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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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In estimating if the site has changed, perhaps we need to take more into account changes in ourselves and our perception of the site at any given time. Estimation will depend on our prevailing mood; chance directions in dialogue; how busy we are; how fractious others might be; the relative More...
17/Aug/08 10:16 PM
Problem Mo - which pair? pack the white pr -bland and yet it so 'goes' with everything, the blue printed pr which are my favourites, but just about clashes with everything apart from my jeans, my pink - too barbie-ish? orange - too dutch-ish? green - too toad-ish? what's a crocabilly s'posed to do?
17/Aug/08 10:33 PM
RR...what about moi???????
17/Aug/08 10:39 PM
Am I late for the 7 people I would invite to dinner?

Jesus (got a lot of questions to ask and a lot to learn)
Mohandas Gandhi (see above)
Benjamin Franklin (see above)
Albert Einstein (idem)
Ansel Adams (Need I say why? )
Dorothea Lange
and last, but not least,
Mother Theresa
17/Aug/08 10:41 PM
I saw Pope John Paul II when he visited Miami and met President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, V.P. Al Gore and Tipper Gore at a cocktail party give for the volunteers at the Summit of Americas held in Miami.

17/Aug/08 10:48 PM
mariana From utah: I don't know about the rest, but I give you a standing ovation.
17/Aug/08 10:49 PM
Billy I think you will need to wear one pair and pack at least one other and adjust your packing to match the two prs chosen.
17/Aug/08 10:50 PM
Interesting dinner guests nal
17/Aug/08 10:52 PM
I have never met Bill Clinton but I have played golf in a competition with his cousin twice. The competition was called The Clinton Cup and we played at The Olympic Club, San Francisco and once in France. Dare I say it we won both times
17/Aug/08 10:56 PM
Good morning all
one more very nice sunny day today.....Yes.....
About the site changing....yes absolutely.... The dynamic of a group always change as soon as one person moves in or out.... as getting answer ....Who did not experience a no answer to a question ...It does happend all the time More...
17/Aug/08 10:57 PM
Thank you Mo, I hadn't thought to revolve my wardrobe around the crocs, hadn't even thought of wearing them mid-air, but it makes good sense as it will reduce the risk of DVT as they're non-restrictive and holey...for free air-movement, not holy, although I am flying Royal Air brunei, and they do a More...
17/Aug/08 11:02 PM
Hi GannieMo! I'm like a seven year old - still or again - and I feel there is much I still have to learn....and I am running out of time.
17/Aug/08 11:08 PM
Exactly Danstell.
With growth you get change...is inevitable.
17/Aug/08 11:09 PM
Think on - with Jesus there we would able to feed five thousand with only fish for one.
17/Aug/08 11:23 PM
I just realised. I wee-ed over the page without realising it.
(Page) 8 is my lucky number
17/Aug/08 11:26 PM
Invitation to dinner list will be
My children
extended family children
and any young children who wants to come along
an orchestra (square dancers dance to all sort of music)
square dancers and friends for all around the world
17/Aug/08 11:33 PM
Good Maen, world! My, what interesting reading. This is what "the good old days" were all about! Sure, the site is changing, but change isn't necessarily bad. And all it takes is for someone to challenge us and we're off and running. I think this dinner guest topic was terrific and More...
17/Aug/08 11:40 PM
Is there time
17/Aug/08 11:50 PM
Just for fun
17/Aug/08 11:50 PM
300 posts today!
17/Aug/08 11:50 PM
Yeah for the passionfruit flower!
27/Nov/08 4:37 AM
21/Sep/09 9:55 PM
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