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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
17/Aug/19 12:00 AM
17/Aug/19 12:00 AM
Wolf, Denny & everyone!
Overcast and a bit foggy.
Had some much-needed drenching rain last evening.
During the picnic I was attending, of course!
17/Aug/19 12:06 AM
2:13 Good night all.
17/Aug/19 12:10 AM
2:06. Good Morning, all.
17/Aug/19 12:27 AM

I wonder if those are bottlebrush flowers? I have seen them in red, but not yellow. I believe they are native to Australia.
17/Aug/19 1:03 AM
17/Aug/19 1:33 AM
17/Aug/19 1:38 AM
17/Aug/19 2:33 AM
17/Aug/19 3:16 AM
Like it said pretty flowers!
17/Aug/19 4:21 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
17/Aug/19 6:10 AM
There was a plant war in my home last night. The diffenbachia attacked the donkey tails, Sedum morganianum. (There is a photo on my page where you can see the proximity that makes this possible.) A new diffenbachia leaf opened and swatted the donkey tails, causing quite a bit of mayhem.
17/Aug/19 6:14 AM
How can you stand all the excitement in your life, Sarah??

17/Aug/19 6:48 AM
The whole war took less time than I spent today cleaning up the battlefield.
17/Aug/19 7:46 AM
Morning all,beautiful flowers to start the day.
17/Aug/19 7:48 AM
I think perhaps the philodendron played a supporting role. I heard the fight, but did not see it, so I can't be sure where all the blame lies, but in any case there is no punishment possible for any of the rascals.
17/Aug/19 7:50 AM
Bottlebrush flowers are on trees, not on stems.
17/Aug/19 7:53 AM
Google image helped. Torch lily is one of the names:
17/Aug/19 7:58 AM
Here is your weekly dose of brain challenging word puzzles. We hope you enjoy it.

AUG 17

THIs week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word and a clue
 as to what the word is. I will also More...
17/Aug/19 8:07 AM
Keith must be snoozin' on the beach.
17/Aug/19 10:01 AM
So I'll just help him out here.....
17/Aug/19 10:01 AM
Don't mention it, Keith!
17/Aug/19 11:52 AM
Oh, thank you Peter, for filling in for me while I bask in the California sun. Any attempt on my part to express my gratitude falls short of my eternal thanks.

Oops, you were talking to Keith, huh?
17/Aug/19 12:22 PM
Haven't you got floors to sweep or puzzles to do, Hal?
17/Aug/19 12:35 PM
Or a leg to pull, Peter.
17/Aug/19 12:44 PM
However, it's my bedtime. Night all.
17/Aug/19 12:46 PM
Night Hal. Sweet dreams.
17/Aug/19 12:48 PM
Are Lions the biggest Cats Peter?
17/Aug/19 9:26 PM
17/Aug/19 11:59 PM
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