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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Or maybe tops.
Thanks Saltie for the tip about the ants we'll certainly try it if the return. I've heard that partially filled can of beer acts as a trap for snails.
17/Feb/19 9:56 AM
Ummm ... who has partially-filled cans of beer sitting around? Isn't it against the law not to finish them?
17/Feb/19 10:27 AM
It doesn't have to be a beer can. The dregs from bottles, cans glasses, etc. can be used. Even Rage's beloved VB would be an appropriate bait, but then, I'm sure he wouldn't leave any dregs.
17/Feb/19 10:53 AM
Good morning one and all.

Thank you, Keith!

Plum, four days ago it was my birthday on Wednesday, 13th February and I was born on a Black Friday. That's why I choose 13 as my lucky number.
17/Feb/19 10:58 AM
Mortein Surface Spray works well, Wombat.

Of course we could all come over and drink your beer so that you will have some dregs to use.

You'll know it's working (the beer) when the line of ants to the beer is direct but the line back to the nest will be all over the place.
17/Feb/19 11:06 AM
Policeman pulls over an ant staggering all over the place, when the ant blows over the limit, the policeman asked the ant why?

The ant answers ''it's not my (hic) fault ossifur, the humans around here set up roadside (hic) stalls. Instead of serving (hic) coffee they're serving VB''
17/Feb/19 11:22 AM
We have used bottle caps & metal jar covers, closer to the ground & all - I never felt I wanted the snail to work so hard to DIE!
17/Feb/19 11:59 AM
1:44. Good afternoon everyone.
17/Feb/19 12:28 PM
That would have been a superintend-ant, Rage!
17/Feb/19 12:44 PM
I believe it was a clear case of harassm-ant
17/Feb/19 1:22 PM
That's enough of the 'ant' jokes!!!

And I'm adam-ant about that.
17/Feb/19 1:28 PM
You ant-i sense of humour people. What's wrong with a good joke.
17/Feb/19 1:39 PM
Off to shower and get ready to go to a Denmark winery for lunch with friends. Won't do much wine tasting though as I always
17/Feb/19 1:41 PM
What have you got against ant jokes Anne? I think I'll speak to the ant-idiscrimmonation board about this.
17/Feb/19 2:39 PM
Maybe she is just trying to ant-agonize people...
17/Feb/19 3:19 PM
It is time that another person from the anti-podes posted about these pesky insects.
17/Feb/19 3:40 PM
You have to admire Joyce's consideration for those who are about to die- obviously an anti-vivisectionist or maybe a gastropod guardian.
17/Feb/19 3:46 PM
Black Ant - a fridge browser. Never puts lunch in the fridge, but always seems to be eating when some hapless co-worker discovers their lunch is no longer where they left it.
17/Feb/19 5:43 PM
We are getting close to 66. Who will give Peter a hand to reach his favourite number. Both Peter's sport's teams came second this week so he needs some cheering up.
17/Feb/19 6:16 PM
About the six-legged variety - beware when they become too interested in your electrical appliances. I've no idea what it is that attracts them - the metal in the connectors, a sense of energy close by, or just confined spaces. The fact that those ahead of them have all died doesn't seem to deter More...
17/Feb/19 6:26 PM
And the daleks went....Extermin-ant, extermin-ant, extermin-ant.
17/Feb/19 7:40 PM
Thanks Saltie for all the information and advice. You probably had more problems than we did, but we have also had ants in power points the little devils. It is the small black ones that are the largest problem. Cheers Jim.
17/Feb/19 8:13 PM
Are you still around Peter it is getting close to clickety click. It is import-ant that you watch for that number. Don't be hesitant.
17/Feb/19 8:18 PM
Hesitant should have a dash in there heist-ant. It is a pity that you can't have a message back if you make a mistake. It makes me feel like a miser-and when I make such mistakes. Over and out.
17/Feb/19 8:22 PM
Now this one is down to Spell Check. It was meant to be
17/Feb/19 9:10 PM
Rage, it was meant to mean the anti-joke people.
17/Feb/19 9:15 PM
Was that Peter's number I just landed on?
17/Feb/19 9:15 PM
Huummmph! Indign-ant!

17/Feb/19 10:44 PM
Thats cool Anne, I just needed a kick off point. No harm done I hope?

Ant-y way I'm off to bed, goodnight all!
17/Feb/19 11:34 PM
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