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Easy Sudoku for 17/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1st today?
17/Oct/15 12:05 AM
My guess is that we are looking at a beach.
17/Oct/15 12:05 AM
9 AM here.
17/Oct/15 12:06 AM

1. Chess Stress
2. Shirt Dirt, Top Spot
3. Cellar Dweller
4. Wizard Lizard
5. Spider Cider

In the today we have Joyce, Kathy, HalT (4/5), and Wombat (4/5). Maybe the More...
17/Oct/15 12:17 AM
Good morning DotCom and Serena and all those who will inevitably follow. It is just after midnight here. It's a bit unusual for me to be awake at this hour, but after spending most of the last four days with what is suspect was an adverse reaction to some medication, it is not surprising.
17/Oct/15 12:20 AM
Good morning DotCom, Serena, & recovering Wombat...has to be a better day, eh?
17/Oct/15 12:25 AM
I'd agree with Serena on that photo - a familiar bolder with a name attached to that beach I believe....wish I knew for sure though.
17/Oct/15 12:26 AM
Find out what the animals are! (for example, 'To run away or escape' could be a 'flea')

1. A strong body tissue
2. Government head of a town/city
3. To sound low, husky, or grating
4. Relating to a group of singers
5. Stealin'
6. A parent's female sibling
7. A mythical More...
17/Oct/15 12:27 AM
If enough Aussies show up, someone will enlighten us
17/Oct/15 12:28 AM
Note: They do not have to be spelled the same.
17/Oct/15 12:31 AM
Wombat, Hope everything settles down so you can get some sleep.
17/Oct/15 12:33 AM
Yes, this is Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach in Oregon.
17/Oct/15 1:05 AM
Where's the needle?
17/Oct/15 1:15 AM
17/Oct/15 1:15 AM
Actually Serena, there are some nearby rocks called The Needles.
17/Oct/15 1:31 AM

17/Oct/15 1:33 AM
I, too, hope you can get some sleep, Wombat.
17/Oct/15 2:01 AM
Keith, we are in racing distance now.
17/Oct/15 2:02 AM
Yes we are Serena!!! but then again Im not Keith
17/Oct/15 2:14 AM
Hey Lizzy, I'll race with you as well.
17/Oct/15 2:15 AM
Good morning to all!
17/Oct/15 2:25 AM
17/Oct/15 2:25 AM
Guess I'll take it!
17/Oct/15 2:25 AM
Oh well. Nice grab Serena!
17/Oct/15 2:25 AM
17/Oct/15 2:39 AM
Yes, Terri, you're right! At first I thought it could be Morro Rock but the little attachment on the side was a dead giveaway that it wasn't. During the day you can walk to Morro Rock but at high tide it becomes an island!
17/Oct/15 2:43 AM
Hardly seems like I have been away..... though I am a little rusty.
So who is gonna catch me up on the last 2 years of news?
17/Oct/15 2:44 AM
Shesh ... I go off to run an errand, and ...
17/Oct/15 3:23 AM
welcome back, Nicky! How about you catch us up on your news from the last 2 years? Good to see you posting!
17/Oct/15 4:06 AM
Well look at this. Pioneer Lady (Nicky) coming back to life. How's your life been while you were gone Nicky? Nice to 'see' you here again!
17/Oct/15 4:12 AM
Wonderful photo today. Glad we know where it is.love the Haystack, Needles story.
17/Oct/15 4:57 AM
Morning all, the haystack where the needle is hidden, hmm glad someone knew where it is.
17/Oct/15 6:49 AM
Hi all seems it is going a cool, windy weekend ... probabley all leaves will fall... but for now colorful photos can be done. It is just so beatiful!
17/Oct/15 7:13 AM
it looks like a very pregnant women asleep on the beach... it bings up memories...lol
17/Oct/15 7:21 AM
I started weaving today... made a rug I really like to see the threads slowly becoming alive into a different form.
17/Oct/15 7:24 AM
Good morning all.
17/Oct/15 7:44 AM
I love the thought of creating from scratch Danstell. Are you going to post some pics on your page of the finished article?
17/Oct/15 7:47 AM
Howdy, Sacky.
17/Oct/15 7:47 AM
Race to TOPP?
17/Oct/15 7:48 AM
17/Oct/15 7:48 AM
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