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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good night one and all!

I can't believe there's been no-one on here yet.
17/Sep/15 12:15 AM
Anne. I'm looking for a poozle. Be back in a sec.......
17/Sep/15 12:18 AM
Hello Kathy - I hope you find your poozle.
17/Sep/15 12:19 AM
Good morning to all! A sunny day here in Ottawa.
17/Sep/15 12:21 AM
I was back at the hospital yesterday. The doctor is pleased with the progress on my shoulder and mobility. I've been doing some special exercises for several weeks now, Unfortunately, he advised that I'll need to more months before I can start more therapy (muscle, etc.). C'est la vie.
17/Sep/15 12:25 AM

I'll need two more months, not to.
17/Sep/15 12:27 AM
17/Sep/15 12:30 AM
All of your news, Greg, is actually superb! We all forget how healing takes time and patience! That news is worth celebrating - maybe a Beavertail (I think that's the correct name).
17/Sep/15 12:31 AM
...and good morning, all!
17/Sep/15 12:32 AM
Before I get to a new poozle, let me dispense with the old one....
They answers to yesterday's poozle: parasite, marginal, tangible, medicate, reactive, teaching, woodland, latitude, teenager, tarragon.

Speaking of parasites.....the Don't Bug Me Crown goes to winners, Judy, Wombat, Cake Lady's niece!, Mads, Peter, and Greg.
17/Sep/15 12:35 AM
I'm glad you're improving, Greg. Keep up the good work!
17/Sep/15 12:36 AM
And, for today......

In each of these, a word starts and ends with the same letter. Can you figure out what the words are?

1. _omi_
2. _ido_
3. _ene_
4. _ende_
5. _abe_
6. _allof_
7. _erami_
8. _hwar_
9. _ogna_
10. _uzza_
11. _arach
12. _umul_

Answers to my ‘’Oh me, omi’’ inbox, please.
17/Sep/15 12:38 AM
Add Joyce to that list of winners!
17/Sep/15 12:41 AM
Haha - thought that puzzle was a 2-day affair; wow, happy I hustled!
17/Sep/15 1:08 AM
I think it we easier off the cob.
17/Sep/15 1:36 AM
I thought it was a 2-day affair as well and didn't hustle. Oh well.
17/Sep/15 1:37 AM
17/Sep/15 1:59 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon
17/Sep/15 2:01 AM

Glad to hear the shoulder is improving Greg, even if only slowly.....
17/Sep/15 2:02 AM

Better to be careful here and not tread on Keith's toes (or should that be number
17/Sep/15 2:02 AM

Maybe he has an early start on Birthday celebrations...............
17/Sep/15 2:03 AM
Well, I'll celebrate Keith's birthday for him!
17/Sep/15 3:12 AM
all! Happy Birthday Keith!
17/Sep/15 3:24 AM
Greg, glad to hear the shoulder is on the mend!
17/Sep/15 3:25 AM
Kathy, keep the poozles coming! They are a nice distraction from the workload!
17/Sep/15 3:36 AM
I'd hate to be that dog's master....would want to try cleaning kernels out of his teeth, it's bad enough doing my own!
17/Sep/15 3:38 AM
And one more makes CP!
17/Sep/15 3:39 AM
Now back to work I go.
17/Sep/15 3:40 AM
I forgot to leave Keith some birthday gifts.
17/Sep/15 3:44 AM
Thx for the birthday treats.
17/Sep/15 4:25 AM
for another 20 minutes!
Oops, I got confused and thought Wombat's poozle was due today, and Kathy's due tomorrow
17/Sep/15 4:41 AM

I also thought Kathy had changed her puzzle into a 2 day puzzle. Answers were done, but I hadn't sent them in. Oh, well. Maybe next time.
17/Sep/15 4:43 AM
Keith. I hope you and Linda have something special planned for your special day(s).
17/Sep/15 4:44 AM
CG - I'm glad to hear your shoulder is progressing. It's a very long process, but at least you're avoiding surgery and its healing time.
17/Sep/15 4:45 AM
Sorry, folks. I was going to post it a second day, but I figured I had as many answers as I was going to get. Obviously, I was wrong about that.
17/Sep/15 4:51 AM
So good to hear your shoulder is getting better Greg!
17/Sep/15 5:25 AM
& I so wanted that crown.
17/Sep/15 5:41 AM
Morning all, I wonder if he likes butter on his corn.
Greg,pleased to hear your shoulder is mending.
17/Sep/15 5:56 AM
Keith,have a great start to your celebrations .
17/Sep/15 5:58 AM
17/Sep/15 5:58 AM
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