AM
Oh Jamie the girl loves to travel to a place. We went on 3 car trips this summer. She was prefect on the way to the destination. And if you are planning on flying, she loves planes. So there is not a problem there.
17/Jan/09 6:13 AM
My favorite time of the day has arrived.

Happy nap time.
17/Jan/09 6:49 AM
Morning all!
Jill - how wonderful for your niece!
Shiela - I got to spend a total of 19 hours in hospital with my first. The insurance company only covered one night, even if you have the baby during that night. She's about to turn 16..
Angie - loved your description of the 3 kids missing school, though I'm not sure what a quarterly incentive is.
17/Jan/09 6:50 AM
Uphill both ways, too.
17/Jan/09 6:50 AM
A quarterly incentive? Isn't that when you give the kid a quarter for a good grade?
17/Jan/09 7:41 AM
2:16 Good Morning all.
17/Jan/09 7:48 AM
Hello, Rose. Just sitting here watching my last class finish up a two-day test.
17/Jan/09 8:06 AM
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