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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Thank you Deb and Jamie for the homework help for Franklin. He had 2 pages of analogies to do and has been using the internet to find answers. When an aussie question came up I immediately thought of this site. The analogy was: Volga river: Europe; __________: Australia.
Miss you Bert and Nal!!! and all the usual suspects!! and remember tomorrow is Harley's BD, send good wishes!!
Harley, hope its a good one
Hey Deb hows Alec and Maggie these Days?
Deb Chiro's dont crunch..I should know, they just pop...rofl
Deb you Dark? can't picture you as a Dark girl, remember Blonds do have more fun!!!!! or is it Girls just wanna have Fun?

SUZANNE: I miss you too! Drop me a note every now and again.
Rofl Deb, you see all!!!! can lend you my Red dress if you like.
Suzanne From Seattle: Murray= Oz
Deb personally I've gone Blond so I can grow into it!
Ok Deb I hope you understand..I at least understand you..rofl..
I really must get going, will check in later, am awaiting Col!

No JUDY, it wasn't one of those jobs, unfortunately. I taught for a year, had some major problems with the administration (partly my creation, mostly theirs), and went back to graduate school. I worked for a local computer processing company while working on a masters, got laid off (downsized) More...
Thanks for the story, JAMIE. When my kids were in high school, I noticed that there were teachers that were there because they loved the kids and the subject, and there were teachers there because they loved the subject matter and didn't know what else to do with their degree. You are certainly among the former, and your students are very lucky.
DEB FROM BRISBANE - Glad to hear you have a new dog! Think you were having a hard time deciding which breed to get?? Are you happy with your choice of a border collie? How old is Maggie? Bet she is SO cute. I love puppies & kittens & ALL kinds of babies, even turtle babies.
Oh yes Kathy....we have the perfect companion. Maggie is just gorgeous and a big sook. She is 4 in December and not a barker or a jumper. She was being surrendered to a pound while I was there looking at other dogs. It was meant to be!!!
Deb onya girl. The main problem here is you write with considerable narrative ability so your postings are actually interesting. Kim, postings from the USA and Australia do not an international site make.I hope your weekend ends with a BANG!lol rofl teehee!Jamie and Sarah, more information than we More...
common COL...Jurry UP.....I want to say something but can't till you say it first!!!!!!! Hurry Up
My sarcasm has disappointed you Sarah, not me. I am the same person just had a little too much of the one thing. I don't mind CPers when they have something new to say, if you get my meaning. I like most of what I read here too. I love that all cultures and countries can come here and converse. More...
that should have been Hurry UP
Nobody, but nobody, beats Mamacita and Kim's postings for sheer unadulterated humour. Unintentional tho it may be, keep it up girls, I really like your work.
DEB, does your border collie want to ''herd?'' We know two couples with this lovely breed, and both dogs try to herd everyone! They circle and expect you to respond, and one pooch even nips at your heels to accomplish his aims! Great dogs.
nice weekend4evry body.............;
.....rofl lol head in bucket whoo hoo WOW hilarity at every bend - my Maggie was a black labrador, a real b.i.t.c.h who had three litters of just ADORABLE small (well they had just been born) and if they had been any bigger they wouldn't have fitted in Maggies uterus would they??My children who More...

I want to thank all the posters today. I've been looking for good arguments for home schooling and educational vouchers, and this site has provided me with all the ammunition that I could ever need.

What are educational vouchers? Home schooling, no I don't think so, after all you have to blame someone for your kids ie their teacher, other horrible kids etc so as I see it, you'd be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

From: Educational vouchers are tax refunds (or credits) you can use to send your children to a school of your own choice, and not have to settle for the abysmal quality of public schools in the US.

aah I see; well I'm not a Yank, but taking an uneducated guess, I would say they are a good thing.
Pen and Andrea just re read all yesterdays and todays posts..interesting is all I can say!
Early rising on the morrow, so I take my leave for now! Peace to those who accept it, sweet dreams to those looking for sleep. For those who ride the wagon of discontent...may you find that which is needed to give you life, because death will only bring all that you have tried to avoid!!!
Ians playing with himself again.fgs shut the curtains
Well, it looks like one of the posting pigs is heading off to bed. Thank christ! Piece to you all. LOL, tee hee, ROFL!
the problem that I have with Ian is that he does not read comments before he comments on them. That comment to me is nonsensical if you rad my post.
or mabe with gero
Kim - I have a mental picture of you, riding off into the sunset on your beloved tractor.

When the fark is it going to happen?
....death will only bring all that you have tried to avoid??? sweet jaysus what the frig does that mean??Please tell me that you are not a teacher.

looking....you're not from Northern California, are you?

.....how the frig can you comment on a comment that you haven't read? Sunday lunchie with drinkies?

Baz: after saying you ignored comments that irritated you, you then commented on them. How logical is that?

....all donations for a Fark It's Actually Happening Party, gratefully accepted.
Haven't bothered with reading all of the posts, for obvious reasons. What just amazes me is the amount of whining that goes on about the CPers, cliques etc. If you don't like reading them, don't. If it affects you so much that you don't enjoy the pite, bugger off! The CPers, Cilquers and I wouldn't More...
Put me down for $20. (I'm a cheapskate).
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