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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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17/Aug/08 5:13 AM
Keith, Fiona, etal: Interesting to follow some of the comments over the last few days. Fiona echoed in part what Rosemary said yesterday. Others stated in part or full what Rosemary, Fiona, Baz and myself echoed. Life goes on, but I do miss folks rarely or never post their wit and witticisms More...
17/Aug/08 5:13 AM
can't count OR figure out Fiona's puzzles!
17/Aug/08 5:13 AM
Vici, it's nice to have a over the page rather then a Whee. I'm am getting tired of of these whees. By the way, some trivia for you: Rosemary was the originator of the famous witch broom whee.
17/Aug/08 5:16 AM
i am a perfect angel. i'm sure i waved a very dainty . hee hee.
i do have a large table. sorry! i was thinking ten. take off henry 8 and um my husband.
that book could be worth something by now gmo.
put that on a special shelf when you finally get to unpack.
17/Aug/08 5:19 AM
Love that witch broom whee...one of my favorite.
I could probably post an Oops on most pages, Greg...it's come to be my mascot!
17/Aug/08 5:19 AM
here you go my precious angel mariana!
loved how you narrowed down you list...I know you're missing your hubby, but you do get to spend more time with him than the others on your list!
17/Aug/08 5:21 AM
One thought, Greg, maybe the site has changed because these people have moved on or post less through all sorts of reasons. We cannot blame all others if we who are left do not make an effort to restore the status quo. Without the OG's the newbies only have their ideas.
I think there is still More...
17/Aug/08 5:21 AM
Mo, a dinner party for eight eh? Given my choices and some cold cash, I'd like to have a dinner party for about 50, but if I'm limited to eight, here's my guest list and I'll have several tape recorders going to tape the conversations: Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci,
Jules Verne, Sigmund Freud, More...
17/Aug/08 5:22 AM
Now rant over, Greg where is your dinner guest list?
17/Aug/08 5:23 AM
OOPS you beat me to it
17/Aug/08 5:23 AM
Point taken Mo.
17/Aug/08 5:24 AM
i wish i could be more witty for you cg. however, god only gave me so much to work with. if it takes me 5 min. to do an easy puzzle how clever can i be? i am being sarcastic and no snide comments are necessary. my mom says i am really, really smart!!!
17/Aug/08 5:24 AM
Mmmm, I though of Winnie but decided he would just chat to the Queen all night. You have only one lady at your table? What no Femme Fatale by your side?
17/Aug/08 5:25 AM
yep vici, that's me!! ha! if only.
17/Aug/08 5:27 AM
Madame Marie Curie
Susan B. Anthony
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Will Rogers
Leonard da Vinci
Justina Ford (Denver's first licensed black female doctor, deliverd 7000 babies)
Jimmy Carter
17/Aug/08 5:27 AM
A British cowboy rode into town and stopped at the saloon for a drink. The locals always picked on the Brits and when the cowboy was done with his drink, he found his horse had been stolen.
He comes back in the bar, flips his gun in the air, catches it above his head without even looking and More...
17/Aug/08 5:28 AM
marianna mum's are always so right my mum said a similar thing about me. Wonder where I went wrong. BTW you will notice that I never, ever post my times.
17/Aug/08 5:28 AM
Well if you want to join me Mo, as long as Steve doesn't mind.
17/Aug/08 5:30 AM
Mariana, just be yourself. That's more important then what anyone thinks.
17/Aug/08 5:31 AM
Sarah Beth I'd like to be at your dinner party too
that list should make for an interesting evening. I was going to have Emeline Pankhurst the British Suffragette but opted for Berthe Morisot, so that Botero would have another artist to talk to
17/Aug/08 5:31 AM
Mmmm Greg does that mean I can be a Femme Fatale?
17/Aug/08 5:32 AM
CG, our lists overlap. It would be a wongerful party. Think of the brainpower in the room...present company excepted.
17/Aug/08 5:34 AM
i like that one cg. so did the kiddos.
17/Aug/08 5:35 AM
I have been thinking about this dinner party and other than frinds and family I think I would have trouble filling the table with living interesting lively, guests.
17/Aug/08 5:35 AM
thought I'd throw in my Mona laugh for CG's joke...since DaVinci was being invited to some of the dinners...
17/Aug/08 5:35 AM
actually a table of frinds might be quite good all I need to do is define frind
17/Aug/08 5:37 AM
did I mention that I invited myself to be a "friend" on this site?
17/Aug/08 5:37 AM
cg, you seem to be very serious minded. i was sort kidding you a bit! i am always myself. i don't have the time to be anyone else! you are going to be fun to tease.
17/Aug/08 5:38 AM
unless a frind is something sammie might like to eat!
17/Aug/08 5:38 AM
Now there is a thought how about inviting the Mona Lisa model and asking once and for all "just what were you thinking about?"
I have a theory - de Vinci didn't like getting his clothes splattered with paint so he painted in the n*de!
17/Aug/08 5:40 AM
Surely that would summon up that kind of smile?
17/Aug/08 5:42 AM
Mona says, " right, Gmo!"
17/Aug/08 5:42 AM
me too vici!! it was on accident though. perfect mona smily too. i might need to ad micheal angelo to my list. he would be so jealous of da vinci got all the invites and he got none. kick off eleanor.
17/Aug/08 5:43 AM
gonna hafta scoot...was simply loverly visiting with y'all - more later - ciao!
17/Aug/08 5:44 AM
You can't kick of Aileanor d'Aquitaine far too many questions to ask her
17/Aug/08 5:46 AM
I may have to devise another kind of dinner party for tomorrow
17/Aug/08 5:48 AM
me too vici. mr. mariana is on his way home for the weekend. gotta whip the kids into shape, and myself and get chores done. 'sbeen great. arrivederci!
17/Aug/08 5:49 AM
I have just been back to my archives and it is one of my photos, taken in 2004. I had quite forgotten about it. Back then we had a passionfruit growing on our fence but it only produced green and unpleasant fruit - not at all like the shrivelled brown ones I was used to.
For those who do not More...
17/Aug/08 6:26 AM
I have found the sweetest passionfruit are the yellow ones,but am not sure if you can buy them in the shops.We grow them here and they are a large fruit like the panama.
17/Aug/08 6:32 AM
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